Cherrie Ying’s Strict Parenting Wins Praise

Cherrie trained her son Jasper to wash his own underwear from a young age.

Jordan Chan (陳小春), Cherrie Ying (應采兒), and their 7-year-old son Jasper appeared on a recent episode of Chinese variety program Welcome New Life 2 <新生日記2>, sharing their everyday family moments. Revealing her educational philosophy for Jasper, Cherrie called herself a “Tiger mom” and stressed that she would not blindly spoil her son.

“No Need to Like Me Too Much”

Although Cherrie gave Jasper the freedom to choose his interest and passion, she makes sure that he follows through with his pursuits. When Jasper chose to play the violin, Cherrie said, “I said, ‘You can’t stop learning since you made your choice.’ He will definitely meet a bottleneck or feel like giving up when he gets lazy. During such times, he needs Mommy’s motivation.”

Asked if she would worry that Jasper and her younger son HoHo would dislike her, Cherrie swiftly shook her head and replied, “It’s normal to dislike me. I don’t dislike my mother as she didn’t pressure me– that’s why I turned out like now. There’s no need to like me too much.”

Trying, Not succeeding, Is What Matters

Sharing her philosophy on education, Cherrie said, “Need to let the little kids know that not everything can be done well at once. If you don’t do well, you must take time to practice. Even if the results aren’t perfect, it doesn’t matter as you have at least tried.”

After the episode was aired, Cherrie’s parenting style won praise from netizens, who left comments like “This is the right way to teach kids” and “Being a little stricter now is giving him the future.” They complimented her method of giving Jasper a choice while not over-indulging him, at the same time inculcating in him the importance of not giving up easily.

On another variety program Chilren’s Talk 2 <童言有計2>, Cherrie had also shared that she had allowed Jasper to help with the household chores since he was young, and trained him to wash his own underwear as she hopes to cultivate his self-reliance.

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