Anjaylia Chan Gives Birth to Daughter, Hosanna

Hong Kong actress Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶) and her husband Epaphras Wong (黃頌祈) announced the birth of their daughter, Hosanna, today. With Lunar New Year only days away, Hosanna’s birth fell on the last days of the Year of the Dog.

Anjaylia and Epaphras dated for four years before tying the knot in 2017. The Blue Veins <殭> actress announced her pregnancy last September, and made few public appearances since then to fully rest. Hailing from a wealthy family, Epaphras was able to slow down his work as a water-skiing instructor to spend more time with her.

Sharing a photo of her daughter, Hosanna, wrapped in a pink blanket today, Anjaylia wrote, “Hello world ! Hello everyone! This is Hosanna meeting you all! Thanks for everyone’s blessings and care that I am all healthy and doing good. I’m still a little bit shy and bashful, so please spare me some space while I take steps to explore this big big world full of wonders and greatness. As a demanding newborn, Anjay and Epa are very busy at the moment taking care of me. Please forgive them if they haven’t got time to reply your messages. We truly appreciate all your love and blessings. May God be with you!”

Source: HK01

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  1. seriously, as if their names are not “unique ” enough already… they name their baby Hosanna…. hope her friends don’t call her Ho as a nickname when she grows up. what is anjaylia anyways? made up? epaphras sounds Hebrew or biblical. do HK celebrities name themselves when they are adults?

    1. @babycakes I know. Seriously, the worst names you have ever heard really. LOL….haha….Who in their right mind named them Anjaylia & Epaphras? Sigh…Epaphras is some sort of Greek origin whatever that means. But then parents these days are interesting just like how celebs name their babies. Ryan Reynolds named their baby girl James? Ashton Kutcher named their girl what? Wyatt? My god… One of my friends sis’ named her baby girl RYAN b/c it has a great meaning to the name Ryan or something. But ppl whatever the meaning its not uni-sex. Lol…Omg…it’s crazy. Hosanna….Lord. You can be sure the ‘Ho’ teasing will never end.

      1. @wm2017 the name Ryan reminds me of my older chinese relative pronouncing it as “why-yan” – bad guy in Cantonese . lololololo and for a girl? geez

      2. @babycakes hahahahahah that was why the mother in law was so pissed about cuz she’s Cantonese. Funny thing was even thou the son was a mama’s boy the wife won. Sigh…. Most horrible English name for a girl that I have heard of for sure. haha lol… And the wife is not Chinese she’s actually Korean but one of those people that does not care for Korean heritage it’s all American. Go figure!! Interesting people!! lol

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