Kenny Wee Abused Godfather Charles Heung’s Influence?

Godfather Charles Heung (向華強) is ready to severe ties with Kenny Wee (黃浩), who is accused of abusing the film producer’s influence to wreak havoc in the entertainment industry.

Restaurateur Kenny Wee has been brazen in his insinuation that Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) and Josie Ho (何超儀) took drugs at his restaurant, charges against Eric Tsang (曾志偉) for physical assault, and litigation against Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) for defamation. Kenny’s antics have not only angered various Hong Kong celebrities, in which he was subsequently called a “crap-eating dog” and “locust“, but also sparked the ire of his godfather, Charles Heung, the founder of China Star Entertainment Group.

Earlier, tabloids reported that Kenny was backed by a Hong Kong tycoon, with bottomless pockets, in his litigation pursuits. Charles Heung’s wife, Mrs. Heung, dashed such rumors when she revealed that her husband has been annoyed with Kenny’s month-long antics and is ready to cut off their connection at any time. Mrs. Heung instead publicly supported Eric Tsang, for his kind-hearted nature.

Mrs. Heung’s public admonishment of Kenny was speculated to be due to her son, Jacky Heung’s (向佐) good friendship with Eason Chan (陳奕迅), husband of Hilary Tsui. Furthermore, Oscar Leung’s girlfriend, Tina, also works for the Heung’s company, as Cherie Ying’s (應采兒) personal assistant.

Perhaps with the Heungs’ intervention, Kenny may finally halt his litigation efforts and allow the involved artists to breathe more easily over the New Year festivities.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Earlier, when Oscar was responding to questions on Kenny Wee’s defamation lawsuit against him, Oscar told the story of the locust, who was gobbled up by Batman in the end. I wondered who he was alluding to at the time, as Oscar appeared confident despite the lawsuit.

    It turns out that Batman may be Charles Heung, whose involvement will likely silence Kenny Wee’s accusations.

    Is the Kenny Wee drama finally drawing to a close?

    1. lol, I doubt it. I’m just waiting for Kenny to sue the next celeb.

    2. Saw one interview with Oscar. He said he need to be more clever or something like that. Quite remorse tone.

      1. haha, u believe him? oscar kelefe being an actor? think he is only after $$$ from advertisers, i for one won’t support him that is to watch his shows or buy any products he is advertising for, by the way, there is no posting him apologising to kenny wee

    1. i know, sometimes i feel like he is not a celeb, why would he crave this kind of attention since he does have restaurant and he seeks the media attention like this. he might be telling the truth, but the shorty super host dude n others are in the business, some might very well be doing drugs but since alot of them can be friends as celebs wise, they might be covering for each other.

  2. don’t forget that the type of person who is in good with both the Heungs and the Hos = Callie Kwon. It’s birds of a feather and Kenny Wee’s behavior and especially his treatment by these hyenas indicates he is not part of the same team. he is alone in the woods with his family – so all he can hope for is HK Police

    1. Well, just hope the Police chief is not having high teas with these guys.

    2. charles heung wah keung is one of hongkong’s most successful presenters/ producers, and probably one of the most controversial due to his family’s triad background, watched him as supporting actor in ‘god of gamblers’ and didn’t like it, could actually feel the dark side of him.. hehe

    3. Cally Kwong Mei-wan? WHY?

      While I always felt she was either kept or backed by some powerful figure (not her current beau) …. what is her connection HERE, in this case?

      Bec Cally is pal-ly and hangs out with Eric Tsang?

      I have always felt all that altruistic Buddhist charity and her preferred choice of names for her dogs (Euro, Cash) do NOT quite add up in the overall picture.

      Tnough I DO see why Charles Heung is withdrawing support (or ‘perceived’ support, on the part of Kenny) …. the Heungs aren’t exactly on the same level of playing field as the Hos.

      1. there’s a weird interconnectedness around the third parties attacking Kenny Wee preventing this matter from dying down – they include some celeb manageress who got a junket permission from Stanley Ho himself and Callie Kwon is a thread who insists on being in the spotlight that if you track her from the time she began consorting with Christopher Ho – and now entangled with a Henderson exec indicates how Stanley Ho has never released the Henderson family from his realm of influence – it’s all very nefarious – Callie was unsuccessful in getting leverage on Steve Wynn but having someone in Henderson must be keeping Michelle Reis in-laws awake at night because remember that Callie Kwon’s first fiance’s family have always endured a long friendly relationship with her even though they blocked her marriage to their son – there is something ominous about how Callie went after rich families when she was just 19 years old – she adheres to them socially and always has – just another golddigger, right? What if it’s something worse – because why else was that family so afraid of offending her? She gives away very weird hints in her interviews including telling Steven Chan that she is ever such good friends with a Mrs. Heung – there’s just so much coming out of her that would make any Chinese business person wary nevermind married women.

      2. Callie Kwon = 鄺美雲 maybe? I just remember her from Kindred Spirit or a few of her songs.

  3. I don’t care who wins the lawsuits. I just hope there is absolute JUSTICE in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Police will do their work.

  4. Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Kenny better not piss off Long 5 (Charles’s character in the “God of Gamblers” series)! On screen and off screen, Charles Heung is not one to be taken easily!

    This story is getting ridiculous with all the people slowly being drawn in!

  5. charles heung’s acting was not that good, he’s not famous for acting like chow yuen fatt or jacky chan, just got luckcy cos lots of actors worked for him including andy lau, actually everyone works for him except jackie chan, he is mostly probably trying to save his own bis

  6. Don’t give up Kenny I support you 100% mentally, haha.

    Guess Kenny needs the support from “god of gambler” himself since Charles is only his subordinate. Backup plan get Sing Jeh, LOL

  7. wrong tittle.. ‘kenny wee abused godfather charles heung’s influence?’ cos not many ppl know that kenny wee is charles heung’s godson, and if so, why did eric midget slapped kenny wee? eric tsang did not give face to kenny wee’s godfather, charles heung then, also the magnificient 5 should have given face to charles heung, instead of taking drugs at kenny wee’s reataurant

    1. The ‘Magnificant 5’ has Josie Ho as a member – that gives them enough clout to call the shots …. Charles Heung backing or not.

    1. if Kenny Wee was actually doing something wrong and causing so much hysteria – there would be a reaction responding to that – but that’s not at all how this situation is playing out

      1. At the same time, if Kenny Wee spoke the truth and there is a tape, won’t the police have already taken the “famous 5” in for questioning, etc?
        We saw how fast they act on the assault case. Won’t it be the same for an even worse crime?
        And being a liar, at least to the public isn’t really a crime unless he’s a president and took an oath to speak the truth. For all we know, his public statement and the statement he gave to the police might have been different, and thus the police cannot charge him with obstruction of justice.

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