Kate Tsui Caught Illegally Selling Bras In “Fight Crime”

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In new TVB drama, Fight Crime <雷霆掃毒>, Kate Tsui’s ( 徐子珊) character as a “Drug Queen” will be a significant departure from her former police roles.Yesterday, Kate filmed a scene in which she was caught by the police illegally selling bras on the streets with accomplice, MC Jin.

During the physical shuffle while arrested by the police, numerous bras spilled on the streets, resulting in a humorous spectacle. Known for her sexy figure, Kate revealed that she often purchased underwear from overseas due to the better fit.

Earlier, Kate had expressed joy in her breakthrough role as a drug trafficker in Fight Crime. The TVB star remarked that she had already portrayed a police officer five times in the past and thus was eager to change her image by portraying a character pushing the boundaries of the law. Kate’s character frequently got in trouble with the law and was often arrested by the police.

It was understood that an earlier scene of featuring Kate taking drugs via needle injections was filmed for the upcoming 2012 FILMART exhibition, in which TVB will be presenting clips of their upcoming dramas.

In additon, Raymond Lam ( 林峰), Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Jazz Lam (林子善) and Ben Wong (黃智賢) filmed a gun fire scene for Fight Crime yesterday. Due to his recent back pain resulting from sciatica, the demands of filming may have been too grueling for Raymond Lam. While firing from his gun, Raymond accidentally dropped the gun clip yesterday. Raymond felt embarrassed and explained that it has been an extremely long period of time since he had last filmed a gun fire scene.


Images source: On.cc

Jayne: The cast for Fight Crime looks impressive; hope the script does the series justice!

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  1. She is also doing a ‘smoking scene’:

    Kate Tsui fake smokes in the new series
    As for Raymond’s co-star in Dangerous Drug Raid, Kate Tsui, she will have to smoke in the series. However, she doesn’t know how to smoke, so they had to fake the scene by using a fake hand and the staff helped her light the cigarette: “This time I have be a ‘boxer’ in the bar, so my costume looks like this, but it’s quite ok, not too sexy. The director didn’t require me to actually go smoke for real, just told me to hold the cigarette.” In the series, Kate will have a relationship with Raymond, Kate laughed: “I have collaborated with Raymond, Bosco Wong and Ron Ng a lot, I hope to collaborate with other actors too. TV King Kevin Cheng, I really haven’t collaborated before, so I anticipate the chance to work with him.

    1. Larry,
      TVB seems to be bringing back smoking into their dramas. Bosco smoked frequently in “Lives of Omission” and now Kate does drugs and smokes in “Fight Crime.” While it makes the character appear gritty and more realistic, it may not be a good influence on kids nevertheless.

      1. I am REALLY disappointed that TVB is doing this. What is sexy about smoking? The yellow teeth? The smoke smell on the clothes? The health problems? I’m glad to read Kate doesn’t smoke, but wish she had the strength to tell the script writers that her character doesn’t need a cigarette to “look tough.”

      2. TVB does need new ideas on new series. Yeah, it may not be a good influence on kids, but it will help bring out the role.

      3. Tvb is bringing a lot back smoking and steamy bed scenes.

      4. I think it’s fine to have Kate’s character smoke. It’s definitely more realistic that way. People need to stop being so concerned with TVB’s shows being a bad influence. By that logic, there should be no villainous roles in any drama as it will potentially serve as a bad influence.

      5. I think so too. Look at the “hero” smoke and the kids will follow. However it’s hard to tell the kids to do something by now. They know more than their ages but it is unsufficient knowledge.

  2. Fight Crime looks promising. I dunno why, I saw the picture and I recognised the officer on the left. Wish there were some coverage for those familiar faces… I keep thinking of them as the people who end up struggling with tvb more.. not enough roles… no special treatment..

  3. This looks very promising. TVB, please cherish the resources you have. Use them well.

    1. “TVB cherish the resources you have”

      Is that a joke?

  4. I really don’t like MC Jin as an actor, I feel as though he lacks something and no matter what he does I think he is more suited for comedic roles.

    So Kate doesn’t look pregnant in the above pics, I thought she was meant to be from previous articles?

    1. I don’t think MC Jin will be playing a real serious character either.

      Maybe Kate will get knocked up later.

      Btw, I didn’t know counterfeit lingerie was such a big problem in hk. 😀

      1. I guess the reporters are too lacking of scandals :P.

  5. Looking at Kate’s bad girl photo above, hey, maybe she is better suited to pay bad girls with a heart of gold rather than policewomen or lawyers or doctors?

    Well you can’t really fault a bad girl for pouting, and Kate has a natural pout whenever she rests her lips, right, that was the bane of so many critics? As a bad girl, you can’t blame her for looking pouty or sexy…

    1. Although Kate was popular after her Paris role in LOO, I agree that she wasn’t good enough as a lawyer. There is a gap of acting between Myolie’s lawyer and Kate’s acting but to be fair to Kate, Tavia also wasn’t that convincing although she has 100 times more court scenes than Kate.

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