Single Mom Koni Lui’s Income is Cut

Since her divorce in 2018, Koni Lui (呂慧儀) has been focusing on her career while raising her 7-year-old son. While Koni still has steady work due to filming for sitcom Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛.回家之開心速遞>, the single mom admits that her income has been reduced since the pandemic started.

“We have less in-person appearance jobs. We used to have annual dinners and gatherings, but all of that are cancelled now.” As to how the pandemic has impacted her income, she said, “I didn’t calculate it. I usually let my mother take care of my finances. I’m scared to look at it, because it will definitely give me pressure.” The 38-year-old hopes that the pandemic ends soon and allow everyone’s fortunes to turn around.

With more free time on her hands, Koni has more bonding time with her son Anton. “I read to him every single night. We have a tutor who comes to our house so it is more safe, but also very expensive. I need to work hard to earn money.”

When she is at work, Koni’s parents take care of Anton. “When I am not home, my son knows that he can only play and watch cartoons after finishing all his homework.” While Anton has told her to come home late so that he can have more time to watch TV, Koni praises him for being a good boy overall.


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