Netizens Complain About Eric Tsang’s Social Selling

Eric Tsang (曾志偉) has recently debuted his first live media social broadcast to sell wine, and while the initial turnout was greater than expected, many netizens are filing in their complaints about the products they’ve received.

Collaborating with Chinese broadcaster Si Wenjia (司雯嘉), Eric’s first live broadcast lasted over 4.5 hours, and earned over 14.4 million yuan in sales revenue. According to what was promised on the broadcast, buyers would get a free bottle of wine worth 300 yuan if they purchased their endorsed brand of alcohol.

Perhaps the nerves had taken over Eric, but during the broadcast, he mistakenly said buyers would get two free bottles of wine with each purchase. Many buyers also submitted complaints of receiving unpackaged alcohol, receiving only one free bottle of Wuliangye after purchasing three, or receiving an entirely different bottle of alcohol. Some buyers have requested for a refund.

Eric had apologized for the mishap and said he’ll subsidize the faulty shipments. He additionally sent out over 12,800 bottles of alcohol to the buyers as an apology.


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