Stanley Cheung Shares Fanmade Posters with Koni Lui to Celebrate Lantern Festival

Known as the “Kung Shui” couple, Koni Lui’s (呂慧儀) “Mary” and Stanley Cheung’s (張景淳) “Kung Yip” are fan favorites in the TVB sitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <·回家之開心速遞 >. Showing off intense chemistry on and off screen, fans will be the first to rejoice if Koni and Stanley really do become a couple in real life.

A clip that has been circulating on Instagram shows Koni, who was taking the video in question, filming herself in the mirror. Stanley then comes into view and hugs her from behind. Koni smiles at Stanley’s gesture.

On February 8th, the day of the Chinese Lantern Festival, Stanley uploaded a series of 12 fan-made couple posters featuring him and Koni on Instagram. “Happy day of the Lantern Festival,” wrote Stanley. “I hope you will all have a very sweet and lovely weekend. When you leave [the house] remember to wear a face mask and frequently wash hands.”

He then complimented the fan-made posters, which were photoshopped by Kung Shui fans. “I especially like the Japanese style one,” he said. “Thanks!”

The Lantern Festival was traditionally celebrated as a day for couples to find love, but it is now known for a day to display lanterns and eat tangyuan.

Source: Oriental Sunday

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  1. That video is actually their cover(?) of a popular video on douyin that many couples were doing. FYI, it seems many TVB artists, especially the Lo and Behold cast are creating douyin accounts. The drama has an official Tik Tok account as well as most of the younger cast. My douyin feed was flooded with their clips when they first joined.

  2. These are not fan made material. They made it themselves and have no fans. Stanley and Koni have been trying to promote their relationship since day one. Desperation to make it big…

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