Kevin Cheng Suffers Eye Injury on Set of “Ip Man”

On October 25, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) suffered a painful blow to his right eye on the set of mainland Chinese TV drama, Ip Man <葉問>. The injury made his eye bleed and left him writhing in pain on the floor.

Rushing back to Hong Kong for surgical treatment, Kevin arrived at 11 PM at the airport last night, with his right eye covered by a gauze pad.

Kevin to Be Hospitalized

“Thank you for everyone’s concern. I hope to see a doctor quickly. I’ll be okay after getting several stitches! The lower right corner of my eye was injured. I had a fight scene with a martial artist. After he hit my eye, it started bleeding. It was an accident. The martial artist is a young man and he was more afraid than me.”

Kevin was not afraid that his eye injury will leave an unsightly scar on his face.

TVB manager, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), was spotted at a Hong Kong hospital, making arrangements for Kevin’s surgical eye treatment. Ms. Lok said, “He is slightly unhappy. I am helping him with the hospital admission process.  He will likely need to be hospitalized and get stitches. I am not sure how long he has to stay at the hospital.”

Since Kevin is due to appear at a vendor promotional event, Ms. Lok indicated her stress in not knowing whether he will be able to appear given his injured state.

Kevin Injured 10 Times on Set

Kevin Cheng received an astronomical price of $10 million RMB to film Ip Man. Without any previous martial arts training, Kevin ended up paying for the role dearly with his own blood and sweat.

Since filming commenced in August, in which he had 200 martial arts scenes to film, Kevin’s body was full of bruises. He has been injured 10 times on set.

Earlier reports stated that Kevin frequently appeared tired on set. He utilized his time off to practice Wing Chun, hoping to do justice to his role as Ip Man.

Lack of Rest Led to Kevin’s Injury

Producer Zhang Tan (張炭) attributed Kevin’s eye injury to his lack of rest. “Although Kevin loved the script of Ip Man, he was hesitant in accepting the role. He has been working non-stop for 20 months and was concerned about his own physical stamina. The filming for Ip Man is wrapping up, with only a dozen days left in filming.  Over the last few days, we have been focusing on Kevin’s martial arts scenes. I believe that he was truly too tired, which resulted in the eye injury accident.

The filming for Ip Man is currently halted due to Kevin’s eye injury.

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  1. Despite what people say about Kevin not suitable for this role, I truly think that he deserves some credit for all the hard work and effort he has put in to justify his role as Ip Man.

    1. I remember when he was filming for Gloves Come Off and he was criticized for not trying hard. A person cannot transit from a “slacker” to someone who gets injured 10 times and still trying… That’s why I really didn’t believe what Lee Ka Ding said about him… Support Kevin haha

      1. You’re right. Whatever merit or success KC has achieved so far, he put in the extra effort and improves himself……which is why I’ve said before that Lee was making a pyramid out of a sandcastle, just wanna rub some attention onto himself.

        Hope Kevin takes these few days to rest up because once this show wraps, he gotta start BBJX2.

      2. That is very true. I hope he can recover and find the time to rest soon!

    2. I agree with RLF lover. Regardless of what people think, I also think Kevin deserves support and credit for putting so much work and effort into trying his best for this series. I think more pressure is on him due to the high expectations. Hope that he recovers soon and will give his best performance that will surprise everyone.

  2. I hope it is not bad injury, he really needs to recover a long time.

  3. >Punched in the eye
    >Writhing in pain on the floor


    *takes a deep breath*


    I received a gash in my face after a boxing mitt-lace cut me from getting a punch in the nose. I had that nice copper-taste in my mouth and everything and the cut flowed like I was crying blood. It was nice.

    But that cut was frikkin nasty.

    1. Well Kevin isn’t exactly a professional so you can’t blame him for being worried -.-

      1. We need to stop putting people who aren’t martial artists as Ip Man.

        Tony Leung breaking his wrist from sparring in Wing Chun, Anthony-frikkin-Wong who, sure, he’s tough but he’s old and not a martial artist, and now Kevin Cheng, I mean…

  4. All martial artists have suffered some pain while on a set filming. But because Kevin lacked the proper training an unfortunate accident happened. Should’ve known this would’ve happened with properly trained martial arts dudes and those that are never trained.

  5. Poor Kevin,hope he get better soon. This man is working way too hard, he need rest.

  6. It is harder for some artistes who don’t know martial arts to play Ip Man.

  7. Me too, and more. Hope he recovers quickly to wrap up the rest of his scenes. That guy really needs one long rest – alone.

  8. Poor baby! I hope his eye will be okay. Get well soon, Kevin!

  9. OMG I think he work too hard without proper rest. Get well soon and take care Kevin

  10. 🙂 Maybe one of his many rumored honeys can go and kiss his scars away.

  11. Speedy recovery to Kevin. His eye injury just emphasizes just all risky filming a series can be.

    Reminds me of Steven Ma’s 2006 serious eye injury.

  12. Ooph, careful there. Even martial art experts can end up with broken bones – I hope Kevin stays well and comes out of this relatively unscathed.

  13. May he have a speedy recovery. He must fully rest before continuing. Health is important…We all know you have been trying very hard! Thank you!

    1. He’s still a human after all, and all human picked their noses once in a while, not sure why they have to make it such a big deal, are they trying to de-fame him or what.

    2. Never mind the nose picking part – unless he was blessed with a godly nose that doesn’t produce mucus – but 9 hairy crabs…? Are they really tiny or what?

  14. Even though he is paid a lot, I don’t think that any amount of money can replace your health and well being. I don’t think Kevin is thinking too much about money but is concentrating on putting in his best efforts which make me really admire him. All of his blood and sweat is literally put into this series. Hope that everyone will support him instead of criticize him due to their unrealistic high expectations.

    1. Everybody puts in effort. Unfortunately it is not unreasonable to expect good results. The trailer does him no favours in terms of action scenes. So hopefully his acting performance will make up for the obvious lack of convincing action scenes.

    2. @To be fair to all artists, they all put in their best efforts and yeah their blood and sweat into their work, not just Kevin. So they all should be admired, not just Kevin.

      But in the end, an artist’s work should be judged solely on his actual on screen performance and not be influenced by what went on behind the scenes, or that standards should be lowered for Kevin’s action scenes just because he is not trained in martial arts.

      1. @clamine,
        I know that all artists work hard and should be admired. I did not say that only Kevin deserved to be admired and no one else. However, it is clear that some do work harder than others and sacrifice more than others as well. Basically, being in the circle is hard work and is a big challenge. But yes, it is not fair how some have it easier while others have it a lot harder. That is life for you…

  15. The boxing drama which have him in it did not prove much martial art in him, but I do agree we as viewer should give credit to the artists regarding their effort, but the artists should also know their limit, and please be more careful.

  16. he sucked in gloves come off. i don’t care who said what, as a viewer, i could see that his punches sucked ass. if he put the effort in it but can’t show the force/speed, at least show the right technique.

    him being cast as ip man is just doing injustice to ip man’s name and i have NO idea how ip chun and his family could’ve allowed this. maybe they have been deceived or something.

    anyway, i disagree with “oh he has put a lot of effort in it so he deserves respect”. sure, he deserves respect, but we don’t watch movies/shows because we want to respect an actor’s work (even though it sucks), we do it because we want to entertain ourselves with good performance.

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