Kenneth Ma Caught in Love Triangle with Margie Tsang and Nancy Wu?

After appearing in hit drama, Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三国>, Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) popularity shot up. With his net worth also increasing tremendously, Kenneth posed as a good catch for women. Since splitting from  Nancy Wu (胡定欣) last yea, Kenneth’s love life has been empty. Since Kenneth is already 38 years old, his parents were anxious in seeing their son get married, repeatedly pressing him to start a family. To fulfill his parents’ wish, Kenneth was rumored to have reunited with his rumored ex-girlfriend, 47-year-old Margie Tsang (曾华倩)! 

Kenneth’s Parents Anxious Over His Marriage

Coming from a traditional family and being the youngest son, Kenneth was allegedly pushed to get married soon.  An insider revealed that ever since Kenneth’s father was discharged from the hospital for heart surgery, he has been pressing his son to find a girlfriend and get married quickly. Renowned for a filial son, Kenneth also hopes to fulfill his parents’ wish soon.

However, Kenneth leads a monotonous lifestyle. Besides going to work and meeting friends for soccer, he does not have many opportunities to meet women. As Kenneth is known for his faithfulness in love, his friends have encouraged him to reunite with his former rumored girlfriend, Margie Tsang. 

Kenneth Keeps Distance from Nancy Wu

On July 17th, both Kenneth Ma and Margie Tsang filmed for TVB variety program, TV Funny <玩瑼三周1/2>. At first, the pair was spotted to be teasing one another; however they were discreet about their actions once they attacted public notice.

At the photo taking session of TVB’s 45th anniversary, Kenneth and Margie allegedly shared the same dressing room. Upon seeing a reporter, Kenneth and Maggie immediately distanced away from each other. Kenneth walked hastily away while Margie, who was wearing a pair of sunglasses, also deliberately slowed down her pace.

Kenneth’s ex-girlfriend, Nancy Wu, was also present at the photo shooting session the same day. However, Kenneth did not interact with her at all. To boost the ratings of TV Funny, TVB cast Kenneth’s rumored girlfriends, Nancy and Margie alongside with him in a parody of The Shen Saga <朱门新怨>.

During the filming session, Kenneth bantered with Margie publicly, and the pair behaved like a bickering couple. On the other hand, Kenneth appeared to be indifferent towards Nancy’s presence. Kenneth deliberately kept a distance away from her and made no eye contact with her even if the script required him to stand next to her. 

Kenneth Prefers Older Women

Kenneth Ma was rumored to have dated Margie Tsang seven years ago. However, the pair broke off due to public pressure that Kenneth, a newly promoted TVB actor was dating Margie who was a divorcee with son. Recently, Kenneth is reportedly seeking reconciliation with Margie under his friends’ encouragement. Speculations are rampant that Kenneth is actively looking for an apartment near his parents’ place, sparking rumors of his marriage intention. 

Kenneth has also publicly expressed his liking for Margie at a promotion event of The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> . He jokingly said, “Maybe I will reunite with Margie!” In another interview, Kenneth also said, ‘’I do not mind having romantic rumors with her. I also do not mind that she is older than me. I feel that communication is more important. I have endless topics to chat with her. Even if we bump into each other at the dressing room, we can chat endlessly.’’

Recently, Kenneth also stated that he preferred older women, who are easier to maintain than younger women. He also said that he did not mind if a woman were older than him by 20 years! Was Kenneth hinting at the wish to reconcile with Margie?

Compared to Margie, Kenneth was more evasive when speaking about Nancy. Although he admitted dating Nancy before, he dismissed the possibility of getting back together. Kenneth described his current relationship with Nancy, “We still chat on the phone, and we are now friends. It’s more comfortable this way.”

Kenneth Denies Dating Margie

When speaking about his rumored romance with Margie, he denied dating her before, “We of course were not dating. I did not dare to go ahead, did not dare to court her!”

At the Triumph in the Skies (衝上雲宵II) blessing ceremony earlier this week, Kenneth shot down rumors that he had rekindled his romance with Margie. He said, “Ms. Tsang is refreshing and very bright. Being friends with her is great, but I haven’t hung out with her for many years already. I don’t want there to be any more misunderstandings!”


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  1. LOL.. TVB siu sang.. news coming one after another! this is much faster than what I’ve expected!!

  2. Strange. I don’t mind the age gap – especially as the pair of them are rather mature – but I always got the impression Margie was MUCH older than him. You know, what with her reaching her career peak back in the 80s and dating Tony.

    I’m intrigued to see TV Funny though. (I really do miss the golden days of Super Trio back then…)

  3. Kenneth is a very practical man when it comes to dating.

    However, if dating a divorced mother such as Margie, there are responsibilities in becoming a stepfather that requires a entirely different level of commitment.

    For Margie, her son will always come before her boyfriend.

    1. If his family were that traditional then I wonder if they would accept Margie since she is a divorcee with a son? If a family was really traditional then they would not since Kenneth has never been married before. But then again, these are all just rumors so who knows?? I can’t believe that Kenneth said that he would not mind a woman being older than him 20 years??? I am not too sure about that. 10 years us already pushing it….

  4. Kenneth looks handsome in the above picture.

    Anyway I feel Kenneth perhaps should move on from Margie if he wants a family because she is too old practically. It is almost 10 years difference and if he wants kids, margie who at 47 probably can’t give him any.

    There are others other than Nancy as well.

    1. I agree and even if he did not older women, at her age she cannot give him at kids.i do not think his parents would be too pleased if he did not have any kids since I think he is the only son.

    2. Agree. Margie Tsang is too old to have another child. I think 9 years’ difference in age is too much for a man. Moreover, I think Margie’s son is not a young child any more. It will be hard for him to accept Kenneth as his stepfather.

    3. Now that myolie is available maybe Kenneth can consider pursuing her but he must let her cool down first.

      1. I think MM and Myolie quite impossible, since Myolie and Nancy are good sisters…

      2. But Love is blind..anything can happen if good sisters can betray each other lol..but then again. I was just merely making jokes about Kenneth and Myolie being together, I knew they won’t be 🙂

      3. I don’t think Myolie and Kenneth would work together. Myolie is a very demanding person, and Kenneth does not seem to like demanding women.

      4. I agree, personality wise they don’t match. Only thing i see that works is that Kenneth likes mature women and Myolie’s personality is very mature for her age.

      5. I don’t like KM to pair with Myolie but KM has said that he wanted to pair with Myolie since 7 years ago and is praising Myolie today for not showing any sadness at all since they work together in their new series. He doesn’t know they broke up because Myolie looks normal.

  5. I always have a feeling that Kenneth’s good feelings fowards Margie is still there.. filmed DIE back in 2005?

    1. I think he likes their easy chemistry and enjoys talking to her. When Kenneth was on the cooking show w/ may jeh, I felt a little awkwardness btwn him and margie. It’s like they could be bff’s but have to restrain themselves to avoid rumors. Conversely, I thought margie freely flirted w/ Francis Ng and roger kwok on the show b/c she had nothing to worry about.

      1. Maybe it is a case of the one you’re seeing is the one you avoid the most. As in if you’re very attracted with that person or is in a relationship, you are rather subdued around that person.

  6. I think they (Margie and Nancy look alike), Ken might like those type of women but I still think she’s too old for him somehow.

  7. “We still chat on the phone, and we are now friends. It’s more comfortable this way.”

    Still got hope? I feel Nancy is very aggressive in pursuing him again.

    1. Funn,
      Yes I have the same vibe that Nancy is still interested in Kenneth. According to tabloid reports, Nancy seems to inch up to Kenneth when they appear at functions.

      Maybe working together in “Triumph in the Skies 2,” Kenneth may fall in love with older costar, Elena Kong (if she is not already attached) or re-ignite sparks with Nancy!

      1. Elena Kong is ok, not much older. But is she married? By the way really nice picture of Kenneth. How old is that picture above?

        I feel Margie is too old for him if he ever intends to have a family. He can adopt.

      2. Elena Kong isn’t married but she has a boyfriend already (the younger brother of Sandra Ng Kwan Yu).
        Kenneth Ma does seem to prefer older women, when he was rumoured with Rebecca Zhu earlier on he praised her for being a good girl and that she matched his criteria but pointed out that he hasn’t dated someone this young before.

      3. If TVB wants to do something to reconcile Nancy and Kenneth, she should get one of the producers to cast Nancy in a 1st lead role in a drama series, and paired her up with Kenneth. It will help them reunite and boost Nancy’s chance of being a 1st lead actress. I am sure they won’t object as both of them are professional artistes and Kenneth shouldn’t mind doing something for Nancy as his ex-girlfriend.

      4. I really don’t get Kenneth, why interested in an older woman? Maybe he needs some Motherly love from his “gf”?

      5. some like young like jay n raymond. some like old like kenneth or him. is really one’s taste. they can’t help it.

      6. Funn: The picture should be from DIE promotion.. around, 5-6 years ago

        Veejay: Like Jayne said earlier on, he probably seek someone mature to share his deepest thoughts and all that

      7. Veejay:

        Maybe Kenneth is jealous that he doesn’t get any motherly love f/ ms. Lok like the other guys do.

      8. Some girls around her age or younger can be pretty mature too in thinking.. but he didnt go for them..I guess it’s a weird fetish that Kenneth have..

      9. Veejay.. I think Jayne was right with her reasoning about KM’s preference (post at the bottom)

  8. Wonder what is the reason for Margie and MM to end last time?

    I can see that Nancy is somehow not that “friend after love” with MM.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, Margie wanted to focus on her son and not dating

  9. As much as I like Kenneth with Nancy, I think he’s over her. She should move on too.

    1. I dun see any sign of her to think of MM anymore? She seems to move along time ago anyway. If he didnt announce, she seems not want to announce. So in the end, I wonder who cant get over of who.

      1. But my guess is right again. Txb want them to be frd afterall, but they are not.

      2. Are you sure they’re not friend anymore? not long ago (last month), there’s a clip of them sitting side by side in a restaurant with a group of tvb artists

      3. sorry! wrong info.. that video I mentioned wasn’t from last month.

  10. Slightly off topic… but Margie looks FANTASTIC for 47 years old. If only she could bottle the secret and sell it to me!

    1. Right?!? She looks awesome. Some good looking actresses don’t age well. She certainly isn’t one of them. She was pretty in her prime and is still looking great pushing 50.

  11. Wonder if it’s just an act that he completely gave Nancy the cold shoulder whereas he was so bubbly with Margie. Seems kind of strange to me how he treated them with such extreme behaviour.

    1. If the rumors are true, Nancy wants to get back together with him. He probably doesn’t want to so he needs to keep his distance. Margie is probably not giving him any kind of pressure.

  12. This news is the least scandalous out of all the other siu sangs (Raymond, Bosco, Ron). haha

    I think Kenneth and Margie are just good friends. I can’t really imagine them starting a family together since she’s too old to have kids now. My guess on why it didn’t work out with Nancy might be that she didn’t want to settle down any time soon to start a family while Kenneth did?

    1. Poor Kenneth, even when they try to make some news for him, he’s still BORING compared to the others! LOL

      1. lol, I prefer boring Kenneth over the other guys. All of these scandals are benefiting him now because it helps his diamond bachelor image. 🙂

      2. I think it is good to be boring since your life and career are more peaceful versus the headaches due to all of the scandals.. What a pain.

      3. Better to be a turtle dragging its tail in the mud, than become an object of attention and kept solely on a pedestal for people to watch. 🙂

      4. no poor to him. He might be clapping hand like crazy at home right now.

        But these days have to prepare for anything can happen. Tomorrow has wat, we dun know.

    2. Kenneth Ma Gwok Ming join the others, expose your scandal as well! haha

    3. Not trying to be harsh but it’s true that Mergie shouldnt give birth to kids now. She is already 47 and it’s kinda dangerous for her to have kid. If MM and Margie get married but she cant give birth to kids, I wonder how his family will treat her? Is MM the only son? He somehow has this responsibility. But in this case, poor Margie. Pressure on her and her health.

      1. We don’t know if MM want children? And I think he’s the youngest son, as reported in some interview. So I dont think he has the responsibility..

      2. this thing after posting I think back. Too soon for an assumption. Maybe Margie dun want to be with MM, we also dun noe. Time will answer. Who noe if MM will grab a China girl in the end *_-.

      3. Whatever it is, I wish Margie happiness. She deserve it. Kenneth is a good guy, but maybe too stingy for her to consider?

      4. KM is a great husband material but Margie wont be able to provide him an offspring

      5. Does Kenneth only have 1 older sister? If so and he is the only son, then the responsibility of carrying on the family line is on his shoulders. Therefore, it would make it even harder to be with Margie who already has a son and is too old to have kids now…

      6. Kenneth has two older sisters. He’s the only son. Maybe his parents arent traditional so Kenneth does not need to have a son to carry on the family line?

      7. I wish Margie happiness. She divorced once, must consider carefully in the second time.

  13. refreshing change than chasing 18 year old skirts.. well its clearly up to him.. being wth an older woman has its perks but of course as all pointed out starting a family mght be a bit tough..

  14. Boscolie break up
    Raymond dating 18 year old
    Tavia and Him older woman, younger man relationship
    Kenneth and Margie younger man older (divorced mother) relationship
    Ron and Viann’s breakup, said to be involved with third party Miss X.

    All happened within a short period of time. If no writer is picking up their paper and pen and writing this down then I’m gonna become TVB’s next screenwriter.

    Seriously I’m seeing this as TVB’s next drama, I’ll surely watch it people.

  15. Ma Ming and Margie look quite compatible. I don’t find age is the problem at all, it’s just that she won’t b able to have his baby at that age. Poor Ma Ming! Hope he will find some1 soon.

    1. Agreed. KM is an adorable guy. There will be many great girls grabbing to marry him.

  16. Margie look good for her age, but she’s too old. Poor KM cant havr children if marry her.

  17. Kenneth seems to like Margie Tsang very much. I also like them as a couple. But, rationally, I can see that being with Nancy will be easier than being with Margie. Margie has a son. Every plan, every action will need to take into consideration her son’s feelings. What if her son doesn’t like Kenneth? It will be a very difficult relationship. Nancy, being single, won’t have such baggage. The older woman/young men relationship, I have no problem with.

    My irrational side, on the other hand, hope Margie and Kenneth be together for real. 😀

    1. Suddenly it hits me why Kenneth prefers older women. Maybe he is sick of those younger girls who demand for attention, money, effort, etc. Older women easier to maintain. Or maybe his idea of an older woman is Margie herself. Like I said he is reliving his greatest fanboy dream.

      1. Funn,
        “Suddenly it hits me why Kenneth prefers older women. Maybe he is sick of those younger girls who demand for attention, money, effort, etc. Older women easier to maintain.”

        Kenneth has likely seen all the casual sex happen in the entertainment industry, which can be avoided if he stays home and looks at his computer instead.

        Young women are demanding in a sense, that they feel they have a lot of choice in their dating partners. They want the best of everything, have romantic ideals, and are high maintenance emotionally in this aspect. Always wishing to go out and have fun.

        From the sound of things, Kenneth wants to find a “home body” who is comfortable staying at home with him. He is not romantic and probably just looking for easy companionship, no-fluff kind of relationship.

        So older women, after going through a couple of relationships, lose this type of romantic naivete and can be more accommodating and know what to treasure. While youth equals to experimentation.

      2. Maybe after seeing the hot waters his brothers get into with the young hot girlfriends, he choose a safer route.

      3. I think it is a preference, not a safer route. You can’t force those sort of affection unless you genuinely likes those group.

    2. ma ming and nancy dated and breaked peacefully. i dont mind if ma ming dated nancy or myo. they both are suitable for hin

      1. PLease…. u know why men keep flocking to mainland girls cos they act weak and inept, “fainting” at the slightest pressure… then forever the man feel so macho cos they’re perpetually in rescue mode. Marry them.. all the colors come out…

        Which would you rather, a girl who is strong and aggressive in work but keeps her place at home and her principals in work and love or the GREAT pretender.

        Sadly, most men think with the wrong head, hence all the bad decisions.

        I agree, Kenneth should date Myolie. She might be aggressive but she’s also got integrity. What you see is what you get. Life has no pretensions.

        Already acting in dramas, why need drama in real life. I support this couple if it happens. I really like Kenneth, he does seem to prefer a good conversation over fake boobs. Seems wiser than the rest, to be honest

  18. Unfortunately, HK and at large Asian communities still hold very traditional values regarding marriage and in particular divorce. If this was a TVB drama then I’m positive they will get their happy ever after but we’re talking about real life here so best of luck and lots of hard work…

  19. ma ming said he and nancy are friends now so nancy wouldn’t object if ma ming and myo fell in love. they have 2 series together back to back.

  20. Agree that Kenneth Ma prefers to have a low-maintenance woman for him. He is a boring person and will have tons of pressure to keep a high-maintenance woman happy. Most young girls go for materialistic things and tons of fun, and this type of girls is not suitable for Kenneth. He would rather spend time with his partner at home and with his parents. Not many girls would like to do it.

  21. Kenneth can find someone who is not too young or too old for him. For example, he is 38, so he can find someone in their 30’s.

    To me, he is very open-minded when he says that he doesn’t mind dating someone who is 20 years older than him. That means the woman is 58 years old.

    This is rare, but there are girls/women who have the same personality as Kenneth’s such as they prefer to stay home more than going out.

  22. i saw you in person before, you gave me feeling like your are a big children… think twice in your marriage, don’t marry because of marriage, marry because you need her. take care!

  23. Personality wise, Linda is more compatible with Kenneth. Too bad Kenneth is only interested in older women.

    1. I don’t think Kenneth is only interested in old woman. I think he is interested in low-maintenance women who don’t give him too much pressure.

      Moreover, I don’t think he is still attached to Margie Tsang. This is why he felt more easy with her because they were not tied together any more. They must be just good friends.

  24. I agree, Kenneth should date Myolie
    linda CHung

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