Kai Ko And Elva Hsiao Finally Call It Quits?

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Kai Ko (柯震東) and Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) may seem like an unlikely couple, but the two enjoyed a whirlwind romance that lasted for nearly two years. Although there were rumors that they were considering marriage, their relationship seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. Hong Kong media reported that the couple may have finally split up.

Kai and Elva’s romance was exposed in 2012 after they were seen on a date in a park. They later admitted to the relationship, and have since become one of the most closely-watched couples in the industry. Besides their glaring 12-year age gap, Kai’s close friendships with young, beautiful models often led many to believe their love will not last. Their biggest challenge came during the summer of 2013, when Kai was heavily rumored with Chinese model Rigel Davis (程穎婕), who celebrated his 22nd birthday with a party in Shanghai and later accompanied him on a trip to Japan. At the same time, he was also linked with Hong Kong model Bonnie Leung (梁晶晶), who claimed that she has chatted with him on the phone every night.

Elva had complete trust in Kai despite these allegations, and their love grew even stronger. In late 2013, Elva was seen at a party celebrating Mrs. Ko’s birthday, prompting speculations that the couple may be headed towards marriage. The rumors were further reinforced when Elva was seen in February on a Bali vacation with Kai’s family. Some even alleged that the two were already engaged.

While they appeared to be happily in love, a source close to Kai revealed on April 30 that their relationship is officially over. Although their managers had no comment regarding this claim, the media is already taking it as a fact. Some believe that Elva’s recent flirty Instagram comments with designer Jason Shih may have been a last straw. Kai and Elva’s latest Weibo posts also fueled the break up speculations; Kai shared a photo of his new haircut and called it his new beginning, while Elva thanked friends for being there during difficult times.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • 8 comments to Kai Ko And Elva Hsiao Finally Call It Quits?

    1. m0m0 says:

      i didn’t know that they had a relationship. elva looks like his older sister.

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      • Alluka replied:

        She is indeed his older sister.

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    2. max says:

      I saw her in 無間道 like 50 years ago.She was in it for like 5 seconds.She must be an old lady now.

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      • msxie replied:

        She’s got a plastic face, but your mom is way older than her.

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    3. minmin00 says:

      The thing is, why is it Hong Kong media reported, not Taiwan media?

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      • jayne replied:

        The breakup is reported in Taiwanese media too, but our source is from HK.

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    4. Ren&Mio says:

      Sighh, I quite like Kai Ko after You are the apple of my eye and since then I am always watching his movies. He is a talented young actor that I have seen so far. He being such a flirt isnt supprised to me cuz I know with his good look he can be quite a playboy

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    5. tanngacun says:

      Yup, i am so sorry because this is the fact that i want. I like Kai Ko, he’s so young and maybe, i think, he still want to date with some female stars,

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