Kevin Cheng Receives 10 Stitches for Eye Injury

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) injured his right eye, bursting the blood vessels while shooting for the mainland Chinese TV drama, Ip Man <葉問> on October 25. He immediately returned to Hong Kong for surgery and treatment.

After receiving ten stitches, Kevin assured that he will recover soon. Regarding his eye injury as an unfortunate accident that can happen anytime during filming, Kevin revealed that he was injured during a fight scene with a young martial artist. “He  was more afraid than I was after the accident happened.”

As to why he had to rush back to Hong Kong, Kevin said, “I was supposed to attend a promotional event at Shenyang, and I have never missed any event until yesterday. My eye was swelling up, and I didn’t want to show up wearing sunglasses during the event. I decided to rush back to Hong Kong to seek medical help. Luckily, I don’t have to refund my appearance fee as the vendor is willing to postpone the event.” However, Kevin stands to lose more than $1 million RMB in appearance fees. Kevin does not believe the eye injury will affect his vision and will likely rest in Hong Kong for a while.

Yesterday afternoon, Kevin was wearing an eye patch and sunglasses as a white van pulled up at the hospital to pick him up. He did not respond to the media on scene, but accepted an interview over the phone later. He said, “I had to get 10 stitches. The doctor said he used a very thin thread for the stitches and the scar should be minimal. By next week, when my eye stops swelling, I can start working again. There is bound to be accidents during filming. Luckily, the filming for the series is almost complete. I’m in a hurry; I want to go back and finish the filming.”

When asked if he is worried if his scar may be too obvious and permanent, Kevin answered that he will not worry or think too much about as the damage is done. He said, “I just have to deal with the circumstances.”

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), expressed that Kevin will not need any scar removal surgery, but will have to be back at the hospital for a follow-up visit next week to remove the stitches. Kevin’s good friend, Ben Wong (黃智賢), accompanied Kevin to the hospital. Ben said Kevin is doing fine and is still as handsome as ever despite the 10 stitches.


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  1. As long as Kevin’s eye injury is not serious, it will force him to slow down a bit and realize he is not a working machine. Ben Wong is a good friend to accompany Kevin at the hospital.

    1. I did not know that Ben was good friends with Kevin and it is great that he accompanied him. Hope he recovers and maybe he should use a stuntman instead. It is really hard for artists who do not know martial arts to play those roles. However, haven’t people been doing so for many many years already???

  2. 10 stitches from just one punch.
    I think we should just replace Kevin with the stuntman, because I’m sure we all know who the real martial artist is.

  3. This type of role would better acted by an artiste who knows martial arts.

  4. I’m glad Kevin’s getting the right treatmant. He’s indeed blessed to have a good friend like Ben Wong. I see that the latter accompanies him quite a lot during good as well as bad times and that’s what I call a true friend. Hope the wound heals fast and well.

  5. Haha I love Ben’s comment “Ben said Kevin is doing fine and is still as handsome as ever despite the 10 stitches.”

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