Kate Tsui Spotted on London Subway

Kate Tsui (徐子珊), 43, officially announced her departure from the entertainment industry in 2019, ending a 15-year career to pursue a PhD degree in Psychology in Europe. Just as fans wondered about the actress’ recent whereabouts, Kate was sighted in London.

After winning Miss Hong Kong 2004, Kate quickly became one of TVB’s hotly promoted fadans. In 2015, she enrolled in a professional design and gemology course, creating her own brand of jewelry. She later completed a Master’s of Psychology degree from the University of Hong Kong while working. She graduated in 2019 and announced her plans to leave the entertainment industry..

Selling her home in Residence Bel-Air for $17.6 million Hong Kong dollars, Kate seemed resolute in leaving Hong Kong for good. However Kate’s plans were delayed when the pandemic hit.

She has since turned her Facebook and Instagram accounts to private status, and has not updated her Weibo since June 2019. The last time she was seen in public was a rare public appearance at a charity fundraising gala in Malaysia last April. Wearing a strapless black dress, Kate still has the fit physique and charisma of a celebrity.

Recently, a netizen excitedly shared that they bumped into Kate on the London subway, “I was on the subway and suddenly found myself staring at Kate Tsui when I looked up! We held eye contact for a few seconds. She was very tall and beautiful; my heart was beating like crazy the entire time!” Kate was with a friend at the time, and she was dressed casually but this did not hide her fit physique.

Kate’s fans continue to miss her dearly, and diligently leave comments every year wishing her a happy birthday. Quoting the ending song of her drama Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, fans wistfully asking her, “Have you been happy these past thousand days? Have you been busy every day?”

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Kate Tsui Says Goodbye to Hong Kong Entertainment

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