Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying Welcome Second Child

At the end of 2019, Jordan Chan (陳小春) announced that he and his wife, Cherie Ying (應采兒), were expecting their second child. Cherie recently gave birth, but the couple did not reveal any photos or the gender of the baby.

Sharing a family photo which was taken during her pregnancy, Cherrie wrote, “A family of four. Blessed.” Welcoming his new child, Jordan thanked the couple’s family, friends, and fans for their blessings and well wishes. He especially shared his thanks to his wife and wrote, “Thank you for the hard work, my queen. Mothers are so selfless.”

In an earlier interview, Cherie revealed that the couple intended to have another child. However, their first child, Jasper, was afraid that a new sibling would divide his parent’s attention and he would have to share his toys. It was only until Jasper finally gave his thumbs up that the couple began making plans for a new baby. Jasper is now promoted to older brother!

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  1. Congratulations to them! But they really weren’t going to have another child until their son gave them permission to, they are definitely spoiling him

    1. @hbc1 My partner and I did the same. I don’t think it means we’re spoiling our child, we respect his decision as part of our family. I can recall when we asked him whether he wants a baby sis or bro he will reply with ‘I am baby’. Until he was 4 when he wanted to take home his cute baby cousin and cried when his aunt obviously did not allow. He came home and told us he wants a baby, but must be a sister. Thankfully we were able to give him one. It was a cute and sweet memory for us.
      Growing up, if he ever complains about his sister taking his toys or not listening to him we can always tell him he wanted his sister so has a hand in teaching her correct ways. Other than normal sibling bickerings, they both have a close relationship until now.
      As parents we can only try to do our best our way. Others are entitled to their opinions but ultimately, we are responsible for our own children.

      1. @bizzybody
        It is respecting the child to a certain extent but it’s ultimately the parents choice whether they want to have another child or not. Also I don’t think they would wait so long to have another child if Jasper was a girl, they would be eagerly “chasing” for a son

      2. @hbc1 not sure how true that is…Jordan Chan has been aiming for a girl since the very beginning. I think he appreciates the idea of a daughter more than a son.

  2. I like them, I watched Jasper and Jordan in Dad, Where are We Going? Jasper is so sweet and well behave child

  3. I wonder when they first had Jasper did they announce the gender since these one is so private. Well sometimes accidentally will happen you can’t say oh my first child is not ready to become a big brother or big sister yet right? Plus the kid are still young and still needs alots to learn so I’m sure it’s the parents choice whether they’re ready to have another child yet.

  4. Congrats to the couple. I know Jordan and Cherrie wanted a girl, but fate has other plans. Nevertheless I’m sure the new baby will be just as adorable, sweet and lovely as his brother.

  5. He’s a cute handsome boy. He got good genes from both of his parents

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