John Woo Continues Filming After Earthquake in Japan

A 6.6 earthquake shook Japan on October 22, and John Woo (吳宇森) was right in the middle of it.

On Friday, a 6.6-magnitude earthquake hit western Japan. There was no Tsunami warning, but the powerful earthquake did catch a lot of people off guard, injuring a few people. Hong Kong director John Woo was in the middle of shooting his latest film, Manhunt <追捕>, in Fukuoka when the earthquake hit.

“It was a strong earthquake,” Woo told the Hong Kong media. “We weren’t too terrified, but everyone did stay silent for a while. We continued filming after the earthquake was over. We were very lucky. The site was earthquake-proof. I hope those who face the threats of earthquakes can be safe and sound. Thank you for the concerns!”

Manhunt is a Hong Kong action thriller starring Chinese actor Zhang Hanyu (张涵予), Japanese actor Masaharu Fukuyama, and Korean actress Ha Ji-won. Produced by Gordon Chan (陳嘉上) and Chan Hing-ka (陳慶嘉), the film is based on a Japanese novel by Juko Nishimura, about a lawyer framed of murder. Principal photography began in Osaka.

“It’s a dream come true to be able to film in Japan,” said Woo. “I grew up watching Japanese film, and many of my filming techniques were inspired by Japanese movies. I’m happy that I can fulfill my dream of doing a movie in Japan.”

On working with Masaharu Fukuyama, Woo was full of praises. He told the Japanese media, “He is admirable and an absolute professional. He is a very charismatic person. He’s welcoming and understands how to work with our crew. He is also very respectable. His performance has been brilliant. He is an outstanding actor.”

Source: Sina

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