Ji Chang Wook Cried While Reading “Tell Me Your Wish’s” Script

Starring Korean actor Ji Chang Wook and singer-actress Sooyoung, upcoming Korean drama, Tell Me Your Wish <說出你的願望> will officially premiere on August 10. The actor admitted he had “cried when reading the script” for the first time, as he was touched by the character’s experiences and the growth throughout the drama.

With the drama based on a real-life story, Ji Chang Wook stars as a patient suffering from terminal cancer. Living through the last leg of his life, Ji Chang Wook has virtually no hope and spark left in his eyes. “Due to a childhood trauma, he sees the world very pessimistically,” he spoke of his character.

Released from prison, he begins working at a hospice to fulfill his social service order. At the hospice, he meets the cheerful and optimistic nurse Seo Yeon Joo (played by Sooyoung), who teaches him the meaning of friendship and healing. He also encounters an enthusiastic volunteer, played by Sung Dong Il. At the hospice, he tries to grant final wishes to different patients at the end of their lives, so they can find closure. Through the experience and the people he meets, he slowly regains his confidence and changes his outlook on life.

He describes Tell Me Your Wish as an uplifting drama which is “expressed in a bright, warm, and cheerful way,” and cited it as the reason for accepting the role. During filming, it also raised probing questions for Ji Chang Wook such as, “Am I living well?” and “Am I living happily?” which made the actor reflect deeply on his own life.

Ji Chang Wook on His New Drama, “Tell Me Your Wish”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.