The King of Green Leafs: Benz Hui

Not all “green leaf” actors remain unknown. The name Hui Siu Hung (許紹雄), or Benz Hui, has been well-known since he first joined TVB in the early 1970s. A student of TVB’s first graduating acting class, the name “Benz Hui” came to play after he was photographed driving a Mercedes-Benz to work.

Benz Hui has clarified, over and over again, that his reasons for purchasing a Mercedez-Benz was not to flaunt his status, but because he truly believed that it was a durable vehicle.

Whether it is Benz Hui’s wealthy background or his prolific television and film career, the epithet “king” for Benz Hui is well-suited.

However, Benz Hui’s origins are no laughing matter. His great-grandfather, Hui Ying Kwai (許應騤) of Guangdong, was the Viceroy of Minzhe, who had jurisdiction over the provinces of Fujian, Taiwan, and Zhejiang during the Qing Dynasty. Benz Hui’s great-aunt Hui Kwong Ping (許廣平), was the wife of Lu Xun (魯迅), one of the major Chinese writers of the 20th century. His great-uncle, Hui Sung Chi (許崇智), had a key role in establishing the Republic of China Military Academy.

Fortune Favors Fools

With over forty years of experience, nothing stands as a challenge for Benz Hui. Whether or not it is the role of a stubborn wealthy businessman, or the role of a poor and aloof house servant, or the role of an honest small shop owner, Benz excels in every single one of them. It is Benz’s flexibility as an actor, and his devotion to the arts, that has maintained his ever flourishing career in both television and film. What is Benz Hung’s secret formula for a long-lasting acting career? “Oh, I don’t know,” the 65-year-old actor said. “Maybe fortune favors the fools?

“I remember the day I auditioned for TVB very well. At the time, the audition fee for their artist class was five dollars. Five dollars was a lot of money. The taxi flag drop in Kowloon was only one dollar at the time, and in Hong Kong Island, it was a dollar and fifty. The artist class seemed interesting, so I decided to try it out. I never expected myself to become an actor. In the 1970s, those who were in the entertainment industry were always very handsome. I wouldn’t stand a chance with my looks! I was surprised when I was selected!”

Benz’s first television drama with TVB, Astray <歧途>, was also TVB’s first drama to be produced in color film. “The drama was produced by both TVB and the Hong Kong Police Department. A foreign police officer called Mr. English would be there to overlook the filming. He told me that I had the looks of a CID, and he asked me how much I earned a month. I told him $500 HKD. He then asked if I was interested in being a CID instead, because their monthly salary was at least $3,000 HKD. The ICAC was not established then, so cops could be bought. I didn’t know why I told him I wasn’t interested. It took me a while to get over the regret!”

That was the only time when Benz considered changing his career. “I don’t know what to do with my life if I’m not acting. Think about it. Every time you act, you are with a lot of people. You get to try out different lives. You get to be part of something that you never expect yourself to be part of. Is there a better job than this? You get to have fun, have a wife, and have children. I have no regrets.”


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  1. Glad that he continued to act is a great actor!! I love his performances, especially his comedic ones. He is hilarious!!

  2. Yes, indeed, I do agree with you that he is really good as an actor. I love his voice as it sounds so distinctive.

  3. This guy is hilarious. He brightens up any drama, regardless of how good or bad it is. I hope he isn’t killed off in Friendly Fire…..In other news, Benz Hui doesn’t seem to get the recognition he deserves. he doesn’t get leads, but I can see why. He’s an outstanding supporting actor, that’s for sure. He totally deserved the award during the TVB award ceremony late last year. He’s one of TVB’s last veterans, and it would be a shame of TVB loses him. Cherish him while you can…

    1. Oh gosh, I hope not! I hope TVB will do it’s thing and he will wake up about 10 min before the end of the last episode or something like that.

  4. My family all like him very much. He is very natural and cute.

  5. He is such a good actor, but wow, I didn’t know about his family background until now!

  6. He’s so funny. Ur the funny daddy of all times. Tvb give him a raise.

  7. Love Benz, he manages to bring attention to even the smallest roles. He has one amazing family history.

  8. Yes, Benz Hui is the 1st artist to drive the Mercedez Benz to work in ATV/TVB suring the early days.. He said the car is equivalent to a big house in hong kong then…He been scolded by Damian why not buy house with the money. He reply no regret as the car is durable long & maintenance low. Now Benz a Lexus & Toyota cars. Benz has remained single until he reached age 42, then married singaporean (she is behind-scene worker. HE met her in during production filming)..He has a daughter when he was in late 40s. They r residing in Singapore & he alone in Hong Kong as his daughter need to attend elite school in singapore & soon will go for overseas education..
    Benz has a scar visibly on his face (due to early working accident)

    Benz is hilarious & his acting make us laugh non-stop…LOL

    1. That must be very lonely? Why not move the family to HK? Isn’t education in HK fierce competition as well?

  9. So that’s how his English name came about? I never knew! He was from a wealthy family? It sounds like he is from a very prolific family but wealthy?

    I personally does not think he is king of anything frankly but still he is a stalwart in supporting roles.

  10. I really admire Benz as an actor, my fave character of his to date is a tie between To Get Unstuck In Time which is a classic, I thought the whole plot was refreshing too and Dicey Business.

    He does well in comedy roles

    1. Yes!! So touching, I cried like mad. Wished my father was as nice as that character :(:(

  11. I love him in Brothers Under the Skin and The Grand Canal. He was just so adorable and hilarious… Glad that he getting more and more recognized each day.

  12. Benz is mine all time favorite, I will never be bored of a series if he is starring in it coz he is just simply natural and funny!

    1. Yep same here 🙂 Never bored of his series as well… Ah my family loves Benz very much 🙂 especially alongside Bobby Au Yeung or Roger Kwok 🙂

  13. Ah~ So that’s where he got his name from! I’ll always remember him as uncle Tung from Police Cadet.

  14. I LOVEEEE HIM! His current character in Friendly Fire is adorable! haha x)

  15. I am glad that these older generation of actors and actresses are getting some sort of recognition. Plenty for the fa dans and siu sangs to learn from

  16. Ah, Benz! One of my all-time favorite ‘green leaf’ actors! Love his personality and also his great versatility in acting. The recognition that he got at the Anniversary awards was definitely well deserved, though tremendously overdue (should have gotten that recognition ages ago).

    Here’s a more detailed interview he did with Mingpao, which I enjoyed a lot because his ‘funny man’ nature came through much better:

  17. I remember when I was a child I watched one of Benz’s series and his nickname in there was “Dai chek gong” and it has stuck with me all these years. I still refer to him as that nickname when watching with my family now. He’s such an amazing and versatile actor and truly deserved the TVB award last month.

      1. Yes.. he is Tai Chek Gong frm Police Academy.. ahahahahah… Grew up with all the Grean Leaves actors and they are the actual Movie Star of TVB for they are always categorised as KayLeyFeh, they are in the unique position of being famous, recognise by face (not by name) and yet not hounded by the paparazis. Furthermore, they can move around TVB series and Movies easily due to their “low-profile” star status… :}

  18. Thank you for this article. Benz is one of my favourite TVB actors and it was great to have more insight into his life.

  19. Benz Hui, Li Shing Cheong, Lee Kwok Lun, and Ram Chiang are great…all have the innate ability to get into their character seamlessly and flow with the scene and the other artists effortlessly. In many instances, they help make a mediocre scene into a good or excellent. Keep on performing with gusto!

    1. Without them, a series is toast!! Those leading actors need them to shine, and some of them can’t act as half decent ad these veteran actors, pfff…

      Don’t forget KK Cheung as well.

  20. He is such a great actor! So glad he’s still acting for sure!!! Love this guy!

  21. Especially he is in the role of “tai chek kong” in police cadet 84, people already known his existence as a funny role

    1. Ahhh … i can’t remember the saying it refers to but i can explain the meaning.

      it’s pretty much saying, you won’t know how great a main lead/series is without these supporting roles.

  22. I always enjoy his character in TV series. Very happy that his hard work has been offically recognised at the TVB award night. Congrats ^_^

  23. Good job Benz. You made me cried in Friendly Fire when came home all injured. So sad that u hadda die. Love all ur characters. Please don’t leave tvb.

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