Hong Kong Artistes Face Backlash From Social Selling in China

The trend of live selling on social media platforms is becoming increasingly popular in China. These lucrative income streams caught the attention of top Hong Kong artistes, who are eager to increase their social following and take a piece of the live selling. However, many celebrities are facing backlash due their insincerity and questionable products that are being sold.

Aside from being busy with variety shows and filming, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) became more active on social media platform, Douyin. Recently posting a video of her and two backups dancing, Charmaine drew laughter and praises from the Mainland audience, who were eager to give her video a quick like. The video circulated on Facebook and when it reached Hong Kong netizens, many were disappointed to see Charmaine taking part in these new social media antics to gain more followers.

While Charmaine received some mockery for her dancing, Hong Kong netizens were extremely disappointed in three-time TV King winner Gallen Lo (羅嘉良). Once a household name in Hong Kong due his dramas, Gallen’s acting career in China hit a bump in recent years. Previously never having a big presence on social media, Gallen was recently seen teaming up with a highly popular Douyin channel to promote himself. Netizens left comments calling Gallen’s videos tacky and over-the-top.

Dressing up as a woman in his social selling event for alcohol, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) received laughter and mockery from viewers despite earning 14 million Chinese yuan in sales. Eric also received various complaints from buyers who claimed that the actor-host was selling fake wine. Luckily, the production company was quick to come to Eric’s defense, and clarified that all the alcohol was authentic and would take legal action against the accusers.

Similarly, Jordan Chan (陳小春) received backlash for the questionable products advertised during his social selling event. In his video, Jordan was promoting a mini gold bar for CNY 9.9 and advertised a free autographed photo of himself for all buyers. When buyers received the product, they were outraged the mini gold bar was only a piece of gold-colored plastic, and the autographed photo were mere copies and not personally hand signed.

Source: Weekend Weekly

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. First, does anyone think the title of “3 time TV King” for TVB means anything in the real world?

    1. @seriously
      3 time TVB king might not mean a thing but the character in ‘At the Threshold of an Era’ might still be of some value. China like to reminisce in past great HK character performances…

    1. @conan2209 bowing to the Chinese? LOL aren’t HKers also “Chinese” even of if they don’t identity as one? They ain’t white that’s for sure.

      1. @karina Hong Kong is part of China, that’s without a doubt. Perhaps I did not express myself well earlier and thus it got interpreted as a comment with political intent.

        anyone and everyone has a views on all matters. We can choose not to voice our opinions, we can choose to agree or disagree. However, does it necessarily mean that a naysayers can only be wrong?

  2. Seems like HK netizens need to get a life if they can be offended by this. There’s nothing wrong in increasing their fan base via social media, which is the norm now due to restrictions from the pandemic and it seems to be working.

    1. @sol365
      Although I really think that Douyin is real dumb, I understand why people are using it, especially celebrities. The world has become social media. There is more financial interest in being popular and more subscribed/liked than be actually show talent on TV. If not follow others in expanding in social media then will be overtaken by others who do….

      1. @jimmyszeto
        it’s like how i never understood the deal w/ twitter. i think it’s stupid all this social media nonsense is but then supporter might just argue that i am simply too old to get into the hype.

  3. they all look like clowns now for the China market… this is only little sacrifice of embarrassment to gain more followers and potential income.

  4. Only the yellow ribbon HKers are complaining because they hate anything that has to do with China.

    1. @jetmasters
      i doubt that this is w/ HKers only. I recall Ceceilia and Gallen were the first ones to get on the ship and they were heavily criticized by netizens. my impression was that not all netizens were from HK

      1. @m0m0 Every HK artists promoting in China gets backlash from these people, including Kpop star, Jackson Wang. It doesn’t matter what the artsits do. Not all yellow ribbon resides in HK. Plenty of yellow ribbons in LA, even in my sister’s church group.

      2. @jetmasters
        i don’t know for sure if each and every single one got criticized. even if they did, it’s be obnoxious to think that every single or a majority is doing that. there are criticisms w/ any decision, the voice of a few could be very loud on social media. the criticisms of hk celebs using touyin do not appear to be poilitical motivated. many people, celeb or not, use touyin, it’s how they are using it that people are criticizing – for selling.

      3. @m0m0 A lot of hate online is politically motivated. Non politically criticisms comes from mostly haters. Average person wouldn’t really care about such trivial matter.

  5. I downloaded TikTok and can completely understand the appeal. It’s like instagram/youtube, but on fire. I’m not sure it really does anything for celebrities, because they’re already famous to begin with, and the clips on it are so fleeting. But I suppose if they have anything really viral, they will gain a strong foothold really fast.

  6. Meanwhile, Gloria Yip’s been streaming live on 17 and she hasn’t sold a thing. She’s such a darling.

  7. I think this is the reality of today’s world. Tiktok/Douyin is here to stay and people need to get over it. I don’t get the appeal either but hey I can see why Zoomers like it. Technology is only going to keep advancing

  8. I understand why these apps are popular but I find it embarrassing that they’re acting like clowns on these apps. I guess that’s what is attractive in the mainlander market? LMAO.

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