[Celebrity Homes] Benz Hui’s Luxurious 4000-Sq-Ft Home in Singapore

Hong Kong actor, 71-year-old Benz Hui (許紹雄), bought a house for 4 million SGD in his wife’s homeland of Singapore. He already has the status of permanent resident but is currently in the process of applying to be a citizen of Singapore, and plans to slowly reduce his acting work in Hong Kong.

Eventually, he plans on opening a bubble tea business. “I haven’t reached the point where I’m too old to do anything so I thought it would be nice to have a small business.”

He and his wife both worked for TVB, but they did not meet until 1986 when Benz went to Singapore for an event. They married in 1992 and as his wife is Singaporean, they frequently travel between the two cities. His daughter has recently graduated and he hopes to lead a more stable life thus he decided to permanently settle down in Singapore. Benz has mentioned many times that he likes living in Singapore because he feels very safe.

Recently Benz and his family appeared on Tung Soo Hua’s (董素华) talk show Be My Guest (我董你) and opened his home to the public for the first time. It is located in the Yishun district and has 3.5 levels. The home has six bedrooms, and Benz lives with his wife, daughter Charmaine Hui (許惠菁), and mother-in-law.

Benz shared that he loves his home, “Every time I come here, I don’t want to leave. This house has a way of keeping you.”

The family loves water activities,  and outside the dining area there is a long and narrow swimming pool that is the length of the dining and living room combined. Both of these rooms have a very warm and cozy atmosphere. As there is no ceiling between the first and second floors, it is very spacious and open. Benz’ wife shared that she loves looking down at the living room from the top floor and it makes her feel very comfortable.

There is another living room that has a lot of natural sunlight and a swing seat. This is where the family usually gathers to chat and play games. Benz said that in a home the most important thing is that there is food, laughter, and warmth. His wife added that it was most important to be happy and harmonious.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Benz has worked hard over the years. Great to see him enjoying the fruits of his labor with his family.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful home (and a beautiful family)! I’m so happy for Benz – he’s worked hard for decades and it’s great to see him finally reap the rewards of his success! Sure, I will miss seeing him onscreen, but most important is that he’s happy and he gets to enjoy life with his family.

    1. @llwy12
      Benz still looks young compared to his age and his acting hasn’t depreciated. Hopefully he enjoys semi retired life with a few cameos now and again!

    2. @llwy12 Benz has worked over the years to get to where he is now. Glad to see him enjoying the fruits of his labor with his family.

  3. If he do retire i will surely miss him he’s a great artist…..he does have a lovely home I wish i own a home that big in the states but it’ll cost me an arm and leg…………I’ve always heard Singapore is a beautiful city and very clean but if your not a citizen its very hard for you to apply to become one dont know if its true or not but anywhooooo wish Benz the best of luck!!!

  4. Compares to Mimi Chu’s home in Malay or Singapore his home does look more tasteful and looked like they spent a bit of time decorating it.

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