Lai Lok Yi Will Not Physically Discipline Son

New father Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) is ecstatic about his new role as a parent and has been extremely hands-on when it comes to caring for his three-month-old son. Lok Yi shared, “Right now, I can tell by my son’s crying pitch whether he is hungry, sleepy, or needs a diaper change!”

Asked about his thoughts on a trending video in which a child was physically abused, Lok Yi said, “Violence should not be used towards a small child, an adult, or an animal. The first person to raise a fist is in the wrong. There’s nothing that can’t be resolved.”

When asked whether he will physically discipline his son in the future, Lok Yi said, “I don’t think my son will be more rowdy than I was. Besides, small children do not understand [what is right or wrong]. I will patiently teach him with words, just like how my wife and I teach our dog. My wife treats me that way too and uses the nagging tactic. She’ll nag the dog for an hour and nag me for two hours. Not letting me sleep is torture. Now I’ve learned to not argue with her!”

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) was also a guest at the event. When teased whether she will employ Lok Yi’s wife Nicole Lee’s (李潔瑩) nagging tactic to get her way too, Grace cheekily said, “I don’t own a dog! I know what you are really asking, but I’m not answering!”


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