[Breakup Files] Keeping Her Divorce a Secret for 5 Years, Alice Chan Wants Ex-Husband Back

Five years ago, Alice Chan‘s (陳煒) marriage with Taiwanese businessman James Yen (顏志行) had already ended. However, the pair continued to pose as a married couple last year when James appeared on Alice’s variety show. As to why Alice had lied about her divorce status for five years, some believed that she was hoping to win back her ex-husband.

Since 2016, James was romantically linked with Taiwanese singer, Sherry Cheng (鄭雙雙).  As the rumors gained more ground while James was still perceived to be a “married man”, Alice finally announced that she and James had already divorced in 2012. Alice said she did not want to hurt the third party involved.

Apologizing for keeping her divorce a secret for so long, Alice said, “From the start we didn’t let anyone know the truth and didn’t talk to the public about it. I need to apologize to everyone. There were some problems in our relationship – we spent very little time with each other. As time moved forward, the time spent apart grew even longer, and it had nothing to do with a third party. He suggested the divorce and we split five years ago. We still keep in touch because we’re not just friends – we’re like family and we care about each other.”

Alice said it only took her so long to make the announcement because she wanted her private life to stay out of the spotlight. When asked if she returned to acting because of financial need after her divorce, the 43-year-old actress said she had started working again before the divorce was finalized.

On whether there is still a chance that the pair will reconcile in the future, Alice shrugged, “No one knows what will happen down the road.”

Source: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This must be those nice guys. He kept it a secret and faked it for his ex-wife for all these years. No wonder she wants him back.

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