Kenneth Ma Plans to Avoid Filming Intimate Scenes After Marriage

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) are in the midst of planning for their wedding, but the couple has started talking about their future and their career. To balance their careers as artistes and their relationship, the couple are in agreement to film fewer intimate and kissing scenes if not required in the plot.

The couple had already talked about ways to approach filming these scenes to limit marital conflicts and agreed to be pickier when choosing their next projects, “We have a consensus. When Roxanne chooses her projects, it won’t be for ones that show too much skin or too passionate.”

Kenneth added, “Even now, When I film a kiss scene with my female colleague, I would ask if they are ok. I do not mind if they tell me they don’t want to kiss. I respect that. They can speak up if they don’t like that. When I was filming Plan B <寶寶大過天> with Eliza Sam <岑麗香>, she said she didn’t want to film too much kissing scenes because her husband didn’t like it very much. I didn’t think it was unprofessional. If she didn’t say anything and was uncomfortable, it wouldn’t have been good.”

When asked if Kenneth will speak out if he encounters an intense scene, Kenneth responded, “Yes, sometimes scenes are too exaggerated and I will ask the director if it necessary and if it can be aired. There is no point in wasting people’s time. In fact, watching action scenes could be also be just as exciting. It doesn’t necessarily always have to be intimate scenes”

Eyeing Action Dramas?

Although Kenneth has reservations against filming intimate scenes, the actor is excited to branch out to filming action scenes. Currently starring in The Invisible <隱形戰隊>, Kenneth admitted that while the actions scenes were challenging, they were also worth the effort, “I have always done sports so I was able to handle it physically. In comparison, I have  played so many doctor roles that  the director complained that my mannerism was too gentle. I also hope to give the audience something new.”

Kenneth found a new interest in filming action dramas and would not mind doing all the stunts himself, “As long as I can do it and it is safe, I would do them unless I would get hurt to delay filming. It’s because the audience can tell the difference between the actor and a stunt double.”

Future Family Outlook

While Kenneth continues to work hard in his career, his future family life is at the top of his mind, “To take care of another family, I have to be mindful of spending money. I used to like watches and cars and just a few years ago, I would buy them no matter how expensive they were. Now, I won’t buy them anymore. I would rather save money because weddings are expensive.”

As for their family plans, Kenneth revealed that Roxanne will be watching over her health in hopes of creating a family. Kenneth doesn’t want Roxanne to work late nights and will let Roxanne manage the family’s finances. As a result, Kenneth has agreed to spending a small allowance every month so Roxanne can have a comfortable life.

Source: HK On CC

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  1. I am so confused when people say this. Did you not respect the relationship you had before you got married on paper? Is that why you filmed more intimate scenes?

    1. What you said reminds me of what one of my friends told me. She said that if you are still just boyfriend and girlfriend then you still have a choice but once you are married, it is more serious and no one should come between you and your spouse. Maybe they were thinking that too?

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