Kenneth Ma Plans for 2023 Wedding

As quarantine restrictions loosen up with the easing pandemic, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) are ready to act on their wedding plans.

The couple is considering getting married while on vacation next year. As Roxanne loves Europe, Kenneth is considering getting married where they had attended university, either in England or Canada. The couple is uncertain whether they will hold a banquet afterward.

Taking into account that Kenneth will be busying filming at the start of the new year, the ideal time to get married would be mid 2023. When prompted whether he has already proposed, Kenneth remains mysterious and will reveal more information to everyone at a later time.

Attending TVB’s 2023 sales presentation recently, Kenneth shares about his experience vacationing with Roxanne in Japan. “Roxanne did most of the planning, such as where we should visit, what and where we should eat, what time we should wake up, and the general daily itinerary. I was only responsible for driving to where she wanted to go that day. She is great at planning things, and has attention for details. I always joke that she is in the wrong career and should really be in the traveling or tourism field.”

On whether the couple experienced any arguments, disagreements, or rifts during vacation, Kenneth honestly expressed, “I don’t believe there is a couple who is 100 percent compatible with one another in this world. There are certainly areas where a couple is incompatible–it is important to compromise and be understanding and accommodate each other to go through life together in the long run.”

Source: HK01 [1,2]

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  1. Seriously, why is this news? Why should we care when or whether they will marry? Much ado about nothing!!

    1. Because this is a celebrity news website and one of the things to report on is marriage. If you don’t care, why are you on this website. Obviously you cared enough to read it and the. write a comment on it. You could have just ignore. it if you don’t care.

      1. Ditto for you. I am free to express my opinion on the piece and you are commenting on me personally. If you don’t like what I posted, feel free to ignore.

    2. I’m with you @afan202. I feel like these articles pop up every few weeks with the same title and the same vague answer from them. I was just too lazy to comment lol. I wish the media would just stop asking and reporting on such non-news. Can they just report when the answer definitively changes?

  2. I saw a recent interview with Kenneth, but I haven’t found a video, stating that they’d marry in Europe, like a permanent announcement.

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