Louis Koo Surprises Jessica Hsuan with a Belated Birthday Cake

Earlier, artistes Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) were shooting the promotional poster for their new movie A Witness out of the Blue <犯罪現場> when the staff brought out a belated birthday cake for the actress. Jessica was taken by surprise since she turned 49-years-old back in August. Once she saw the cake, she excitedly shouted, “Oh my god! I’ll pretend I don’t see it!”

The whole film crew, including Louis and director Chi Keung Fung (馮志強), sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and took a group photo to commemorate the moment. “I don’t really celebrate my birthday as much now that I’m older,” Jessica revealed, “I’m already really happy to just eat cake peacefully and simply with everyone.”

While eating the cake, she smiled and exclaimed, “It’s really delicious! Very fattening!”

Jessica also shared that her birthday wish is the same every year. “I hope everyone will be healthy and happy. That’s the most important.”

Jessica Likes Ambiguous Love

Jessica, who has not taken on a film for many years, encountered many familiar faces while working on Back to the Past <尋秦記>, including her former co-star of 17 years, Louis. The star laughed and said Louis is not much of a talker, which is very similar to the character he portrays in the movie.

In Back to the Past, the stars have a tenant-landlord relationship, and an underlying ambiguous relationship. Jessica revealed, “The best part is nothing is going on between them on the surface, but it feels like something is going to happen. And in the end, nothing happened.”

She continued, “In a lot of relationships in movies and real life, the happy, special feeling disappears once you start dating. It’s always the best when two people are in an ambiguous state.”

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This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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