Kenneth Ma’s Popularity Increases After “Lord of Shanghai”


Since appearing in TVB drama Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>, Kenneth Ma‘s (馬國明) popularity has risen, and his number of engagements has increased. At a recent promotional event for a shopping mall, Kenneth mentioned his next engagement in Macau would be paying him double his usual rate. Kenneth laughed and said that he hoped for more of these engagements.

As there were children performing at the event for the shopping mall, Kenneth remarked, “It’s such a delight to watch all the little kids perform. I really like kids and would love to have some of my own. I don’t mind if it’s a boy or a girl. I currently only have nephews.”

On the lack of detail in a recent episode featuring a rape scene that involved Natalie Tong‘s (唐詩詠) character, Kenneth laughed and said that while he understood the audience’s desire to see more, they were subject to television censorship regulations and had to produce family-friendly content. He said, “This drama isn’t selling sex. Its focus is on the rivalry between men in triads, so there are few gratuitous sexual scenes.”

On Anthony Wong‘s (黃秋生) controversial Shanghainese accent in the drama, Kenneth revealed that the production team deliberately picked a voice actor whose voice was similar to Anthony’s to do the dubbing. As for why Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Kent Tong (湯鎮葉) played their characters’ younger selves, but Anthony’s younger self was played by Kenneth, he explained, “Well, the version of the character I play is a dozen years younger than the version played by Anthony. I had my doubts initially, but this was what the company decided on, so I thought, nevermind!”

Kenneth also commented on the tragic events that recently took place in Paris, “I hope it will never happen again. Hoping for world peace!”


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  1. It doesn’t tally. It means Kent has been with his mistress for a decade? Myolie is how old? Anyway forget abt the whole consistency thing. Alice’s character is very intriguing and Kenneth didn’t suck and the voice is like his except better. It does sound like Kenneth but less sharp.

    1. @funnlim I think there is around a ten year gap between the two timelines. Myolie was in her late teens at the start so I guess she is she is in her late twenties or early twenties. And yes, Kent has been with the same mistress, Jess, for all that time.

      Seriously, I think Kenneth is quite efficient as the younger version of Kiu Ngo Tin. And he actually matches well with Alice. I think TVB originally wanted to use Anthony as a selling point, then either Anthony got too busy or expensive to film all the episodes.

      Wayne and Kent’s characters are more than a decade older than Kenneth so I sort of get it that they don’t change the actors for the second timeline. But they should have really changed the actress for Myolie when Siu Lau got older. She looks really incompatible with Anthony who actually matches quite well with Louisa.

      So far, I think Alice Chan is the most interesting character of them all and this is the best role that she has got since she moved to ATV.

      1. @elizabeth Myolie should have been played by anor actress when younger. When older she can play that character.

        I think decisions were made about Kenneth’s appearance. It is to show the wide difference in age between he and his 2 older “brothers”. Problem is Anthony looks way older then them 2 later on. So my guess is the last scene when his chubby friend left him, poor Tin was so overworked, traumatised and alone, his face changed overnight. So did his accent which became heavier.

        Kenneth was I suppose servicable. But that man really looks good in those Chinese dress thing. Reminds me of AFOS. Almost elegant and regal. Just don’t pout!

  2. I’m curious to know what are the ratings. Hovering around 26 points? If so, I consider it a failure since this drama boasts a big cast and expensive location shooting. It seems to be unpopular in Malaysia since it isn’t even in the top 3 dramas in any week of the polling. Anthony and Wayne are obviously not well regarded in malaysia as compared to HK where they are practically put on a pedestal and worshipped. They’re not even placed anywhere in fave character category lol!

    1. @isay I’m not very sure about situation in Malaysia. But it might because Anthony or Wayne might not be attending the award so lesser people voted for them. People usually vote for artist that are attending…

      1. @alien hmm i can’t agree with that. Those in the top 3 for BA didn’t go to “pull votes ” either. Wayne as far as i remember has not won any astro awards even for fave character in the last 2 years. To not even make it for fave character which has 15 awards in this category shows that audience doesn’t fancy them at all.

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