Koni Lui Gets Used to Being A Single Mom

The optimistic actress shares many heartwarming moments with her son.

Revelation of 37-year-old actress Koni Lui’s (呂慧儀) divorce with Mr. Hong Kong contestant Dickson Wong (黃文迪) last year had come as a shock. Despite the consequent pressures she faced as a public figure, Koni is thankful for having her son in her life and wants to be a good role model for him.

Current Focus is On Earning More for Her Family

Koni made her divorce public after her ex-husband Dickson was spotted kissing a lady on a bus and suspected of cheating. She shared, “The skies have not fallen on me, because I still have a young one to take care of. He is my strength and motivation and makes me want to be a good role model,” Koni added that what will never change is that she and Dickson remain parents of their child. Maintaining communication post-divorce, they hope each can pursue their respective happiness and live better.

Hiding news of her divorce back then, Koni made her friends so worried when the truth was out that they took turns to accompany her (she had been with Dickson for 17 years). Koni admitted that “there were definitely much feelings in the relationship,” but was thankful that she was kept busy with work and taking care of her son after divorce.

While Koni’s mom had concerns about her grandson growing up alone, the actress would rather let relationships take its own course and is not keen to get into a new romance. Not having the luxury of time to let her mind wander or be unhappy, she chose to be remain cheerful each day and not let her parents worry about her. “My goal right now is to work hard and earn more to take care of my parents and son. I don’t want to think about other matters,” said the actress, who calls rumored boyfriend and onscreen romantic interest Stanley Cheung (張景淳) a “good man” and “good friend”.

Heartwarming Moments with Son

Content with her daily routine of filming and then coming home to play with her son, supervise his homework and do storytelling whenever she has time off, Koni is thankful that her son has been obedient and understanding. Sharing a heartwarming anecdote, she said, “When we were watching Come Home Love <愛 · 回家之開心速遞> at his grandparents’ place, a particular episode when grandpa played by Liu Dan (劉丹) had practiced favoritism, which made (Koni’s onscreen character) cry, my son saw this and teared up, climbing over to granddad and told him, ‘Hug Mommy’. This made me feel very sweet, and I really treasure the relationship we had developed over the years.”

Another time, her son watched a film in which a character had passed away. He then questioned Koni on death, so she took the chance to explain to him that Mommy too would leave him one day, so he should learn to take care of himself slowly, and that one day, they would part. Coming home from his Christian school one day, Koni’s son told her he had prayed for her “not to go to heaven”. Laughingly wondering if it meant she would go to hell instead, she asked him where it was that he wanted her to go. Her son’s reply touched her, as he answered that he wanted her to “accompany him” and volunteered to massage her so her skin would age less quickly.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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