Jordan Chan Wins “Call Me By Fire”

Generating plenty of online buzz since premier with its star cast of 33 male celebrities including actors, singers and rappers, reality show Call Me By Fire <披荊斬棘的哥哥> aired its finale on October 29, announcing the winning line-up of 17 stars!

Winning Contestants

The male version of Sisters Who Make Waves <乘風破浪的姐姐>, the reality talent show saw celebrities above 30 – the likes of singers Jordan Chan (陳小春), Terry Lin Zhixuan (林志炫) and former F4 member Jerry Yen (言承旭) compete for a chance to be part of a seventeen-member boy group. After rounds of elimination, 54-year-old Jordan was placed first with a score of 303.66, followed by Li Chengxuan (李承鉉), Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Qi Zhang (張淇), Jerry Yen, Paul Wong (黃貫中), Zhang Jin (張晉), Terry Lin, MC Hotdog (熱狗), Jin Au-Yeung (歐陽靖), Vincent Zhao (趙文卓), Liu Jia (劉迦), GAI (周延), Gao Hanyu (高瀚宇), Michael Tse (謝天華), Pax Congo (白舉綱) and Leon Zhang (張雲龍).

Cherrie and Jordan’s Amusing Interactions

As he went on stage to deliver his thank you speech, cameras panned to Jordan’s wife and actress Cherrie Ying (應采兒), who dramatically gestured to remind her husband to thank her, much to the audience’s amusement. Enjoying a popularity boost from the show, Jordan started by chatting about his emotional journey on the show, and politely thanked the crew along with his family towards the end of his speech. “Thanks to my wife, thanks to my two sons at home, and thanks to all behind the scenes and onstage who have contributed towards Call Me By Fire.” Hearing this, Cherrie revealed a satisfied smile and blew an air-kiss towards the screen. The couple, who are 16 years apart, had delighted viewers with their hilarious and genuine interactions throughout the show.

Source: ET Today

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  1. It’s pretty obvious in the beginning that he’ll win at the end. Jordon and Chilam consistently had the most votes. I was surprised where they break up his team and separate them into 2 groups.

  2. Ehh this is def more of a popularity contest than actual talent. I am a fan of Jordan Chan and I have been a fan since Duke of Mt Deer. I think he’s overall very well rounded as an entertainer, but if we’re going by charisma and actual talent, Li Chengxuan (who incidentally I have also been a fan of since he debuted in China and HK), should get number one. I didn’t watch the show, but going by my understanding of MC Jin also, he should also be positioned higher. One of my favs as well

  3. never saw this show yet, does it mean all the winners will release some songs as a temporarily group?

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