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Jessica Hsuan Has a New Boyfriend?

By on January 5, 2013

Jessica Hsuan Has a New Boyfriend? thumbnail

Being in the entertainment industry for 20 years now, 42-year old Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) had admitted to four romantic relationships. This included her romances with Ronald Wing (榮文瀚), actor Dicky Cheung (張衛健), and veterinarian Ruan Bester. However, all these relationships ended in breakups. Her latest break up with her boyfriend Ruan happened last August, and this came as a strong blow since they had reached a stage where they had discussed marriage. Jessica remained single for many months, but has she now found a new boyfriend?

On December 28, 2012, Jessica was spotted at a mall in Central with Fiona Sit’s (薛凱琪) rumored boyfriend, Reggie Martin. Reggie is a senior at the Venetian Macao Hotel. Allegedly, the two got to know each other through work connections. Reggie possessed an enthusiastic personality, with broad communication skills. He and Jessica often had similar topics to chat about, thus sparking a good relationship. Although there is a one-hour ferry ride in between Hong Kong and Macau, the physical distance did not seem to separate Jessica and Reggie.

At the mall in Central, Jessica and Reggie loitered around instead of heading into shops. It was evident that they preferred spending time with one another over shopping. Since the mall was full of busy consumers on a Friday evening, they were conscious of their actions and appeared a little evasive. However, the two grew considerably close together very quickly.

When Jessica and Reggie reached for a Christmas tree decoration, they pulled out a cell phone and snapped photos together. Even though Reggie was carrying a heavy item in one hand, he still managed to put an arm around Jessica, who tilted her head towards him. They held the camera together and wore matching smiles for the photo, looking like a sweet couple.

After the photo was taken, Jessica seemed to have realized that their actions could turn into hot gossip, and her smile quickly faded. She and Reggie headed to another corner of the mall.

Three-Hour Secret Hotel Meeting

Jessica and Reggie were later seen entering the Four Seasons Hotel, which was conveniently connected to the mall. They were not spotted leaving the hotel until 3 hours later, at 11 PM. Jessica, who had appeared in full makeup just a few hours ago, now appeared to be devoid of makeup. She even had a pair of glasses on.

The two then headed for Happy Valley, and later drove to the Sheung Wan Macau Ferry Bus Terminal. Reggie was seen heading back to Macau, and Jessica left for home.

Jessica’s Response

When Jessica was asked about her romantic rumors with Reggie, she responded to fans in her online discussion forum on January 1, “My fans are smart enough not to believe in any of these stupid news. This magazine will never change. They can carry on making up stories and I carry on with my own life. Waste of time and energy to even discuss this.”

Video News Coverage

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

Note: This article was revised on January 7, 2013 at 12:04 AM to include Jessica Hsuan’s response to her dating rumors with Reggie Martin.

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  • Readers' Comments (211)

    1. Larry 3 says:

      They are just friends. Bunch of rumors.

      • akari says:

        Hey, I saw a few comments yesterday about “Going Black and can’t go back”….what happened to them and freedom of speech?………..I think those comments are humourous and makes a point. Jessica is desperate and wants a BBC……….nothing wrong with that…..

    2. tika says:

      Wow, so many jokes that I will refrain from saying!

    3. RaySimpson says:

      Wow… So many racists here.

    4. WTF says:

      HK paparazzi these days…(sigh)

    5. dd says:

      Hah, the amount of posers we have on here disgusts me.

      On one hand, you’re pretending to be for interracial relationships and racial equality,

      but on the other, you’re HK/mainland Chinese immigrants ready to complain about the treacherous CCP and uneducated mainlanders/high and snobbish HKers on the drop of a hat.

      Give me a break.

      Give me a freaking break.

      • cloud9 says:

        Take it easy my friend and have a good day :)

      • skinnymocha says:

        Why would you even bring a political party into this? Most people will have a field day with reasons to hate the CCP. And it’s not because they’re Chinese.

      • Jessica says:

        What is the basis for your assumptions?

        For myself, I am neither a Hong Kong or mainland Chinese immigrant. I am Canadian. Interracial relationships are normal where I come from and all races are accepted in my country. There is no pretending to be supportive of something that is normal.

        • Cleo says:

          people do a lot of stupid things – like eat raw animal and fish flesh so it’s no argument to say it happens in Canada so it must be okay – I don’t care about the interracial stuff but it’s the CASUALNESS of the thing that is going to set people against her – a HOTEL ROOM – what is THAT all about? Are we reenacting Sex and the City in Hong Kong, now? So if it’s available on DVD then it must be okay, nuh? If this person has enemies, I guarantee they are laughing themselves yellowfaced as they must still do over Gigi Chao. It’s not about lesbianism or interracialism, it’s about not being sincere in your emotional life that will bring you disdain.

      • dd says:

        I’m highlighting the discrepancy of people preaching that we should be tolerant of something, while being totally intolerant of it in another form. You’re missing the main point here. It’s not about politics — rather, it’s people being discriminatory to people of their own race, but claim racial equality for races outside of it.

        Now that, that is hypocrisy. And to the people calling me a hypocrite on page 1 – get a dictionary, look up “hypocrisy”, stop being retarded and using words you don’t know the meaning of, and hang yourself because you’re wasting our precious and limited air.

        Did you not see the Wong Cho Lam/TVB article?

        Nah, I’m good. I’ll just go watch Kate Tsui’s 1-second rape scene on loop…usually calms me down.

        • preach says:

          ” it’s people being discriminatory to people of their own race, but claim racial equality for races outside of it. ”


        • Jayne says:

          “I’m highlighting the discrepancy of people preaching that we should be tolerant of something, while being totally intolerant of it in another form. You’re missing the main point here. It’s not about politics — rather, it’s people being discriminatory to people of their own race, but claim racial equality for races outside of it.”

          You do make a valid point. To a certain extent, there will always be a bit of hypocrisy within many of us. We may be aware of what the ideals are, but some of the tendencies to think a certain way is based on personal experiences. Aside from Hong Kong and mainland China tensions, there are also tensions within different provinces of China. In New York area, some of the Cantonese and Mandarin speaking groups do not get along with each other as well. To clear personal bias, it will just require having a positive personal experience to wash away previous prejudices.

          In North America and Europe, we’ve become more tolerant of interracial relationships/marriage because it’s happening all around us and many of us have friends from many races. Many family members we know have also gotten married outside of our own race.

          However, at the same time, overseas Chinese also frequently interact with new immigrants from China, in which etiquette and manners may be different than the ways we are used to. Many of the complaints seem to be about lack of westernized manners anyhow.

        • dd says:

          Right, my point is that people have to get off their fake high-horse if they’re going to criticize people for being racist, but be racist themselves to their own race.

          You can’t have one and not the other. You’re still perpetuating racist ideals.

        • cloud9 says:

          You not only good at analysis dry issues, you also have great sense of humor.

          Your joke on Kate 1 minute rape stress therapy laugh my ass_off

        • skinnymocha says:

          @dd: Yes, I did read that whole paragraph and understood your point the first time round. But you still could have left out the CCP part.

        • trini says:

          Picking on the wrong person and not admonishing thenwrong who is in the wrong is hypocrisy, and you are the epitome of that on page onen dd. You are the one who needs to look up the word, understand the meaning, and then jump in front of a train or something, you are a waste of breath on this earth. such hypocrisy and hatred from you, go die.

        • dd says:

          Your misguided self-righteousness is laughable.

          PS. You still don’t know the meaning of hypocrisy. Look it up.

      • Ric says:

        I disagree. It’s not racist to dislike mainlanders. Not liking a guy just because he is black without getting to know him is racist. In terms of mainlanders, people don’t discriminate them for being from mainland China, they just don’t like them for their mannerisms. I can’t speak for others but I do not discriminate Chinese people who are new immigrants to NY. I see their actions and that’s what I dislike. Many new immigrants are nice and well mannered people. I dislike some mainlanders based on what they do, not solely where they are from. It’s one thing to dislike people based on their actions, it’s another to dislike people based on their race.

        • shu says:

          well said ric.i totally agree with you.

          @dd,you totally miss the point here. i think you dont understand the definition of rasism. you cannt compare rasist with hk citizens who dislike mainlanders because the basic principle to act is totally different between them.(read ric’s post)

        • Funn Lim says:

          I disagree. There can be racism between Chinese and Chinese except you may not know it as racism, some may just call it nicely as cultural differences. The comments on Mainlanders are same level as some comments directed at this guy, difference is one is about a person’s cultural background and the other is about race. Both are racism but not within the strict confines of “racism” itself.

          Of course you can say comments directed at mainlanders are about what they do as opposed to Reggie which is about who he is but seriously, there are enough generalisations and spits and venoms against the mainlanders that it goes beyond just critiques. It has been a sweeping statement and that in itself is like I said, a form of discrimination. Yes the word I was thinking is not racism but discrimination, which is just as bad.

          Racism is what others see other’s colour, etc. Discrimination is everything else, like one’s cultural background, one’s weight, looks, etc. Many of these statements qualify as fair comments but sometimes the line is not very clear. I don’t disagree with the many comments about mainlanders and their behaviour but I am not that naive as to think it is only just them. Rude people are every where.Inconsiderate people exists. Insensitive jerks and b*tches also exists, not just one culture. Bad habits too. Just know that a generalisation is always not very good.

        • dd says:

          It’s the sweeping generalization/label we apply to mainland Chinese that makes it racist, no?

          Spelt “racism”. Look it up.

        • Funn Lim says:

          dd, if same race, can’t be racism. You can call it discrimination.

    6. HeTieShou says:

      I used to have an African American professor and he was one of the best men that I have ever met in my life. Race, nationality, etc.. does NOT matter. It is the content of your character, personality and other qualities is what counts,not your skin color!!

      • Lol says:

        I can’t agree with more. Just because we are asians doesn’t mean we have to accept and tolerate bad behaviors from other Asians.

        • dd says:

          So you’re saying it’s OK to be racist as long as it’s confined to your own race.

        • Lol says:

          No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. Get back to the point of this article…I don’t see a problem with Jessica dating a black man…if he’s a good black man that will treat her well. Ok?!?

        • Jessica says:


          It’s not racist to be disappointed by certain people of your own ethnicity. Barely anyone is making wild assumptions or generalizations about Asian people here. Are you just looking for controversy?

        • dd says:

          Wong Cho Lam article.

        • Jessica says:


          But we are discussing this article and the comments within this article aren’t we?

      • Cleo says:

        dude, I don’t care if she was shopping with Michael Jackson – her response on her blog shows that she isn’t worthy of Michael Jackson because she doesn’t value him enough to mind his Blackness but she was totally okay going into a hotel with him!!!! It is all about the conduct. I could spend the whole day with a Black person in Hong Kong and I wouldn’t feel I had compromised my reputation in anyway but I would only do it if they were really my friend in which case I wouldn’t care about their background or anything -that is not what is coming from Jessica Hsuan. tsk, tsk.

        • Cleo says:

          this really makes the casino exec look like a player and nevermind if he is black, he’s not an endangered species who can’t handle the criticism – if you respect black people for their self respect and modesty, you should not regard this reggie person without judgment – JUDGE him – he’s a player, playing with local golddiggers – not a gentleman in other words.

    7. RaySimpson says:

      The whole idea of these articles is to get everyone talking. Great for site traffic and hits.

    8. Mark Lim says:

      Secret Hotel Meeting….LOLOLOL We all know what happens there. Jessica…you blew your rep right there! HAHA…………

    9. ebbie says:

      It’s a rumor…. not true!

    10. Alec Nguyen says:

      out of topic :-D

      Jessica Hsuan will come to Singapore on 19th and Malaysia on 20th for promoting TV series with Benny Chan and for the skincare respectively.

    11. Winnlin again says:

      I have a good friend, whose daughter is not black, but she only dates colored people. Her daughter has a baby from a colored daddy, ever since, she only has colored bfs. So, there is some truth to “Going Black and can’t go back.” I’m not racist, but I’m telling like it is.

      • Cleo says:

        russell wong had daughter out of wedlock with an African American dancer – that doesn’t mean he isn’t racist just that he is an irresponsible idiot who can’t be trusted to put the interests of a child before his own licentiousness

    12. Cleo says:

      WOWW, what a conflicted response to her fans. She must not be wholehearted in her attraction to him – I bet Black guys get this a lot. I have no problem being friends with Black males but just as with any other males, I don’t accept anything that will disgrace my reputation. BUT if your true loved happens to be Black, you shouldn’t be writing evasive nonresponses on your blog!


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