Kay Tse Shares Tips for a Loving Marriage

The actress shares about marriage and how she keeps the sparks alive with husband Louis Cheung.

Singer Kay Tse (謝安琪) and actor Louis Cheung (張繼聰) are happily married with a son and daughter. In a recent interview, Kay shares how she keeps the sparks alive in their 12-year marriage. 

Appreciating Your Spouse

“Love occupies a prime position in my life, so I place a lot of emphasis on romance even after marriage. I am a naturally romantic person. I speak with the tone I use when dating. When Louis is tired, I will give him a massage. I just think of ways to treat him well,” Kay said.

Despite having two kids, they do their best to have couple time to keep their relationship fresh. Kay said, “We love spending time as a couple together. We travel, eat out, watch movies at home in the evenings, share the books we love, and just spend time together.” Responding to comments that she is like a girl in a honeymoon, Kay replied, “You will naturally give the other party lots of care and time if you love someone, and especially appreciate the time you spend together.”

“I love him, and will think of ways to support him and give him happiness.”

“I care a lot about how he feels; my emotions are also magnified along (with his). Of course, no romance is perfect and happy all the time. When tension surfaces in the relationship, it requires handling. I will remind myself to not be overly calculating, as the age-old adage ‘unconditional love’ still works.”

When inevitable issues arise in their marriage, Kay will remind herself to adjust her own emotional state of mind, and practice give and take. “I will not allow myself to fall into the trap of thinking along certain lines, like ‘Why doesn’t he listen to me?’ In fact, he is a very balanced, happy person who’s easy to get along with, and our relationship is more often happy than not.” 

Doesn’t Fall in Love Easily

Kay also shares the importance of being loyal. “I have loved only a few times. It’s not as simple as accepting parties who pursue you; that person must definitely enter my heart before I can accept [him]. I hope that love is everlasting in my world. I am loyal, so every relationship is never short; my first romance lasted seven years.”

“I’m not someone who sees marriage as the end goal of dating. Back then, I made communication the priority as I felt that life is a long journey. Today, love takes many forms. Some couples prefer living independent lives, but still maintaining a close relationship. Every couple is different,” adds Kay, who has been married for 12 years. 

“Me-time” Within the Marriage

Being an only child, she had to get used to living with Louis’ family and her in-laws after marriage. She said, “I love having time for myself; maybe it’s because I’m an only child. ” While this might be a problem for other couples, her husband gave Kay the space she needs.

The actress admits that she enjoys taking rather long baths to enjoy music, either to her own songs or sometimes other singers. Her choice of songs also show her sentimental personality, naming Sandy Lam (林憶蓮) and Faye Wong’s (王菲) songs as those she listens most often to.

Source: Cosmopolitan HK

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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