Kevin Cheng Caught Between Niki Chow and Christine Kuo?

Is Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) torn in choosing between two women? Tabloids claim that 42-year-old Kevin Cheng may have rekindled his former romance with 32-year-old Niki Chow (周麗淇), while sparking new chemistry with Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭 II> costar, 29-year-old Christine Kuo (苟芸慧)!

Kevin and Niki’s Romantic Fate Rekindled?

After filming TVB drama, Hard Fate <翡翠戀曲> in 2004, Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow started dating. They kept their relationship underground until breaking up in 2008. Although rumors claimed that Kevin had fallen for Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) at the time, Kevin clarified that he would only start a new relationship after ending an old one. He had implied that he was not the type of man to be dating two women at the same time.

Four years later, Kevin is once again caught in an unclear love triangle with two women.  At Toby Leung’s <梁靖琪> wedding in December 2011, Kevin and Niki ran into each other once again. Although Niki was rumored to be upset at Kevin since their breakup, the meeting at Toby’s wedding settled their differences and rekindled their mutual feelings.

Although dating textile company heir, Eric Cheuk, for two years before breaking up last year, Niki reportedly still loved Kevin and was unable to forget him. Each time that Niki was in Shanghai or Hengdian, she allegedly sought Kevin out.

In February, when Niki was asked whether there was possibility in reconciling with Kevin, she responded, “Why don’t you ask him? It is better to pass the ball back to him!” In May, when Niki was asked whether she was afraid of running into Kevin again, she said, “Rumors have existed for a long time. I don’t mind!”

Sharp-eyed netizens found “evidence” in Kevin and Niki’s reconciliation. A photo of Kevin eating at a cafe in Hong Kong circulated last week. At the same time, there was a photo of Niki eating at the same restaurant and even at the same table! It widely speculated that they had shared a recent dinner date.

Kevin and Niki were also spotted wearing matching “lovers” accessories, including the same straw hat and pair of glass frames. Niki wore her new glasses as early as April, in which she reportedly stated that she purchased the glasses in Japan; the frames were part of a collection with matching designs for couples! Was it a coincidence that Kevin happened to have the same pair of glasses as Niki?

Kevin Cheng Also Likes Christine Kuo?

While filming Ghetto Justice 2 in October 2011, Kevin Cheng was rumored to be interested in Christine Kuo. Portraying his ex-wife in the drama, Christine and Kevin shared intimate kissing scenes. Kevin often engaged Christine in conversation and even took many photos of themselves together during filming breaks. Since last year, it was reported that Kevin possessed very good feelings towards Christine and often guided her through their scenes together.

At the cast dinner for the premiere episode of Ghetto Justice 2, Kevin reportedly kept his eyes on Christine all night, even accepting drinks for Christine when costars offered her alcohol. The pair allegedly kept their relationship underground because they did not  wish to deal with public pressure.

Niki Chow Refuses to Answer

It was reported that Niki was nonchalant towards Kevin and Christine’s involvement and continued to seek Kevin out. At the costume fitting for new TVB drama, A Good Heart Goes Haywire <好心作怪>, Niki once again refused to comment directly regarding rumors that she and Christine Kuo were fighting for Kevin’s love.

Niki said, “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask the people involved?” Prompted that she is one of the people involved in the rumored love triangle, Niki said, “I don’t know when such rumors circulated. I have no comment. I will only focus on work! I cannot keep up with such news!”

Niki also denied rumors claiming that she and Kevin had met up in mainland China earlier.

Refusing to comment on whether Kevin and Christine made a compatible pair, Niki only said, “Perhaps everyone knows I am single. Without anyone right now, such rumors will surface. I have no control over such things, so I will not pay attention!”

When prompted that many people hoped to see Kevin and Niki reconcile their romance, Niki said, “Hmm…I do not know what to say!”

Christine Kuo Sends Blessings

Appearing at a promotional event today, Christine Kuo indicated that she did not know that Kevin and Niki had reconciled their relationship. Instead of feeling jealous, Christine said that she will send her blessings to the couple if they were indeed back together.

Christine said that she did not pay attention to such news reports and will only focus on her work. When pointed out that Kevin treated her especially well during the filming of Ghetto Justice 2, Christine replied, “He is very fair; he treats men and women in the same manner.”

Asked if she and Kevin will have additional advancement opportunities, Christine said that Kevin had no time and she will only focus on her work. Their romantic developments were only restricted to the screen and they did not remain in touch privately.

Source:, Oriental Daily, Ming Pao; Oriental Daily

This article was updated on August 13, 2012 at 5:12 PM to reflect additional details of Niki Chow’s response regarding reconciliation rumors with Kevin Cheng.

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    1. Funn,
      Matching glass frames, matching hats, and even dining at the same restaurant, same table? Too much of a coincidence. I do think that Kevin may be back together with Niki.

      It would have been easy enough for Niki to say that she is not involved with Kevin. As often is the case, what the artists do not say tend to speak volumes.

      I’m happy for Kevin and Niki if this is the case. He did say if he were to date, he’s interested in marriage. 🙂

      1. But why Niki? He dumped you! He hurt you. He shredded your heart into tiny cubes and made sweet and sour “heart” with it. Why? WHY?!

        So Christine is a diversion? That after all the hoo ha he is back to square one? What a huge roundabout. Imagine if rumours is to be believed, between separation and reconciliation, for every 1 guy she has been with, reputedly he has been with 5 women.

      2. Funn,
        Niki appeared quite upset when she broke up with Kevin. Even her sister, Kathy Chow, did not have good things to say about him afterward.

        Maybe it took 4 years and Toby Leung’s wedding to sort through differences. That was the initial press claim that at Toby’s wedding in December, Niki and Kevin chatted and linked together again. But then everyone got distracted that Kevin may have gotten together with Charmaine.

        If Kevin had indeed dated 5 women over 4 years, that’s not too many women. Jenny Tsui is the only confirmed one to be photographed at his house though.

        No wonder Kevin has been so strong in denying all his current romantic rumors with Annie Liu, Ying Er, etc. I do sense that his strong responses indicate that he may already be seeing someone and the constant talk about looking for wife…seems Kevin may be thinking about marriage soon.

      3. Funn,
        When Kevin and Christine filmed “Ghetto Justice 2” in October 2011, she was still dating Joey Law. However, Kevin apparently treated her very nicely on the set.

        I think Kevin’s rumors with Niki are likely more possible. The black boxy glasses would be too much if they are coincidence. Kevin is wearing these glasses as if they are his favorite pair at recent events. 🙂

      4. Hi. just curios.. is Nikki CHow’s sister, Cathy Chow, aka Chow Hoi Mei, the ex TVB actress??

      5. Kevin did dump her??? How do we know that for sure??

      6. The glasses might be the same but the hats are not. And lots of people wear fedoras – esp. celebs, so IDK how they are “matching hats”.

        I don’t get why she would take him back and it doesn’t really seem like he has missed her, with all his rumoured flings. But then, I’m one of those who think if you break up, you should break up for real and not look back. If there really were any residual feelings, they should have tried harder to make it work back then.

      7. Honestly, we as an audience do not know what truly happened for sure. We can only guess and speculate so who knows if he dumped her back then?? Maybe that was not the case so she is giving him another chance??? But who really knows and let’s see if time will tell or not??

      8. The restaurant part is strange. There are photos of Kevin eating at said restaurant and the same table and photos of Nikki eating at said restaurant and the same table, but, not photo of them eating together?

        Same table, same restaurant can be different day.

      9. Hey Jayne,
        I read somewhere that Bosco found a new girlfriend? (Or rumoured)…
        MInd keeping us up with that? THANK YOU!!!

      10. Anyone seen the restaurant photos? Are they Weibo pics Kevin and niki posted separately? If so, then that is suspicious.

      11. thanks Jayne.. for the info n the links and photo of her sis… I have to vote tat nikki is the prettier one….. 😉

    2. i prefer Kevin with Nikki but if i am Nikki, i will not him back if rumors are true with Kevin and Charmaine.

  1. Isn’t Christie is dating the actor that acting in the Come Home Love drama-Chee Yan??
    I remember reading that news at jaynestars b4 >.<

  2. I really hope that kevin and Niki will get back together

  3. Very happy for Niki and Kevin if they are indeed back together. I always thought they made a great couple.

  4. I really liked Kevin and Niki as an on-screen couple, I liked their off-screen interactions too. So I’m happy for them if it is true.

  5. let’s make a series about this article!!!! its so interesting!

    1. Plot:

      Niki and KC were an underground pair for many years although everybody knew they are dating. However Charmaine and KC met and fell for each other. They get caught dating which made Niki upset and later Niki and KC broke up. Niki’s sister was greatly upset at KC.

      KC and Charmaine dated for a while but their relationship didn’t work out so they decided to be done and over. Niki got introduced to other dates to get over KC and she managed to date Eric Cheuk, however it only lasts 2 years. KC meanwhile get around some mainland costars but none seem to satisfy his interests.

      When they met each other again at Toby’s wedding, Niki found herself not hating KC anymore and still has residual love for him, and KC also felt old sparks coming, the story continued from here and more heated up with the newly appearance of Christine Kuo!

      1. Wow, good plot summary Vivien! I think TVB needs more ideas for new plot summaries because a lot of their series lately have had very bad plot lines.

      2. Ohh now I really get to know the real story, maybe I don’t wish for them to get together anymore, I hate men that are cheating.

        But I guess everybody can change..Same for KC

      3. Linnh,
        That was just what we assume based on what we have heard or it is just Vivien being creative so do not think that is truly what happened or are the facts.I do not think anyone truly knows except for them.

      4. That plot is what I summarized from their magazine rumours over the years. There really was a breakout issue of KC and Charmaine hanging out together and Niki-KC breakup did cause a stir between Niki vs KC, Kathy vs KC, and Niki vs TVB/620 LOL. After that KC and Charmaine rumour remain for a long time 😛

      5. I really cannot help disliking Charmaine. After her breakup with Benny, it seems like she has been going after all of her male co-stars. It is alright if your male co-star is single, but it is definitely not okay if they are in relationships – like Kevin and Joe. If the rumours are true, then she is a home wrecker. Is it any surprise that she is not married at her age when all she likes is the thrill of the chase? Apparently she pursued Raymond as well, but he turned her down. Guess she is not plastic enough for her liking.

      6. Once again, we just cannot automatically say that Charmaine is like that since who really knows?? But I sort of get a feeling that she does seem to be enjoy being single and being chased like she just does not want to settle down… That is just the feeling that I get, however, not sure if it is correct or true…

      7. @Jenn

        ‘Apparently’ Charmaine chased after Raymond and he turned her down? Eh, where did you ever read that?

        I believe that Charmaine & Raymond sees each other as hengdai. Raymond said a few times that Charmaine is one of the most comfortable actress he worked with. If there is so-called such romantic tension between them, I doubt Raymond will mention Charmaine.

        Charmaine get along with male co-stars very well like buddies because they are less catty and doesn’t see her as competition. Therefore she is very close to Roger Kwok, Joe Ma & Bobby Au Yeung, Michael Tse and also Evergreen Mak too. Why tabloid has never spread rumor of her with Michael & Evergreen? They often gave her free ride to home after filming. Simple – when Charmaine was filming with them, the guys are not seen as newsworthy to make up stories.

        On a sidenote, it takes two to tango in a relationship. I don’t know what happened btwn KC and Niki, but from the recent examples we had with siusangs, they perceived giving cold shoulder/not calling as form of break up. So yes men can be asses, however pristine they may appear onscreen.

      8. @ HTS

        “But I sort of get a feeling that she does seem to be enjoy being single and being chased like she just does not want to settle down…”

        Didn’t she said more than one time in recent reports that she want to find love now?

      9. ohh ok, now I felt more relax. Good to know it is only rumours.

      10. Apparently she pursued Raymond as well, but he turned her down. Guess she is not plastic enough for her liking.

        Such thing don’t happen. They are friends and might be “brothers” relationship. Their relationship is very good.

        On the other hand, plastic isn’t the requirement for LF’s gf. If not, how can Rain Li and Linda Chung be his ex :P. He likes feminine girls.

  6. good for thm.. though secretly harbouring hopes for kc n charm

    1. me 2. i wonder if both really had feelings for each other before. It just felt different when KC and Charm meets eyes to eyes on-set. I have not seen such great chemistry when KC is with other co-star..

      1. I’ve watched FH2 over and over again b/c of the charvin chemistry. 🙂

  7. niki’s answer sounds weird. she don’t hope to link back with Kevin since after the break up news.Since Toby’s wedding it seems their relationship improve. Kevin did says a few times hope to collaborate with niki again. Hope the days coming soon! looking forward for their new drama! I would say a perfect match for Kevin and Niki pairing up back!

    1. Niki’s answer sounds like there’s something going on. If there’s nothing she will just say NO.

      1. Maybe she doesn’t want to rule out the possibility. If niki took Kevin back after he dumped her so many yrs ago, then she must really, really love him. Especially since her sister Kathy would probably try to talk her out of it.

  8. They look good together but he’s a cheater so…NO even tho i like him as an actor.

    1. I wonder why everyone just automatically assumes that Kevin cheated just because they broke up??

      1. People believe the tabloids that said Charmaine is the 3rd party LOL.

        There’s a formula

        guy breakup with popular fadan with many fans = guy a cheater
        guy breakup and caught two timing plastic boobies = plastic boobies is a b-tch

      2. I read that Kevin cheated on Niki continuously throughout the relationship, but of course I don’t know if it is true or not!

      3. Somehow I hope they would get back together though! They look pretty good together. Niki has a really clean image/ good looks and IMHO Kevin is the best looking actor (with no plastic surgery done yet) in TVB at the moment.

      4. If Niki is willing to give him a chance, then maybe he did not cheat on her as many may think. I can’t think of many women who would be willing to give a guy that has cheated on them a second chance. It does happen, but not often…

      5. The tabloids also mixed Charmaine and Myolie up by using Charmaine’s photo in one of the articles as have seen… That’s the media/paparazzi for you…

      6. If Niki is willing to give him a chance despite him cheated in the past, it only showed that she’s desperate or can’t find another man.

    2. So do you believe KC cheated on Niki with Charmaine? So Charmaine is a third person? How do you know it?

  9. I have a feeling Kevin is secretly dating someone but he deny it, all artiest just want to coverup for their own good.

  10. Just like how i wish Keanu Reeves will end up with Sandra Bullock in real life.. I really wish that Charm and KC will be an item in real life too.. I just cant stress how much Keanu and KC resembles.. mayb it is the way they are acting. I love both actor very much.. charming and addicting at the same time..:P

      1. I don’t think so, just extremely private. Kinda like Louis Koo.

    1. Oh, I remember that one scene in “the lake house” where SB and KR were dancing in the backyard. So romantic… I think to Paul mccartney song.

  11. This piece of juicy news is indeed interesting and provides lots of speculation. I’ve always rooted for Kevin and Charmaine but lately am not so sure. This Kevin really keeps us guessing though I’m quite sure on one thing and that is that he has already got someone in mind. Surely at this late hour he cannot afford to wait for that correct “someone”? May never happen or take a very long time! So, maybe it’s either Charmaine or Niki. Myolie is out though I’d like her to be one of the contenders because he’s a vey loyal friend of Boscoe and would not ‘betray’ him. So, we’ll just have to wait for,and see the much awaited news.

    1. Haven’t been here for a while… haha.

      This is all out of the blue. They say there is smoke without fire, but in this case there is no fire at all.

      Surely, if they are close, they would be friend in their weibos. But they are not. For most of this year, KC is in mainland, and there is hardly any free time. He is very well known nowadays in mainland, and whenever he goes, there will always people who recognise and take his photos. I am not saying that secret rendezvous is not possible, but the possibility is very slim.
      I am still betting on Kevin and Charmaine. The hints is that KC has been saying his future wife must intelligent (meaning high EQ) and even he acknowledged she possesses high EQ. Another sign is that they appeared together as celebrity couple in watch launching event last year. In that event, he strongly supported Charmaine against allegation of her being involved in breakup of marriage of a tycoon. Later, KC appeared in Elaine Cha radio and strongly defended her again and chided the HK media for the false reports. Also, Charmaine is at a stage where she has accomplishment and is willing to settle down and and raise family. I just don’t think Niki is at this stage yet.

      I suspect this piece of rumour is just a publicity gimmick by Niki’s new company to promote her (riding on KC’s fame) , geared towards introducing her to mainland fans.

      1. I am not sure about Kevin and Charmaine… if so, then I think kevin needs to hurry because Charmaine’s biological clock is ticking and it will be harder for her to have kids if they wait any longer.I am sure that Kevin really wants kids and even mentioned about buying a house for his future son. Just because he defends her does not mean that he likes her in that way necessarily. They can just be close friends as well…

      2. Some people might be lazy to update weibo friends. I saw that Myolie still keep Bosco as her weibo friend. She update her weibo 3-4 times a day but maybe lazy to do housekeeping for friend part. So maybe Niki is lazy to add Kevin?

      3. I agree with the publicity part but not KC’s hints. There are a lot of smart women around and you seems to think only Charmaine has high EQ. Also, Boscolie were real couple yet they didn’t follow each other on webos either. Kevin is a gentleman. He would defend any girl not only Charmaine

      4. Bosco and Myolie followed each other on weibo. And they are still following each other.

      5. Just need to check back when is the last time Ms Chow has ‘insider’ tabloid news with Kevin… coincidence with album & series release? Draw painting until intestines come out.

        Well, that’s the price of fame to Kevin.

      6. Btw, Kevin still keep in contact with Charmaine as a friend. Kevin has admitted it a few times in his previous interview, but not after BBJX and GJ. There were a backlash from KC new mainland fans when they are rumored to reconciled because KC started interacting with Charmaine in weibo.

        So maybe they friendship drifted apart. Shrugs.

        But conclusion is, KC and Charmaine lead their own separate lives now and they are at least happy for each other success.

      7. Damn u Kevin! Why must u be so irresistible?!

        Just pick one of the girls and announce it already! Put us out of our misery! I can’t take the guessing game anymore!

        P.s.- I still love u Kevin… happy birthday. 😛

      8. Oh, tomorrow is Kevin’s birthday. Thanks Josie for the hint. 😀

        Anyway, out of curiosity, I check his star sign. He’s a Leo.

      9. If Niki and Christine are really fighting for Kevin, Kevin should try be the man and choose one. Don’t let the two desperate women struggle for long.

      10. Niki and Christine: “ME or HER??!!”

        KC: “Err I pick……………..HER!” Pointing at…..Charmaine LOL 😛

      11. Kevin : “I PICK…. HIM!!”

        Tavia : “You get your dirty hands off my Him!!”

      12. Continue from Fox

        Myolie: OMG! You’re the 3rd party! No wonder out bed scene in GJ2 look like wrestling scene!

        TY on the background

        TY: Himhim is mine! Mine!

  12. So if a couple don’t add each other in weibo, they can’t be dating? Maybe Kevin and Niki don’t want to comment each other in weibo. They want to keep everything to themselves

  13. I must say Christine can’t act and isn’t pretty at all, hate the way she speaks. Kevin is too good for her. I don’t even know why Christine is gaining popularity. Kevin and Nikki should really get back together.

  14. It is unusual that Nikki did not reply with an outright NO, she usually is pretty straight forward. This leaves us room to imagine. Anyway, have always think that Kevin and her has good chemistry. So if they are back together. CONGRATS!!!

    Keep my fingers crossed… 

  15. I think we, audiences never know what’s going on with those celebrities, just know through the eyes of the reporters. However, I truly hope she will not be back together with Kevin, I don’t like him.

    1. Kevin cheated on her with Charmaine. She’s desperate if she wants Kevin back. An independent and modern woman never look back especially if got cheated

      1. Who can resist kevin’s handsomeness and charm? Nikki who is quite average would definitely wanna get back to Kevin in any ways.

      2. If Niki really that desperate Kevin and can forgot his cheating her she’s the same like Joyce. Craving and desperate for love.

      3. I also don’t like how it sounds like Niki and Christine are willing to do everything to ‘win’ Kevin. It makes women sound cheap

      4. I can see you believe in the tabloids 100%. No wonder they can’t go bankrupt!

  16. looks like most ppl here are niki-kevin shippers. me too! let’s see how kevin responds to this.

  17. KC at the age of 42, still can’t have a gf without the curious eyes of the media? Remind me of how I laughed at the news that KC (at the age of 39) and Charmaine (at the age of 32) went to a hotel together. Honesty, they were both 30++, going to hotel can be a problem? They are not 12 at all.

    1. Not a problem but very interesting as both are 30++ then why bother going to the hotel in the first place if not “eating outside”.

      Wouldn’t it be more convenient to go straight home for a cup of coffee? 😛

      1. Charmaine and Kevin going to hotel for “eating out”. Of course Niki will be mad.

        What makes Niki that desperate to get Kevin back? Is it worth it getting a guy who hurt you in the past? She doesn’t deserve my pity if she’s just another desperate woman. She should be like Myolie and take the higher ground.

      2. Yup why go for someone who hurt you with another woman. That’s a dumb action.

      3. Shows how dumb Niki is. Taking back a cheater. Dumb woman.


    2. The going hotel rumors was Moses & Charmaine.

      Charmaine successfully sued 3Weekly for this and they issued an public apology. She was not featured in their trashy articles for many months onward.

  18. Honestly.. I prefer charmaine with Kevin. From what kev described earlier in what he looks for in a woman. It’s definitely someone like charmaine. Moreover the two of them have interest in each other no doubt.

  19. Charmaine attended an event on August 14th and was of course queried on several trite matters by reporters. Her intelligent and witty responses both impressed and amused me. One thing is for sure, she certainly articulates and carries herself well, adeptly fielding prying questions left and right.


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