Kenneth Ma Has a Lusty Mind and Dirty Mouth; Admits Liking Margie Tsang

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Often photographed going out with his mother, riding the train, and playing soccer during his time off, Kenneth Ma possessed a healthy image and was considered to be a rarity in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. According to Next Magazine, the TVB actor was tired of being pegged as an “innocent good boy.” Hoping to be regarded as a normal person with regular habits, Kenneth Ma proceeded to reveal his true self, that he possessed a lewd side and penchant for profanity!

Kenneth Ma: “Margie Tsang Is Exactly My Type!”

Aside from Kenneth’s frugality, or rather practicality, in riding the train making news headlines, his romantic love life has also been put under the microscope recently.  Kenneth had dated Nancy Wu (胡定欣) earlier and remained protective of her after the break up. “It was not her fault; perhaps it was due to timing. She has a great personality and does not have a ‘princess attitude.’ She is very easygoing. Please don’t write anything bad about her; she’s a great girl!”

It was revealed earlier that Kenneth had liked Sharon Chan (陳敏之) while filming Dream of Colors <下一站彩虹>. At a February function, Selena Li (李詩韻) also declared publicly, “I know that Kenneth had a crush on me for the last 6 or 7 years!” However, it appeared that Sharon and Selena only saw Kenneth as a friend. Kenneth denied ever dating  both women.

Apparently, Kenneth was the most reluctant to discuss Margie Tsang (曾華倩). Considering Margie to be a great woman and friend, Kenneth had endless topics of conversation with her. Asked whether he had dated Margie, Kenneth smiled painfully, “I admire her. We are very compatible personality wise; she is the type of woman I like! We have gone out together for meals of course. However, I do not know why we were unable to advance further.” Kenneth professed that perhaps they knew each other too well and that it was better to keep her as a friend, as friendship can last forever as opposed to the common animosity between jilted lovers.

A Dirty Mouth And Lusty Interests

Kenneth believed that a fixed image worked against an actor, which may make his performance less convincing in the audience’s eyes. Thus, it was best for an actor to have no image at all. In the past, Kenneth was criticized by the media as possessing “zero star feel,” due to his casual attire. Kenneth noted that he never considered himself to be a star, only an actor. As long as his clothes were clean, he felt fine. His habit of taking the train to work was well chronicled by the paparazzi. Regarding this, Kenneth noted that his house was situated very close to the train station; thus it was a practical means to get to work at TVB City.

Often pegged as an innocent and naive man, Kenneth hoped to erase this image.  “I’m already thirty-something! How can you say I’m still innocent? Even if I said so, I would be lying to you!” Kenneth claimed that his sins remained private since they have not been photographed by the press.

Regarding his private sins, Kenneth revealed that he had a dirty mouth full of expletives, “When I am with friends, sometimes I will curse a lot! Due to the heavy stress from work, I will go play soccer and meet friends at a cafe. We will curse while joking. I feel very free and relaxed.” Kenneth will draw the limits if there were women present and refrain from speaking so rudely.

Kenneth laughed and added, “I’m a lusty man! When I see a beautiful girl, I will say, ‘Wow! She’s hot! Wow! Her waist is so young!'” Kenneth admitted to flirting with women and trying to pursue those he was interested in.

In an earlier interview, Kenneth Ma commented that he saw the Internet as useful for browsing current events topics, sports news, and pornography. His admission that he looked at pornographic sites aroused a strong reaction from online discussion forums. Perhaps due to his “diamond bachelor” image, netizens praised him for being”honest” and “a real man” instead.

Always A Practical Man

Graduating from the University of British Columbia in Canada with a Mechanical Engineering degree, Kenneth professed that the most useful experience was joining the university’s drama club. Recalling this experience with fondness, Kenneth expressed that he wished to act in a theatrical production once again. He was also interested in filming Chinese dramas in mainland, as well as a movie.

Despite the recent mass exodus of TVB artists joining rival television stations for higher pay, Kenneth did not consider this, as there were still 3 to 4 years remaining in his TVB management contract. Between acting awards and money, the practical Kenneth Ma chose money. Kenneth stated bluntly, “When you are poor and have nowhere else to turn, you cannot eat your award; it is just a junk piece of metal! Money can support your lifestyle. I am very practical! Ha ha!”

Kenneth Ma’s bluntness was refreshing and indeed, he was a rarity in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Jayne: What is your reaction towards Kenneth’s admission that he has a lusty mind, enjoys surfing for online pornography, and has a dirty mouth? Is your former image of Kenneth destroyed or you are amused by his “private sins”?

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  1. It might be Kenneth’s year? THC is a hot topic now. 3K is expected to air this summer.

    1. When exactly 3K is expected to air? can’t wait.. really like watching series that travels back time.

  2. Nope i mean what man doesnt watch porn? lol his attempt to rid his good boy image is rather cute lolol

    And the whole potty mouth thing i think his level is like any human being not too excessive. Sorry Kenneth, unless you do a “Moses” i will continue to view you as a gentleman HAHA 😛

    1. hahaha Hopefully kenneth won’t do a “moses” cuz I will view him differently haha not as same as the good and filial guy kenneth.

      I think having lusty mind for a man is alright really..who doesn’t has one? even women have them sometimes kekekeke.

    2. I agree. Maybe Kenneth is worried that “nice guys always finish last”. Unless he has a big scandal, he can’t change his image.

      Like he claims he’s a horndog that looks at the hot girl’s… waist? I can understand boobs, butt, or legs but waist? That’s not lusty, it’s demure.
      No wonder selena finds him harmless.

  3. Kenneth is just doing what all other guys do. It’s no big deal to be honest.

    I think he said he was “boring” in an interview recently and that was the reason why he broke up with Nancy Wu. But if he has such a “lust mind and dirty mouth”, then surely he can’t be that boring. Maybe “other” reason why they broke up.

  4. HAHAHA… this guy is precious. LMAO!!
    Who doesn’t curse or being lusty. Tell me. But he still seems to be boring to the actresses? WHY? Maybe only recently he open up his mind? LOL xD Previously he might be the homie and boring type of guy. Oh people changes as they gets older! That’s why sometimes older guys are definitely more attractive! 😛

  5. Kenneth seems like a nice guy for protecting Nancy even though they broke up already (or maybe he is telling the truth about her that she does not have “princess personality).

    I find Kenneth’s personality sounds like Felix Wong’s when they are both modest people.

    1. Kenneth look like a real gentleman when he protects Nancy from the princess personality rumour.

      1. Protecting her when nobody say about her princess illness but exact time for his series. How good timing it is. And Look pike Nancy dun enjoy this protection from this ex much

  6. I think he said all this to spice up his image a little. It’s no secret he’s a nice guy. BUT these days, nice dont sell.
    I feel it’s just more practical for him to improve his acting fast as he’s getting meaty roles & his present “acting” is just not good enough.
    Still he has lots going for him: he’s tall & handsome & most impt very likeable.

  7. Lusty mind, I can understand. I mean he is forever liking a lot of girls but this is all say, no action sort of man.

    View pornography is normal. he has got to have an outlet. As long as he is not building a library of porn.

    Now cursing expletives is the one I can’t take. I don’t swear, not the F word anyway and Chinese is very colourful and to know he does, even in private with friends is a huge disappointment. I know he just wants to up his image and exposure a bit but can’t he do it like the Korean idol guys way? You know, gentlemanly and thoughtfulness instead of “I LOVE SEX! I WATCH PORN! I CURSE!!!”?

    And why all of a sudden so much of these revelations Kenneth? Either your PR is on an overdrive or you want money BUT either way your PR is doing a bad job. Honesty is good, curse in your interview if you want but to ADMIT to liking to curse and what nots, sorry, this is so not cool.

    1. Funn,
      If we were to take Kenneth’s recent interviews at face value, he spent 10 years of his life harboring crushes against Sharon, Margie, and Selena! That’s a lot of time in a person’s life to be carrying one-sided crushes in the name of “friendship”! Is Kenneth a hopeless “sideliner” that thinks that waiting and waiting will give him a chance? The women seem to enjoy his company and humor, however timing may have been a big issue:

      In an older interview with Sharon, Kenneth felt that he was not yet established in his career and had no money, so he didn’t want to think about dating. With Margie, it was likely her being a single mother of a young son. Typically after experiencing a divorce, women may be more cautious in who they date, hoping to find a man mature enough to act as a stepfather in case of marriage. Perhaps Kenneth was too young at the time and Margie did not wish to take things further. If Kenneth has been crushing on Selena for 6 to 7 years, it was during the time that she was dating Patrick Tang.

      Kenneth, why do you set sights on women that are impossible to get to hurt yourself? When he finds his next love, I hope he will be more aggressive in chasing after his own happiness. Don’t walk at a turtle’s speed, otherwise it really confuses the woman as to whether he’s a friend or pursuer.

      As to his pornography fetish, it appears to match his willingness to just crush on someone instead of taking stronger action. Watching porn is the easy and less participative route than the real thing.

      Cursing in anger and lack of language ability gives a negative vibe. However, if he is cursing with his friends after a sports game, it is similar to “locker room talk” where men share jokes and talk in their rough manner. As he noted himself, this is Kenneth’s way to let go of his guards and be himself. Some people drink and smoke, but he curses with his friends. He also noted that he will not do so in front of women, who may find it offensive. Thus, I think Kenneth is still quite respectful and will make sure that when he curses, he will not offend or make other people uncomfortable.

      I find his “private sins” to be quite normal. I don’t know if he is an attentive boyfriend, but he sounds very respectful and not a single bad word to say about Nancy Wu.

    2. When he says he curses, who really knows what he really says? Maybe it isn’t as bad as we interpret it??

      Maybe he is too nice and doesn’t have the guts to go after any girls or pursue them. He sounds like one of my friend’s friends and they are the same age too… They are both nice but don’t really take any actions to chase girls. I guess in their case, they have to have a girl that likes them enough to chase them… It is not abnormal for girls to chase guys these days..

      1. I did NOT say that I don’t believe him, but I was just saying that it may not be as bad as you think…

      2. What is a not bad curse? Say F*** you is bad or not?

  8. Ahh Kenneth seems like a sweet, genuine guy. I hope he is able to develop more and become more popular!

    1. I think he’s got talent and yes always hope he will get popular 🙂

  9. Margie and Kenneth….. is that another older sister-younger brother relationship?

    Anyone remember the Kevin Cheng and Sheren Tang rumors? ageessss ago!

  10. If Jayne had a survey to ask “Which actor is most like you or I”, that would be Kenneth Ma. The common person would keep their private affairs private just like Kenneth. Normal intelligent citizens would not air their dirty “laundry”, spend money beyond their means, or be discourteous to their colleagues. Having a caring, respectful and frugal personality makes him a strong and dedicated family man. Finding the right partner to love, cherish and bond with has a lot to do with timing as well as luck. All I can say to Kenneth is “be yourself, take whatever time you need to choose wisely and not submit to the temptation of the general public criticisms”.

    1. Aptos,
      Kenneth appears to have no airs and doesn’t seem to be the type to be pressured by the public. I’m amused by his sense of humor. I don’t find his pornography fetish or cursing to be such terrible sins. It can be a lot worse, like being a compulsive liar and cheater in love. The porn fetish and cursing are his own lifestyle habits, and frankly, we do not even know the extent of his frequency with such habits although he revealed them himself.

      I laughed when he referred to acting awards as a “junk piece of metal” basically calling it worthless. Kenneth’s reference is not good if it gets back to Ms. Lok. It really makes him sound as if he doesn’t care for awards at all. If Kenneth were interested in making money, he should know that getting certain awards, such as the TVB Best Actor, does increase his commercial value. So awards and money sometimes go hand in hand.

      1. I’m actually amused rather than disappointed at these ‘revelations’ (which can hardly be considered revelations). I’m with Funn though, I’m not a fan of cursing but if it’s locker room talk and not the F-bomb every other word, I’m generally OK. Otherwise, Kenneth sounds like a normal, genuinely decent guy and I really like him as a person. He’s relatable offscreen, and easily likeable too as this interview shows.

      2. I agree that Kenneth’s “sins” aren’t really sins and aren’t anything really bad at all. There are way worser things like being a gambler, a liar, cheater, violent guy,etc…

  11. HAHA, I’m amused by Kenneth.

    I never felt that any actor was a “good boy”. They are actors and they ACT for a living, being grown men, I dun expect any of them to be innocent.

  12. Its all good… If you ask any guy… It’s normal.

  13. I like his honesty lol. He’s a good role model (as in his sincerity, not the porn of course HAHA), but he needs to brush up his acting a bit.

  14. I actually think this is a smart move by his PR team. When actors are seen as too perfect, they eventually are set up for a fall when fans find out that he is human after all. By being proactive in revealing his ‘faults’, Kenneth can capitalize on his current goodwill to make it seem like he’s an honest and normal guy with normal vices.

    I also don’t think any of his vices are shocking in any sense. If anything, they make him seem more relatable (aha, another great PR move).

    That being said, his image, whether it is his real personality or a marketed version of it… is on a great track. He seems sincere and honest, mature and filial, practical and frugal. 🙂 Just the boy to bring home to the parents, after you manage to catch his eye on the subway with your willowy waistline!

  15. Lmaooo ” her waist is so young” typical chinese expression?

  16. I am actually very happy to read this article about Kenneth since it shows that he is not afraid to be himself and show his real side. He is thirty something so of course he is not the really innocent guy that does not have any lust or sexual desires. If he did not, then I think there is something wrong with him… Kudos to Kenneth for being honest and real!!

    Kenneth is a great guy so I really hope that he will find his other half soon. There are many great girls and guys that don’t find their other half until later on in life and I think good things come to those who wait. I don’t think it is always best to find the person too early because maybe you aren’t as matured or aren’t at the right stage in life yet. It really depends I guess…

  17. I also want to add that I highly doubt that he is a virgin so how can he be that innocent?? I don’t think anyone in the circle is that innocent because if they were, then how can they survive???

  18. Yep def it’s kenneth’s year n i hope he win the award this year

  19. After reading this, the feeling is confirmed: This guy isn’t easy. He is smart and he knows where and when to say something have interest for him. Amazing PR skill.

  20. Kenneth is so adorable and honest! He’s not afraid to show his real person! Who doesn’t love him this way? I love him for not wanting the award too and thinking that it’s a piece of junk! Unlike that one actress who desperately want the top award by hook or by crook.

      1. Who else look unwilling to accept a smaller award because she’s aiming for the top award ROFL? She got caught on candid on the award night LOL

      2. Because her bf said tat if he thinks the award isn’t suitable for him he won’t accept and I have never seen him deny any award, lol. So in his mind, he is desevered to win so he brainwashes his gf to have this dream.

    1. Personally, I don’t think these things are his real person :).

  21. Kenneth is just positive and honest. I am moved when he praise Nancy Wu, such a nice man!

  22. Man u gotta love Kenneth !!! Tvb should promote him more

  23. Kenneth is using Nancy for publicity cox he don’t have any news to talk about. If he such a good guy, he should defended Nancy from the beginning not now.

    1. I think Nancy thinks the same. Wat she’ve said in her weibo implied so. Since they dated, she must know him better than us.

    2. He is using her? hmmm I didn’t know that Nancy was so famous?

      what did she say anyway?

      1. 不多說了!! 況且不用說也不能說!! 說了的,也不是真的想說的!! 想說的, 也不能說, 亦說不盡…是嗎?!”

      2. is that from Nancy’s weibo? er dont know what’s going on but prefer watching Kenneth to Nancy

      3. ROFL Fox Nancy and Kenneth are still close now why would Kenneth use her? Kenneth was and still more famous than her.

      4. Ask Kenneth :). Look like Nancy also dun really understands why he used her for a news like this :P. Nancy is still with TVB then of course, she should be smart enough to not “hurt” Txb’s new sweetheart directly, only can imply. Like I said, I don’t think this guy is an easy guy.

      5. but Fox why call Kenneth TVB sweetheart. I don’t think so LOL

      6. Oh come on, he is in the big budget stuffs, lol. Who can compare with him about the promotion now?

  24. Don’t be surprised if Kenneth Ma is as pervert as Edison Chen and as brutally insane as Him Law….

    I’m eagerly waiting Kenneth to find a gal, torture her and turn it around into scandal so that we all have opportunity to witness if he’s a real (pervert) man…

    1. Why are you thinking so negatively about Kenneth?? I really hope that he isn’t anything like Edison or violent like Him… He really doesn’t seem like that type but it is true that we don’t know what happens behind closed doors.

    2. Maybe can ask Nancy. But I dun think Nancy will open mouth soon because she is still with Txb and everybody know how she is treated in Txb so she won’t risk herself as long as she is with them. Now she only stays with implying

      1. or maybe you just think too much? Maybe kenneth and nancy are “still” together or probably have reconciled.. nancy visiting Kenneth at the set is normal and vice versa.. Maybe its just as simple as that?

  25. Hehe I knew he liked Margie.

    I wonder if they couldn’t start because she couldn’t get over the “sister-brother” aspect?

    1. He got caught near her apartment. So how do you think? Margie always seems to avoid this relationship so I think for watever reason, she dun want to have a date with MM.

  26. He’s awesome! I hope he wins an award this year!

  27. He is really quite funny and cute to try to expose his ‘bad’ side hahaha..

    No offence but I think he can do MUCH better than Nancy Wu!

    1. I don’t think Nancy is bad. She can act good although not so pretty but she look wilder and Kenneth is more like a homely guy. Their personality don’t match LOL

      1. I taught different personality is best match couple because this type of couple can cover up each other weaknesses.

      2. Do you see that MM only fancies wild girls? Selena and Nancy. So it is from his own taste. And do you notice tat MM is only best friend with girls? I’ve never heard that he has a good boy buddy. All I see about his friends are Nancy, Selena, TY and they are all girls. So maybe he only likes to talk with girls and not a homely guy at all. Or a “homely” guy like wild girls.

      3. You’ve just make an interesting observation on MM (why do you call him MM when his name is Kenneth Ma which stands for KM?). Ok, back to the topic now, yeah I notice that too that he always talk about his close friends and they’re mostly “wild” girls but TY isn’t that wild (since there were no pics of her partying or etc). But TY seems like someone cunning though lol. Doesn’t bother me much since I can and not watch TY whenever i want. Maybe “MM” is sourcing for a fancy and wild relationship with these wild girls so he dun have to bear any responsibility if he dates those homely girls?

      4. Veejay,

        MM stands for Ma ming, Kenneth’s nickname (cut out the kwok). I got confused the first time too. I thought Fox was referring to Michael miu.

      5. Josie is correct. MM=Ma Ming and I got used with this short name in China forums so sorry for making you confused. I never refer Micheal Miu as MM because I often call him 3 gor :P.

        You are making MM like an unresponsible guy for not dare to take the responsibilities. You may right.

  28. Sorry but what does he mean when he said ‘her waist is so young’? haha I was trying to think of such a phrase in Cantonese but am stumped lol

    1. Perhaps it’s “her waist is 幼” as in 佢條腰好幼. (I’m not sure if I’ve used the right word here since my writing skills are lacking… It could also be slang, for all I know.) It’s meant to describe her waist as being “slender” which happens to be homophonous with “young” in cantonese? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  29. MM best friend should be Margie Tsang because he said their personality click and they can talk about everything.

  30. love him!!…he’s so cute and real. Unlike other actors

  31. Heard Kenneth likes Tavia Yeung and they are close. He flirts to her on interviews
    They look great!

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