Andy On and Jessica C. Hope to Have a Second Child

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Andy On and Jessica C. Hope to Have a Second Child

After a two-year engagement and the birth of their daughter, Andy On (安志杰) and Jessica C. finally tied the knot in October. The couple held a tropical wedding ceremony in Hawaii. Andy and Jessica made their first public appearance as Mr. and Mrs. On at an event recently. The newlyweds were completely enamored with one another and gushed about each other openly.

This will also be their first year celebrating the holidays as a married couple. Though Andy was originally working in Mainland China, he was able to take time off to spend Christmas with his wife and daughter.

Jessica shared excitedly, “I will likely exchange gifts with Andy. We also bought a lot of toys for our daughter, Tessa, as her Christmas presents. Unfortunately, we already gave them all to her before Christmas! We will decorate the house with Tessa and teach her how to bake cookies for her friends too.”

Currently 20 months old, Tessa is mimicking words and is learning to talk. Though her first word was “Mommy”, Andy expressed that he was not jealous, as Tessa would mimic Jessica and call Andy “honey” in addition to “pa-pa” and “da-da”.

Jessica shared that the couple make a conscious effort not to swear in front of Tessa, for fear that she may pick it up as well. With their baby girl growing so fast, the couple expressed that they hope to become parents again soon. Asked if Jessica can conceive in time for Christmas, Andy joked, “We’re trying hard every day, it’s an everyday baby!”

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