Cherie Ying Reveals Jordan Chan’s Soft Side

Perhaps one of the most oddly dynamic couple in Hong Kong entertainment, Jordan Chan (陳小春 ) and Cherie Ying (應采兒) defied the odds and have already been married for eight years and have an adorable son together, named Jasper.

Because of the couple’s 16-year age difference, Cherie’s parents initially were not fond of the relationship. When Jordan first met Cherie’s father, he called him “Uncle,” to which Cherie’s father said, “Hold it! Don’t call me uncle! I’m only older than you by six years.”

Due to Jordans’ memorable role as Chicken in the classic Young and Dangerous <古惑仔> film franchise, he gives off the impression of being cold and aloof and is known for his bad temper, which is the complete opposite of his energetic and friendly wife.

In an interview recently, Cherie candidly exposed Jordan’s emotional side and his tendency to cry. Recalling Jordan’s surprise marriage proposal, Cherie shared that Jordan brought along 30 friends and came into her house on the night of her birthday. Right when he entered her home, he got on one knee and silently held open a ring box. Though his friends urged him to speak, Jordan was too emotional and could not stop crying. Seeing that Jordan was unable to form a single proper sentence, Cherie’s father stepped in and joked, “Alright, I’ll marry you then!” Finally, Jordan took a deep breath and said through tears, “You already know what I came here to say… will you marry me?”

When the couple announced their marriage decision to Cherie’s father, his only reply to Jordan was, “Take care,” as he knew his sassy daughter is not easy to handle.

Eight years ago, the couple got married on Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas. When Cherie arrived at the wedding ceremony, she could not contain her nerves. “My heart was beating so fast that I could not put on my wedding dress. I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to throw up.” Standing beside her, Jordan appeared relaxed and was sipping champagne. He casually teased, “Is it really that serious?” However, when they got in the car, it was Jordan’s turn to become very nervous. When it came time for the couple to read their vows, Jordan again cried so hard that he could not speak.

Source: Ettoday

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