“Kids’ Lives Matter” Drops Trailer

Trailers of upcoming TVB dramas were released at FILMART 2021 yesterday, including the highly anticipated medical drama Kids’ Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫> which features Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣),  Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and Him Law (羅子溢).

Kids’ Lives Matter marks the TVB comebacks for both Linda and Kevin. Since becoming a mother, Linda especially returned from Vancouver for filming. This is also Kevin’s first TVB drama in three years.

Since he had just become a father in real life when filming for Kids’ Lives Matter, Him found the experience to be especially touching. “There was a memorable scene that involved a baby wrapped in bandages, and as a father I felt very heartbroken. I think the best part of this drama is the way it showcases the relationship between doctors and patients.”

Working with the many children and babies required a lot of patience from the cast, as Him revealed, “It is hard for them to control their emotions, and sometimes it would take five to six hours before we could finish a scene. However, we were able to film many precious shots including the babies’ body language.”

The trailer reveals the drama will be full of emotional moments, including a scene where Regina Ho’s (何依婷) character, who is paralyzed due to illness, is seen crawling on the floor trying to retrieve her phone.

Making a cameo appearance as a patient with mental illness, Sammi Cheung‘s (張秀文) character attempts to commit suicide when she does not feel ready to become a mother. The actress was on set all day, but she had already wasted all her energy crying and was unable to say her lines when her shot was filmed in the late afternoon. Luckily, Kevin comforted her and treated everyone to lunch. Sammi shared that Kevin and Linda were both very nice.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

TVB Unveils New Trailers at FILMART 2021

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  1. Ok… I hope the English title for this drama will be the cringiest thing I’ll see this year haha

  2. Kenneth looks like he’s playing the same type of doctor character……. serious and boring yawn.

    I’m watching this for him law because I think he’s improved.

  3. Well the trailer looks better than what we got during the filming promos…

    If the stories are good, then there’s a chance this series won’t suck…

  4. Drama itself looks very promising, certainly a tearjerker for sure since it involves kids. Cast looks pretty interesting too, can’t wait to see Linda Chung crying again. Oh look she’s already crying in the trailer LOL

  5. Judging from the trailer Kenneth’s character is basically just like his on call character and black white duel one.

  6. Linda’s facial expression on poster lmao. Did tvb really pay a large amount of money to get her back??

    1. @pocky So awful. And even worse how the cop said, “he had a bad day and this is what he did”. No. I don’t kill 8 people when I have a bad day.

  7. The trailer does look good. Kids do pull at my heartstrings. The cast doesn’t interest me, except I would like to check out Catherine Chau. Title is terrible, very tone death and doesn’t understand how this undermines the fight for racial equity.

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