Louis Cheung Jumps into a Sea Filled with Poop

Louis Koo (古天樂), Louis Cheung (張繼聰), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), and Cherry Ngan‘s (顏卓靈) new movie, A Witness Out of the Blue <犯罪現場>, will premiere on October 24. Louis shared a humorous story of the scene filmed at the harbor, where he was soaked in water filled with feces.

In the scene, Louis Cheung chases Louis Koo, who is a fugitive, all the way to the harbor front and tries to persuade him to turn himself in. However, Koo tricks him and Cheung falls into the water allowing Koo to escape by boat.

It was extremely humid on the day of filming and the water was visibly polluted. Often pieces of feces would float by as well! However, Cheung was extremely professional and jumped in the water without any hesitation or complaints. He kept the situation light and even tried to dance in the water inciting laughter from the crew.

After filming, Cheung joked, “Today, I have conquered this area of the sea and have completely surrendered myself into nature’s embrace. Every actor has scenes where they have to jump into the sea, so I’ve checked this off my bucket list!” He was also very excited about being able to work with Koo, “I’m so excited that I feel like dancing. I’m able to feel his charisma up close and personal. So even though he told me to jump in the water, I’m not angry.”

A Witness Out of the Blue is produced by Derek Yee (爾冬陞) and written by Chi Keung Fung (馮志強).

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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