Laurinda Ho and Shawn Dou Share a Vacation Kiss

In April, socialite Laurinda Ho (何超蓮) and actor Shawn Dou (竇驍) confirmed their relationship on social media. The Macau heiress and Chinese Canadian actor had met a month prior while attending a fashion event together.

The couple stayed relatively low profile since their proclamation, but on September 27th, Laurinda posted a series of pictures she took with Shawn while the pair were vacationing in Tahiti. In the photos, Laurinda is holding hands with Shawn, and the two share a kiss.

It’s a strange move for Laurinda to share these photos to the public, as the 28-year-old has always been very private with her relationships, sometimes not even confirming them. The photos were taken by Laurinda’s photographer friend, Laiza S. Both Laurinda and Shawn were wearing matching couple outfits, leading to the speculation that the duo could be taking photos for a wedding.


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