JJ Jia Blames TVB For Being Late

On December 1, JJ Jia (賈曉晨) attended a promotional event for a mobile phone brand in Mongkok, attracting nearly a hundred fans to an already crowded street. However, JJ was 45 minutes late to the event, causing the event staff to roam around aimlessly for nearly an entire hour.

In a press conference after the event, JJ apologized to the event staff and explained, “It was not until this morning when I received the 3 PM location filming schedule for A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, and it took an entire hour before filming could start, that’s why I could not arrive on time! I am so sorry! I am also very angry!”

Earlier, the cast of Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> blasted their crew’s production assistant for doing a poor job with handling their schedules and managing time. Asked if her tardiness was also due to the production assistant’s fault, JJ said, “I don’t want to talk behind people’s backs, but I am very unhappy with their arrangements!”

JJ Jia Will Not Spend Christmas Holidays with Louis Fan

Asked if JJ had any plans for the Christmas holidays, she expressed, “I will be spending it at work. That’s the life of an artist!” How about with Louis Fan (樊少皇)? “He also has some filming to do! But I do hope that I’ll be able to meet all of my relatives before the end of the world!”

Would Louis Fan be considered a relative? JJ simply smiled and repeated, “Just all of my relatives!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. If it makes u feel any better, both u guys are equally disgusting!

  1. So, all these tardiness has something to do with the PA? That’s understandable. It’s unprofessional, but it’s not the artists fault.

  2. Is this what FAT is to HK ppl? >.<||
    Gals will kill for her body!!
    I'm well prepared with my AK47!! Hahas xD

    1. I know right. I think she’s one of the most beautiful artist at TVB right now, she looks sweet & very natural.

    2. i think that the post early with her in SSSS, you could consider her a more plumb for her size

  3. I think this isn’t her first time to be late to an event right? she was right last time during a series promotion. Does JJ has this habit to be late or is she showing somekind of Diva attitude there?

    1. Or perhaps there’s a misunderstanding with the PA. It seems like the issuing of the artists’ schedule is the problem. I mean, if JJ gets a notice just a few hours before the event, then she’s bound to be late. In that case, is it totally her fault?

      I don’t think JJ is being a diva here. After the incident with Louis Fan, she’s not in any position to behave that way. I do think TVB has promoted her less with the rising Christine and Eliza.

      1. If the lateness was caused by ineffiency of the PA, JJ should have fired already..shouldn’t wait until her name is tarnished etc by the Organisers.

      2. Perhaps. But, I don’t really know how it works. Is TVB in charge of the PAs? Ehh

  4. no wonder tvb stopped promoting her lol. She was originally quite important in Change of Heart as her name appears after niki but out of a sudden in sales presentation booklet, her name isn’t there.

    1. but JJ is so pretty and i like her more than christine.
      anyway her attitude may be a reason why tvb is not promoting her as much

      1. She be used for those rape scenes that TVB likes to include in their dramas 🙁

  5. on SSSS when JJ was with damian, did anyone think that she looked a bit like katy kung

    1. yes. i alwiz feel that JJ & katy does resembles one another…

      1. *spoilers*

        on yeasterday’s episode of SSSS, i loved the scene when tav threw the rock at the window to damian, their facial expressions chanign as the window cracked it was were sooo gooood

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