Kenneth Ma Hints At Open Ending For “The Hippocratic Crush”

Hong Kong TVB actor, Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) popularity with audiences and advertisers soared recently due to landing a breakthrough role as a neurosurgeon in currently aired medical drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>. The 38-year-old professed that he was eager to improve his income this year and save enough money to purchase a larger 1,000 square feet condo to live with his family.

Yesterday, Kenneth appeared as a guest at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Japanese men’s wear store, Takeo Kikuchi. The normally casual Kenneth donned an outfit from Takeo Kikuchi’s 2012 Spring/ Summer Collection, appearing suave and trendy. Kenneth’s performance and handsome doctor image stimulated the audience’s interest in his past educational and romantic background. Kenneth was dubbed as one of the most eligible “diamond bachelors” at TVB, a title which he casually shied away from. Many wondered whether there was a possibility in which he will reconcile with ex-girlfriend, Nancy Wu (胡定欣).   In other news, Kenneth was reported to have gotten along well with 2011 Miss Hong Kong winner, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), who portrayed his wife in new drama, Prominent Family <名媛望族>. Filming a scene in which Kenneth rescued Rebecca from the sea earlier, the pair bobbed in he water for over an hour, in which Kenneth continuously cracked many jokes to make Rebecca laugh.

Kenneth revealed that The Hippocratic Crush will feature an open ending, which would faciliate for the filming of a sequel should TVB decide to do so.  Kenneth told, “Recently, the audience scolded that the endings for many dramas were poor. I believe this will not happen for The Hippocratic Crush. The ending is pretty good.”

The series’ finale will be broadcast on Friday, March 16th, in which Kenneth hoped to gather with the cast and crew to watch the ending together over a meal. Kenneth hoped that  the ratings will continue to climb higher, beating the average ratings of 33 points for this week to-date. Should the ratings be colossal, perhaps next year, the public can see the return of “Cheung Yat Kin” on the small screen!


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Jayne: Kenneth rocks a well cut suit and European style pants. Kenneth needs a fashion clothing sponsor immediately to showcase his heart throb side!

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  1. We will find that Kenneth Ma “ROCKS” a lot of the European/Japanese style brands as he is tall and slim.

  2. Yes yes to a sequel! I love seeing Kenneth as a doctor. One of the few tvb dramas I enjoy

  3. this dressing is so good, so unlike his usual casual dressing and floppy hair of late. he should definitely go down this hearthrob path even though he is turning 40 soon. he is forever young~

  4. Yay a sequel! The rating to KM crying like hell broke loose in the basketball court must be rising high. I never see any guy in TVB cried that well before! LOL even Linda can’t cry that well

      1. Kenneth Ma ~’Most Honorable King of Crying Scene’

  5. He looks adorable! The outfit looks nice compared to other questionable outfit choices others had to wear. *cough* Raymond*

  6. A sequel? Might kill off Yu in the sequel then since the focus, after all, is Yat Kin.

    1. Kill of Yu in sequal… I bet KenYi fans will bomb up TxB city.

      1. Haha,MingYi and Tavia fans might held a protest outsite Cheung Kwan O if Tavia is not involve in the sequel.Eventhough I think they are okay together but I’m not MingYi fan just solely Ma Ming fan.I always prefer Selena and Ma ming as an onscreen couple the most.

    1. Yeah i agree, i guess he’s one of the rare one that I praise, he’s really HOT and handsome.

      this guy got the height of a model, puppy eyes and a diamond bachelor… really is a hot catch!

      1. hehe puppy eye.. he is so cute. Nice to see more tvb actors becoming spoke persons of stylish brands

  7. As for The Hippocratic Crush’s ending, I wonder if the alluded open ending is regarding whether Tavia will survive or whether Tavia and Kenneth’s love are finally realized via a permanent, committed relationship. I hope it is the latter….

  8. For once, he looks good but don’t like the pants. He needs a well cut suit. AND a better hairstyle.

    As for open ending, please for once just for god’s sake give it a proper ending!

    1. Proper as in happy ending?

      They could do that and still kill her off prior to the sequel like they did w/ yoyo mung in “healing hands”. Then Kenneth can pair up w/ that hot nurse that was played by Nancy.

      1. I think one of Lawrence Ng’s lovers dying in the HH series was enough. But they kept killing them off throughout the trilogy (Yoyo Mung, Ada Choi, can’t remember who else)…it got predictable at the end.

        Clearly I wasn’t paying that much attention to Hippocratic Crush b/c I didn’t even notice Nancy as the nurse…when did she appear?

      2. Oops, my comment was kinda misleading. Nancy did a 6 second cameo in the operating room. She wore surgery gown and mask but the netizens still recognized her eyes.

        Poor Lawrence in HH. Paul and Jackie were my favorite couple.

  9. I just watched teaser for ep 24… Everybody prepare ear plugs “Screaming Tavia” is back with her infamous over reaction crying scenes >_<

    1. lol. I dun need ear plugs. I need take boxes of tissues

    2. I just believe when a person has to face death in the eye, he/she would feel so devastated and want to explode either to scream out or hit the wall. It’s not overact to me. It’s desparation reaction.

  10. Am I the only one, I dont like him smiling.
    He’s very handsome when he dont- that definitely works for me…lol….
    Love the height & cute eyes !

  11. i do want a sequel with original casts and continuing the story. support tavia and kenneth

  12. When did nancy wu appeared as the nurse? I just finished 24 but yet to notice nancy wu

  13. I hope no sequel seriously. But Kenneth Ma is precious!! 😀

  14. Kenneth looked much better in Mysteries of Love…

  15. I love this series, the best series so far this year!!! Second is BP

  16. This series is def. better than your average Tvb series these days for sure.

    Kenneth was doing a superb job and Tavia as well dispite her nose. Great overall supporting cast too.

    I found it funny and kept thinking while watching, why are the girls esp. TY wearing make-up 24-7? TY was wearing her “mask” at home, when she was a patient at the hospital and even during her surgery by her father, LOL. Ok, this phenomenon happens in almost every Tvb series but still.

    Furthermore she was wearing high heels all the times at the hospital. Found it unrealistic, however it could happen though.

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