Jessica Hsuan Rejects Filming “Tiger Cubs” Sequel for TVB

No longer under contract with TVB, it is now clear that Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) has no plans in returning. A sequel of last year’s popular drama, Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, has been planned to start filming this June. Although male lead, Joe Ma (馬德鐘), already agreed to film for the sequel, Jessica has officially rejected the offer.

Responding to her decision, Jessica said, “I am interested in filming the Tiger Cubs sequel, collaborating with Joe again. But when I sat down with TVB to discuss the contract, there were some things that couldn’t be coordinated. So I told TVB that I wouldn’t be filming. I don’t want to waste everyone’s time. I still prefer the current freedom of being able to choose different types of work. I enjoy pursuing jobs I like.”

Jessica further expressed, “I’ve been portraying professional roles for twenty years. Even if the audience isn’t bored of it, I’m bored. For instance, filming for Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王> was exciting for both my fans and I, because I’ve never portrayed a character like that. It doesn’t matter if I did well or not, because at least it was a new experience. To me, the amount of salary I receive is not the most important thing.”

The current freedom Jessica enjoys refers to accepting jobs of her interest. Earlier, she was in South Africa shooting the special edition for a Now TV show. Jessica revealed that she had a fun time interacting with nature and animals. Being an animal lover, she spent time with giraffes, seals, and cheetahs. “I even kissed a frog!” She added.

Later, Jessica will be hosting a pet show for about 6 or 7 episodes. The show is to provide the audience with information about how to adopt abandoned pets, such as dogs and cats.

Responds to Rumors of Dating Reggie Martin

Back in December, Jessica was spotted with Fiona Sit’s (薛凱琪) rumored boyfriend, Reggie Martin, at a shopping mall. The two were rumored to be dating. Jessica laughed and told the press, “Reggie is just a friend. We met because my friend introduced him to me. We are not dating. Sometimes, we would meet when he visits Hong Kong from Macau. Just earlier, we had dinner together along with Michael Wong (王敏德). I have many male friends. The rumors will not affect my relationship with Reggie.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2305 via

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  1. NOOOO!!! Does that mean that they won’t be filming the sequel for Tiger Clubs now??
    I was looking forward to it!!

    1. Kuangai weibo says TC sequel is scheduled to film in June 2013.

      1. then another person will be replacing jessica?

        I though I read somewhere that she would still stay, hmm..maybe I read wrong :/

    2. They will go ahead with the sequel but there will definitely be a different leading lady. Hmmmm….wonder who they will pick?

      1. It is a pity that Jessica is not coming back for the sequal, but I hope they will still have a good story and script. I also wonder who they will pick for the leading lady??

  2. Another of my favorite fa-dan not returning
    to TVB to film a sequel that I love to watch. I am very disappointed but will support whatever decision Dodo and Jessica
    have made. Dodo stay healthy and Jessica enjoy what you want to do.
    Can consider Flora Chan Wai Sun, she is good
    match with Joe Ma too.

    1. I thought Flora would study to get a master degree, not come back to entertainment industry

    2. I’m not sure if I would enjoy having Flora replace Jessica as her acting skills need to be brushed up after her long hiatus. Look at her acting in Suspects In Love, I thought it was mediocre.

  3. TC was a slightly above average show…maybe with a new lead female actress, this may add additional spark or energy into the show…again, the script writers need to be energetic and creative to craft a good storyline for this to happen!

  4. It’s sad thing that Jess refuse to return.
    On the other hand, is there any posibilities that Kate Tsui could be casted in TC2, playing a character as a sniper
    Because I love Kate as a SDU member in Sniper attack 2013 sales clip – but now she’s a madam, so sad

    1. I agree! The sniper role suited Kate more than Eliza a bit disappointed they switched the role 🙁

    2. i think should challenge herself and star in comedy roles instead because i think it’d be a bore for her and the audience as she’s constantly starring in police related dramas.

  5. Either Kate, Tavia, or Fala cuz they all r free after May 2013

    1. I would like to see Kate take the role but as she’s said before, she’s been a cop too many times already.

      1. if Kate is offered the role, then it’ll be the ́8th police role, lucky number, and a sniper- it’s promising. So I really hope it’s her to be the female lead in TC2- as a sniper

      2. Why would Kate be a sniper? If anything, she’ll be taking Jessica’s role as a madam.

      3. well since the writer will have to create a new character to fill the place of Jess, so why not the female lead of this drama is a sniper? And I love Kate as a sniper in Sniper attack 2013 sales clip. so I just mix them up.
        just my imagination

      4. If Kate played a rogue cop and or sniper, she might take that role as it will challenge her such as being playing a bar owner with underground ties.

      1. Oh please no Fala as madam role. She is horrible and does not have the authority look.

      2. what are u talking about??? she was horrible!!! soo bad… she didnt fit the role.

      3. Pleaseee…. Anyone would be better than fala. She is horrible, terrible & sucks as the madam role.

  6. Man, so freaking sad. As each month goes by, the best of TVB’s actors and actresses are leaving one by one. Now Jessica…, any prediction on who’s leaving next? Not a good thing for TVB. Demise is very near.

  7. Omg now the sequel is probably gonna say she went overseas to study or do some kind of training and never came back cuz she fell in love with another guy…….-_-“

  8. Or maybe they can get Ma Ming’s psycho character to come back (they never found his body right?) and kidnap her and kill her off-screen… mwuahahaha!

    I am certainly disappointed that Jess cannot make the TC sequel. I thought they were making a movie instead. I hope TVB gets rid of Christine Kuo’s character or give her less screen time because her Wai Wai was annoying.

    1. interesting on the MM coming back and Christine too I find her very annoying

  9. Probably the money TVB offered is not enough. She’s interested in the series and there’s no schedule conflict (if there is, the report will say so). So, what cannot be coordinated? She wanted the madam to quit her job and be a housewife (since the reason she gave is she’s tired of playing professionals)?

  10. i guess i am the only one who didnt like this series at all so not a pity for me ahhahaa…lol..

  11. I love seeing Jessica role in TVB, when TVB actors or actress in play in mainland series or Taiwanese series they are not good. I saw Jessica in Bountiful Blessing I watched… OMG! I cannot even finish the 1st episode. She is so so but the lead actor and supporting casts are terrible..

    1. I like her and Roger Kwok in the same dramas – they work well together such as in Square Pegs.

  12. I suppose she had enough of acting n she’s way into her 40s she wans to be loved! TVB prolly throw in Idy/Sonija for d replacement hey TVB Linda may fit in as well yea y not! Saw her as a po for DGD so much energy lol

    1. I would like to see Linda in a serious cop role, her previous role was kinda light-hearted.

      1. The thing is even if the series is light hearted she is always the serious one. I really want to see her being less serious, less burdensome with the sighing and all.

      2. Funn, linda is the serious one? Her duk jai was very cute and funny, and so was her role in CBML, among others.

      3. ‘lighthearted n managed to be serious as well’ well, which show was dat?

        I was thinking how abt Linda as ‘the single white female’ intriguing n psychotic types r appealing…..heheheh

  13. I love Jessica… she’s just so independant!!!
    She might do some villian roles soon ….haha…. that’ll be fun.

  14. Oh please TVB, don’t get the fadan to be tiger cups leading lady, they all look like vase only and cannot lead the team. Try to get like Sharen Tang as she look fierce and arrogant

  15. I’d like to see Nancy Wu as a madam again. There really aren’t many current female stars who can act as a madam except Kate and Tavia.

  16. Really disappointed!! Me hoping hard for the TC sequel with the original casts. Reason I supported TC was bcoz of Joe & Jessica. They were the pillar support of the entire series. Without Jess, TC would not be a complete series.. Pleasee reconsider the offer , Jessica!

  17. Ah, so sad that Jess rejected the offer! Uh, I really hope that she won’t be replaced by Linda or Fala. I haven’t watched Fala as madam yet but in fact, I don’t like her acting at all. And Linda still needs improvement. I want a tough leading lady for this series and I can’t imagine that Linda can give me that. Of course, the leading lady could have another profession than being police and be a soft person but this would be less exciting. And honestly, about TC, I don’t hold the story in high regards but it was handsome and exciting to look at.

    And yes, please kill Christine’s character off in the very first episode. There are more pretty supporting actrices, can we please have another one? If possible, one with better cantonese because I can’t read chinese.

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