Gillian Chung Surprises With Dowdy Image in Live Selling Session

Returning to work after her forehead injury in a hotel room last month, Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) appeared in a live selling session over popular social media app, Xiaohongshu. While some fans were happy to see Gillian recovered and working again, many netizens criticized the star’s dowdy image.

Normally dressed in stylish clothes with glamorous makeup, the 39-year-old surprisingly appeared in a shapeless t-shirt and short bob that quickly aged her. Although Gillian’s complexion looked great and she was in decent spirits after her accident, her face was rounder, and her physique was more plump than usual. Besides her dowdy appearance, Gillian was also very rigid and awkward during the live sell and kept looking to the side, evidently reading from a script.

Netizens were shocked by Gillian’s new look and were quick to leave comments on how she looked more like a housewife rather than a celebrity. She was also criticized for trying too hard sell to the audience. Many hoped that Gillian would recommend items she actually used instead of advertising products that are not part of her regular routine. Many netizens were disappointed in the actress’ live selling event, as she came off as not genuine.

Source: HK01

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  1. too dull, they say it’s ungenuine, too glossy, it’s ungenuine. these people are just too cruel and difficult. she’s 40 give her a break! i think with a wig and a change of clothes, shded instantly transforms into a beautiful muse. just let her have her da ma moment for a little bit.

  2. Haha so funny
    That hairstyle is really difficult to pull off, Gillian already pulling it off pretty well.
    It’s pretty hot in HK right now, short hair is practical

  3. Gillian hasn’t been a fashionista for a long time. Whoever is her image consultant should’ve been fired.

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