Huang Xiaoming and Takeshi Kaneshiro Promote “The Crossing” in Cannes

Director John Woo (吳宇森) held a press conference for his disaster epic The Crossing <太平輪> at the Cannes Film Festival on May 19. Stars Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武) were present and spoke briefly about working with their beautiful female colleagues.

It took five years and 400 million RMB, but Woo’s dream project will finally make it to the big screen later this year. Different from his usual action-packed creations, The Crossing will focus on love and courage amidst adversity, as told through the perspectives of three couples aboard the ill-fated Taiping steamer.

Collaborating for the first time, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming has nothing but praise for his South Korean co-star Song Hye Kyo (宋慧喬). Both top artistes in their respective countries, many fans are looking forward to witness their on-screen chemistry. Despite their language barrier, the two enjoyed working together on-set and are grateful for the opportunity. Xiaoming described his co-star as gentle, and agreed when a reporter called Song the most beautiful woman in Asia.

Not at all worried that his comment would irritate girlfriend Angelababy, who has tagged along for a vacation in France, Xiaoming added that the two women are both beautiful in their own ways. “Song Hye Kyo is very pure and her eyes are sincere. She will always be a goddess regardless of her age. Angelababy, on the other hand, has a more western feel.”

Despite being in the industry for over twenty years, Takeshi Kaneshiro is still embarrassed about shooting kissing scenes. Portraying a couple with Japanese actress Masami Nagasawa (長澤雅美), Takeshi shared that they were given a kissing scene early in the filming schedule. Complete strangers working together for the very first time, the two artistes initially felt awkward shooting the scene though eventually overcame their nerves once they got to know each other better.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. When you look and compare Takeshi Kaneshiro and Huang Xiaoming…Huang Xiaoming look very “plastic” with many of his surgery, like his gf both are beautiful to look at but very basic, no “character”. Takeshi Kaneshiro was so handsome when he was younger but now he age like fine wine…even better than before.

    1. Very well said littlegalpal! Takeshi definitely aged like a fine wine, very fine

    2. My exact thoughts 🙂 Takeshi is soooo manly and hott! He’s like fine wine – ONLY GETS BETTER with age.

      1. Agree with you that Takeshi looks manly and attractive!!

      2. Your comment made me laugh! I completely agree. Takeshi is hot

  2. Wow, I never would have thought Takeshi Kaneshiro would be the type to be embarrassed about kissing scenes, from the way he he filmed with Gigi Leung in “Tempting Heart?.”.

    1. Takeshi Kaneshiro is introverted/a bit shy from what I have heard from some interviews of him so I guess it takes time for him to warm up to new people? Masami Nagasawa is also a lot younger than him (14 years)which may have been another reason for the awkwardness.

      Despite the age-gap, I’m actually looking forward to this couple the most.

  3. “Song Hye Kyo is very pure and her eyes are sincere. She will always be a goddess regardless of her age. Angelababy, on the other hand..”

    …is very sleazy and her eyes are full of guiles. She will always be no more than an object of somebody’s self gratification..

    Just try to fill in the lines. LOL!

    1. hahaha~ love your comment! LOL
      i really like song hye kyo, she looks so pure and pretty! as for AB…no comment LOL

    2. “Angelababy, on the other hand is more plastic, which I prefer”

  4. last the most handsome actor of all time- Takeshi kanishiro appear on screen and yet he is so humble and quiet as his nature on stage…he definitely age well than most…why he still not yet dating as he can easily find hot women if he wants to…am curious how is his lifestyle like…last time we read how louis koo lifestyle was but not much is reveal about takeshi lifestyle..wonder where he base

    1. Yup, like him already before he speaks and like him even more with his shirt off. Takeshi Kaneshiro, mystery man and a true gentleman. 😀

      1. Takeshi Kaneshiro – ???

        Huang Xiaoming – Angelabebe

  5. Lol. They allocated the Korean beauty to a mainlander and relegated the okinawan to a fellow japanese. Wondered about amro nam since she s closer to semi than Utada but I guess essentially both she and gum sent m will always be japanese.

  6. agreed, Takeshi look way better than Huang xiaoming, he looks hot and manly that what most women like 🙂

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