Jessica Hsuan Looking to Play Villain Roles in TVB Dramas

It’s been a whirlwind year for Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), who is now on the hot chair for Best Actress, thanks to her successful performance in the TVB drama My Unfair Lady <不懂撒嬌的女人>. Last November, the 47-year-old actress won TV Queen at the 2017 TVB Star Awards Malaysia, and all eyes are now on her to see if she would also be winning TV Queen at Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony next week.

With more popularity comes more public interest on her private life, yet Jessica is still proudly single. “I know quite a lot of people who are in unhappy marriages, and I’ve heard these stories many times before. If I got married earlier, the same would probably happen to me. I don’t think marriage is something that is necessary. I know very well what I want.”

Jessica shared that she did go out on a date with a man who has been pursuing her, but it was nothing conclusive. “If we’re not compatible, I rather be by myself. A lot of my friends say they’re envious of me to be able to go on vacation whenever I can. (How incompatible were you two?) Some people like to get drunk every night, but I don’t drink nor smoke. I just want a simple life.”

Happy with the current stage of her career, Jessica enjoys the privileges of choosing and rejecting scripts that are being offered to her. Nonetheless, Jessica still thinks she isn’t doing enough.

“I’m not exactly that successful, and there are still so many other people out there who have more money. But what’s most important is that I have earned every single penny I own, and I’m also doing what I like to do.”

When it comes to being a popular candidate to win Hong Kong’s TV Queen, Jessica said she’s facing it with a calm mindset. “I don’t think I have the highest chance. Maybe the results would be a surprise. If I did win, I’ll definitely be surprised, but the viewers might not think so!”

Speaking of surprises, Jessica said she longs for the opportunity to give viewers the chance to see a different side of her. “I actually really want to do a villain role. I played a villain role once in a mainland drama, and I got to ruin people’s lives everyday. I had so much fun in those few months, because I go to do something I haven’t done before. But what I would really want is to play [a villain role] in Hong Kong [dramas] that can be aired on TVB. Maybe a role like Nick Cheung’s (張家輝) in Secret of the Heart <天地豪情>. A character with big changes and development.”

Joking that Jessica has already lost interest in playing roles that get abducted, Jessica laughed and said, “How about I abduct people? I already played the victim 26 times! (Would you like to break your own record?) Those opportunities are always around!”


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  1. I uh, well, since I never really liked her characters eventhough on paper they are good people, I always see her as a villain.

    Maybe she should play Sheung Hing Duen sort of character. Mean but redeemable instead of just plain preachy.

  2. I had so much hope for her character in LW2. She should’ve been more ruthless, more money hunger, more poweress than Moses. She was an effing MI6 after all; though it was so laughable that Moses had to teach her how to use a gun with one hand and had to be save multiple times. Her MI6 incident should’ve taught her that if you want to write your own destiny, you need to be the top dog and trust no one, just like the family shouldn’t have trust in her. She bought them down afterall.

    She should’ve been the downfall of Moses. She should’ve undercut him, use Sam Gor righteousness against him and climb to the top level. But nope, she was another ‘little woman’ who needs saving. Not from 1 guy but 2 guys this time. Lol.

    I didn’t find her character in MUL any better or worthy of any recognition tbh…

    1. @jjwong Exactly!! I find her character so pointless in LW2? Former MI6 with that kind of skills and she’s just so boring to me. TVB wants to cast her if there is ever a LW3? TVB is just so desperate these days.

  3. Based off her performance as kind of a protagonist turned evil in Curse of the Royal Harem, I’m not too sure that she’s fit for villain roles, but it’s probably because I’ve always seen her as Ah Fung (From Square Pegs and Life Made Simple) and there have been times when her role in those were scheming but never full out evil.

  4. I like Jessica but her performance in My Unfair Lady is not TV Queen worthy to me. I was surprised when she won the award in Malaysia last November, because I felt that she was just playing a role that she has been doing previously.

    I also agree that her role in LW2 was not as outstanding as I expected it to be. So with her characters in both dramas being typecasted and boring, I really hope that she would not be given the award just because TVB wants her to continue filming for them.

    Personally, i would choose Kristal to win the Hong Kong’s TV Queen award this time for her superb performance in Destination Nowhere. Although the series was aired earlier last year, i really hope that her strong performance in the series would not be forgotten by the audience.

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