Leaked Messages of Benz Hui Sexting

Known for being family-oriented, actor Benz Hui (許紹雄) is married for 27 years with a 22-year-old daughter. However, explicit sexting messages were leaked to the public involving the 70-year-old actor and an anonymous woman.

Bold and Explicit Chat

In the one of the leaked WeChat screenshots, a man with Benz’s profile and phone number was shown sexting with a woman on April 27. The woman asked to see Ben’s normal picture, but Benz replied, “I want to see you without any clothes on.” Later, Benz even confirmed to the woman that he was in a hotel without his manager.

The two continued to chat for five hours, and a screenshot was released showing that Benz told the woman, “I really want to see your small [censored], okay?” In reply, the woman asked Benz for a picture of his upper body. Benz promptly complied by sending a selfie and repeatedly asked the woman for her explicit picture. The two ended their sexting by having a video call.

When the woman was asked if she ended up meeting Benz, the woman replied, “He is a pretentious man, and he deleted me on Wechat shortly after. He sent me indecent pictures [of his lower body] and always wanted me to have a video chat with him.”

Benz Denies Sending Explicit Messages

When the press reached out to Benz, the actor denied sending the explicit messages although his avatar was seen in the text exchange. Benz said, “Now technology is so advanced, anything can be done!” He continued, “I’m a [public figure] and people know who I am. Why would I be so bold to say these things to someone?”

Noting that his friend Shek Sau (石修) was a victim of divorce rumors earlier, Benz urged others to not believe what is circulating online. He said, “You can’t believe the things found online. I feel that I’ve been implicated now too!”


Sources: On.cc [1,2]

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow. Seriously? Is he that dirty old man? And a married man too? First it’s Jacqueline Wong now Benz Hui? Boy too much scandal going on.

    1. @cutie777
      How has he ruined his life? Even if it was true which is very unlikely, he just merely chatted to some girl online. It’s not far from just viewing some pornography online…

      1. @jimmyszeto ya. We don’t know if its even true yet. He is just accused of talking to a girl that wants attention all night.

    1. @cutie777 If Benz didn’t send those messages, his response sounds very light and he tries to shrug it off as a joke. The claims are very damaging since he is married. Usually if these are only fabricated reports, the actor will threaten legal action.

      1. @jayne
        I don’t see any problems with a light response. Benz has always shown a lack of seriousness when he talks. What’s the need for a old man with such a solid reputation to threaten legal action? His career won’t be affected and he is semi retired anyway…

  2. Not saying that Benz is guilty nor innocent, but there are many celebrity imposters online. In addition, no video chat vid of them were released so really anyone could’ve been using Benzs photos to deceive so I’ll take all of this with a grain of salt.

    1. @anon So true! I’ve seen so many fake profiles of celebrities online that it’s not even funny….even when the celebrities themselves show evidence that it’s not them, or the imposters are exposed, some people will still believe the rumors and initial reports. Knowing that there are a lot of very technologically savvy people out there nowadays who are able to do some really sophisticated stuff with technology and social media, when it comes to this kind of stuff, it’s always smart to take it with a grain of salt…

  3. celebrities have to be extra safe these days lol. No one is safe it’s scary.

  4. Really doubt its him. Don’t think he’ll be crazy enough to post his pic on the chat. And since there wasn’t any video evidence, just calling this b.s. lots of fake profile out there.

  5. No Big deal really, I have seen Ben in category III movie before where he rubbed his face to the woman’s boobs.

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