[Celebrity Homes] Kay Tse and Louis Cheung’s Luxurious Oceanview Mansion Revealed

Since the release of Kay Tse‘s (謝安琪) 2008 hit song “Wedding Invitation Street” <囍帖街>, the 42-year-old singer’s popularity skyrocketed. She and her husband Louis Cheung (張繼聰) moved from a village house in Tai Po to a luxurious western-styled adobe in The Beverly Hills. The mansion is occasionally featured in their family photos that the couple shares on social media. Recently, Louis and Kay have been staying in due to the coronavirus, so they are often updating fans with pictures taken at home.

Earlier, Kay uploaded onto Instagram a photo of herself lying in bed with her hands covering her forehead. She revealed she is suffering from insomnia. “Always awake by six, always with cold sweat, I feel uncomfortable,” she expressed.

Fans left messages expressing their concern for the singer. She replied to them a few days later by uploading a series of photos of herself sitting in front of her bedroom floor-to-ceiling window while looking out into the distance. She wrote, “The mystery is solved; I forgot to close the curtains. I closed the curtains the past few nights, and I had great sleep. Thank you for your concern, and I’m sorry for making you guys worried.”

Aside from her daughter photobombing her in the pictures, the oceanview was also very attention-grabbing. It is reported that the 4,000-square-feet home that Louis and Kay currently live in was purchased during the financial crisis in 2008 at a low price of 12 million HKD. Its location offers a high degree of privacy because the housing estate is far from the urban area. There are also many celebrities living in that area, including Moses Chan (陳豪), Suki Chui (徐菁遙), and Tavia Yeung (楊怡).

Previously, Louis posted online a father and son photo of him playing the game console in the living room with his son James Cheung (張瞻). It can be seen that the living room is massive with high ceilings. Earlier, he also uploaded a photo of his kids riding him while he was on all fours and a picture of his son rubbing his back in the bathtub. One can tell how well family man Louis and his kids get along. 

As for Kay, she thoughtfully designed her daughter Karina Cheung’s (張靖) room so that she would have sweet dreams every night. “If you like… I will watch the scenery with you every day, sing cute little nursery rhymes to you, and tell you little stories I loved most when I was a kid. Your brother also tells stories very well. He comes back from school every day and tells me many new and interesting things. One day, when you understand what he’s saying, you’ll love him even more because he is really funny,” she wrote on Instagram. 

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This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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