Lawrence Ng and Kenneth Ma to Battle Acting Chops in “The Hippocratic Crush” Sequel!

Lawrence Ng’s (吳啟華) doctor role in TVB drama trilogy, Healing Hands <妙手仁心>, left a deep impression upon viewers. Fourteen years after its broadcast, audiences still considered Lawrence Ng to have embodied his character perfectly, conveying the compassion, grace, and intelligence of a doctor. On April 20th, Lawrence announced that he will be returning to TVB in February 2013 to film a medical drama. It was widely speculated that Lawrence will appear in the sequel to The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>!

Year-to-date, The Hippocratic Crush was the most highly rated drama in 2012, averaging 31 points in its entire broadcast and peaking at 39 points. The Hippocratic Crush stimulated a renewed interest in medical dramas in Hong Kong. Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) performance in The Hippocratic Crush was often compared to Lawrence Ng’s Healing Hands, which had aired in 1998. Now, TVB’s most famous neurosurgeons can duel their acting chops in the upcoming sequel!

Lawrence wrote on his blog, “Last night, I met with two old friends in TVB senior management. Discussions to collaborate filming on a drama together went very well. They were very sincere in inviting me to participate in their new medical drama, willing to accommodate my work schedule. TVB even moved their original filming date from November 2012 to February 2013! I was very moved! Thinking about the opportunity to be able to work with former colleagues, I am really happy!”

Lawrence did not have all the details of his role in his new TVB drama. He did not know whether he will be resuming his “Ching Chi Mei” role from the Healing Hands triology. In a separate Weibo blog post, Lawrence also stated that he hoped that the original producer of Healing Hands 1 and 2, Gary Tang (邓特希), would also return to TVB.

With the upcoming ratings battle to occur between TVB and new rival television station, City Telecom (CTI), perhaps TVB needed all the ammunition it can muster.

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Jayne: Other than sequels, perhaps TVB should latch on to “crossovers” which have always been popular in fan fiction. Reusing Lawrence Ng’s character name, “Ching Chi Mei” in the sequel to “The Hippocratic Crush” would do wonders in generating more excitement for the series, as it would cross two of TVB’s most brilliant neurosurgeons in one drama!

Maybe Kenneth and Lawrence can fight for Tavia’s affections?

I see producer Gary Tang as possibly fitting in better at CTI? 

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  1. Ahh…a crossover would be nice!

    Lawrence already expressed on his Weibo that he prefers not to break up Yu-Tau if he joins THC2.

    1. He said that because Kenta fans bombarded with asking him not to break the kenta couple. Poor Lawrence

      1. More reason for me to wish Lawrence won’t reprise Paul Ching in this THC2, or ever appear in it. But Txb :(. Haizz.

      2. Thats some crazy fans. I don’t like how some fans go and swarm some other artistes to protect their favourites.

      3. Well just goes to show that a lot of ppl like & support the Yu-Tao/KenTa pairing and was able to influence Lawrence’s decision. Never underestimate the power of ‘crazy fans’. Afterall, THC and the Yu Jai-Yat Gin relationship did generate a lot of buzz and new fans.

        Anyway, title is misleading. Lawrence hasn’t confirmed that its THC2 that he’ll be participating in because when someone asked him to confirm if its THC, he replied “not sure yet.”

        If Lawrence is gonna be in THC2, then Kenneth will most likely be second male lead.

      4. No Lawrence in THC2 is the best! And I won’t have to download and watch Lawrence’s part only.

  2. Since Yu-Tau couple already has a marriage life, just make Lawrence main role is to find way to cure Yu Jai. Perhaps Ching Chi Mei and Yat Kin Tau collaborate together in medical field

  3. This sounds like Paul Ching guesting in THC. It sounds interesting

  4. I also hope they would keep Yu-Tau all the way to the end of the THC2.

  5. I hope he returns as the same character.

    And if he returns as the same character fighting for Tavia’s affection, that would make me very happy. Why? Because Ching Chi Mei’s every GF kinda dies in the end so that means Yu Chai will die and hence part III.

    1. Oh and if same character wouldn’t Ching Chi Mei be like in his 50s now?

      1. No he wont fight for TY affection because Kenta pairing fans request to him dont break their beloved couple and he said he will request for TVB that his character wont disturb the couple

      2. Yes, and will made it as a condition for his return to TVB

      3. If a brilliant neurosurgeon still looks good for his age, who cares?

    2. I hope they just kill tavia off like they did for yoyo mung. More realistic than some cheesy miracle.

      Kenneth will be stuck in a state of depression until he meets his idol Paul Ching who inspires him to be a caring neurosurgeon and live to save lives again.

      Then he can start to fall for a beautiful and ambitious doctor played by Nancy (or selena). Unfortunately, she is attracted to older men like Dr. Ching. Plenty of angst and puppy dog eyes by Kenneth, ensues.

      1. Would like to see Linda playing Kenneth’s love interest though!

      2. In each part of HH, Paul’s lover will have coma and die in the next part. It’s like a curse :(.

    3. Well I also hope Lawrence will fight against Kenneth over TY cuz its fun watching guys fighting.

  6. Rather not break up the couple, because this will change the characters that we have come to like. Imagine the good upstanding characters that now become dogs because they start breaking up other couples. It just means that the story will focus on people who are shallow and just jump to the nexti nteresting thing that comes along.

  7. it would be perfect if ada choi will pair up with lawrence.

    1. If he is reprising his role, I don’t want Ada to play a Jackie look-a-like or whatever. It would ruin the memorable Jackie-Paul love story.

      I much rather Paul end up w/ Annie (flora Chan) after she finally dumped that no-good Henry (bowie).

      1. I don’t think Paul and Annie will have any feeling :). They are too different. Hehe, Henry is a jerk but Annie loves this type of man.

      2. I think Annie was promiscuous in part 1 only for Henry’s sake. I think she and Paul always had a soft spot for each other in their hearts. Even after Jackie died, annie continued to send Paul postcards every where she went and he kept every one of them. I was glad that Henry was jealous of their sweet friendship. If he was out of the picture, I could definitely see Paul and Annie transitioning to romance.

      3. But in part 3, Annie dun even have any contact with Paul.

  8. Please don’t pair him up with Tavia. Since Flora is coming back, I think TVB should pair her up with Lawrence and make that crossover. They can call it Hippocratic Hands or Healing Crush.

    I’m kinda surprised that Lawrence has agreed to film though, since didn’t he once say the chance of him returning to TVB was slim? If nothing else, then the increased competition from CTI have made TVB reach out to people they probably wouldn’t have, if they still had their stronghold over the market.

    1. Advo,
      “I’m kinda surprised that Lawrence has agreed to film though, since didn’t he once say the chance of him returning to TVB was slim?”

      I believe Lawrence stated earlier that TVB’s filming fees were too low. No doubt actors can find higher fees in the short run, but not every actor chooses a role based on money alone. There are other factors to consider: market exposure, resume credentials, and lasting legacy.

      I believe Lawrence agreed to film with TVB again because the company made a financial offer that was acceptable, as well as the above mentioned factors which are very important to an actor. TVB still possesses a majority of the prime-time viewership in HK and has incredible international market reach. His “Ching Chi Mei” character is still widely remembered 14 years after “Healing Hands” broadcast. Although Lawrence likely made more money by filming with other companies, the above non-monentary factors were only achievable through TVB. These factors ultimately also impact other opportunities Lawrence subsequently had in his career, increasing his market value as an actor.

      On April 20th (the same day Lawrence announced he will film a medical drama with TVB), he also wrote a post reflecting on the range of characters he had played throughout his career. He said he has played a large range of roles throughout his career and would like to portray a historical figure the most. Obviously, Lawrence was in a reflective state of mind and wished to leave a lasting legacy behind as an actor.

      TVB may not be able to offer the most money. They can utilize the “friendship card” in pulling back reknown actors to work with them again, but in the end a business arrangement is not only about money, but how to generate value for all parties involved.

      Anyhow, happy to see Lawrence back. He is one of my favorite actors! Although his role in “Healing Hands” is not my favorite; I much prefer him in villain roles. Lawrence’s face has a cruel streak in him and he is a very effective villain.

      1. An interesting twist would be for Lawrence to portray a doctor who may have lost his passion for his job, tethering on the edge of becoming a doctor who had lost his original direction after many years as a practictioner. A darker “Ching Chi Mei,” after he lost all his girlfriends. How did such deaths impact his psyche? Has he now become a “medical machine” with incredible talent, but lost guidance? Uniting him with Kenneth Ma, a younger, but equally brilliant neurosurgeon, can add medical intrigue to the drama.
        TVB dramas often portray the most idealistic aspects of a profession, failing to explore the psychological factors and rewards of jobs, especially what happens after many, many years in that profession, when the first rainbow-colored hues have been erased.

      2. ‘An interesting twist would be for Lawrence to portray a doctor who may have lost his passion for his job, tethering on the edge of becoming a doctor who had lost his original direction after many years as a practictioner. ”

        No! No! The other way around. Kenneth loses his will when Tavia dies, and Lawrence Ng appears as his mentor to make him the greatest e-vah neurosurgeon the world has e-vah seen!!

      3. Funn,
        A modern medical brotherhood isn’t a bad idea. I hope TVB scripters squeeze their brain juices for this one, if they revive Lawrence’s popular doctor character for the sequel to “The Hippocratic Crush.”

      4. Lawrence,
        The well-bred character of “Ching Chi Mei” was a life-changing role for Lawrence in many ways. Prior to this role, he often played many nasty characters, including his poor image from Category III films. If Lawrence wished to, he can indeed appear as threatening onscreen as Anthony Wong with his nastiness.

      5. @Jayne: Oh, you remind me that Lawrence was in Sex and Zen. His Paul Ching cleared all the old images of him and leave a deep impression on the hearts of the housewives.

        I don’t want to see dark Paul Ching because Paul Ching’s chac can’t be dark or lost passion! In HH2 and HH3, he helped the doctors who lost the passion to gain it back. How can a person like this be “I’m a sad man, I’m crying! Someone plz help me” and the “Hero” Ma Ming comes to save him? Lame! No! Don’t kill Paul Ching this way!

      6. Fox,
        ““I’m a sad man, I’m crying! Someone plz help me” and the “Hero” Ma Ming comes to save him? Lame!”

        Hehehe I think it’s a good idea. Why is it always the elders who can help the young? Why can’t the young, through their energy and ethusiasm for life, offer the elders some renewed love of life? Like how kids warm their parents’ hearts? Like how students make teachers’ lives rewarding? And not always the other way around, which is more obvious lah.

      7. I don’t say anything about elder can’t be helped by younger but Paul Ching’s chac isn’t this way. If letting him like this, it’s like the death of Paul Ching and someone borrow his cover (a predator :P).

      8. I am sorry but although Lawrence was ok in healing hands and the TVB periodic dramas, I did have a negative impression of him after knowing that he filmed Zen and S-x.

        I was thinking… he must be pretty desperate at that time for fame or money to crossover to caring doctor to s-x crazed pervert!

      9. Canto,
        Lawrence said in an interview that he filmed the Category III movies in order to earn a large amount of money to get married with his ex-wife (I believe she was Thai). He used the money to hold a wedding banquet.

        Some actors don’t mind showing their skin and since Category III is not true porn, they do not feel it crossed any ethical barriers. Male actors get called “perverts” and earn quick money, but Category III becomes more of a stigma for their career in the long-run.

        Senior film and TV production staff are mainly comprised of male staff…so what do men really think of men who strip to earn money? It’s okay or is it scorned upon? Are Category III male actors respected in the industry? Is Hiro Hayama now a hot commodity?

      10. Sorry, maybe it’s personal but men who sell skin are generally a turn off.

        I thought that Chris Wang, who hosted King of Adventures, a Taiwanese travelogue was cute. I enjoyed his carefree attitude and spontaneous vibes.

        Later I read he published a semi nak-ed pictorial, Nature in Australia. I think his pictorial was sold the same time as Mike He’s so the Taiwan media made a fuss of them.

        Yeah yeah Chris’ got a good body but after that I didn’t like him that much. It was like he sold his skin for money and fame.

        We all know Mike He has killer looks to his legion of fan girls. But his pictorial? B-l-e-h! He wasn’t as muscular as others. Some things are better covered than revealed… When exposed you kinda felt embarrassed for him…

      11. Canto,
        In the entertainment industry, many artists sell their skin. Even “jade girls” also sell a “healthy” dose of sex appeal now. I have no problems for women and men selling their skin as artists, as sex appeal is part of their overall package and commercial value. Whether such skin baring (and the extent) is tasteful or not is another matter.

        So good bodies are not necessarily welcome in baring it all? Hehe… I also believe that women would judge women who strip for money to be more harsh, while welcoming men who do so, simply based on sexual attraction. This may apply to one’s own personal sexual preference of course.

      12. Hi Jayne

        Maybe you are right. I am okay with s-x appeal, for both guys and girls to sell it.

        I don’t know… Rain stripped and he was pretty much ok.

        Bae Yong Jun had some explicit sex scenes in his movie too and I was like, o-kay.

        Maybe it’s like a Chippendale show. Hunky guys stripping and putting on a show for gals. Yeah, what are you supposed to say…? Okay nice… strip if you want to.

        This is a funny discussion 🙂

      13. @ Jayne

        Everything you said has always been true for TVB so when he said he wouldn’t film for them again – I thought he meant it. However, it’s possible that with CTI looming, TVB is reaching out – and more importantly, starting to offer decent pay. Especially, if he left in the first place, because he considered their fees to low. Regardless of the reasons, I’m happy to see him back too. I’ve long felt that TVB had an age/generation gap.

      14. Andy Lau and Jackie Chang also filmed Cat III movies and I don’t understand why we have to be biased toward them. I agree with Jayne that even the “jade girls” also pose sexy or wear short skirts or do bath ads, why judge the Cat III artists that much?

  9. The first series that made me like Lawrence was Healing Hands (1) and I don’t want it is ruined (even it’s kinda ruined by too many sequels). I don’t hope to see Paul Ching break the Fish-Head blah blah.

    1. Paul Ching In HH1 was the best I ever seen. I can still remember Paul with his demure smiles and gentlemanly demeanour after 14 years! Imagined I was only 11 years at that time and I thought ‘let me die in the hospital if there is such a charming doctor like Paul”
      kenneth cannot match up to Lawrence in term of doctor aura.

  10. can’t believe Lawrence have to bow down to these crazy pairing shippers

    1. If he fights against them, he is in the same level with them.

  11. Gosh, the fans should lay off him.

    I’m just glad to see him back again since I don’t follow ATV. I do miss the evil roles he played in the 80s though (even those Stephen Chow films) – it’s a world away from Ching Chi Mei.

  12. If Lawrence joins the cast, the storyline will shift. Healing Hands was about attending physicians (experts) dealing with the day to day challenge of medicine. The Hippocratic Crush was about interns/residents and even fellows growing through the process of learning medicine. I don’t think Kenneth will become second lead, they’ll most likely share the leading role, like Paul and Henry. The younger artists may get cut in screen time to accommodate Lawrence.

    I also don’t want Lawrence to be a third party. It actually sucks for actors/actresses that plays the third party to memorable couples. I didn’t like Tracy in HH II just because she replaced Ada. I think Lawrence should get his own girl. I actually would be very happy if Ada comes back. Doubt it would happen though…

    1. THC can change its focus to that of HH or merge both. I find THC a bit restrictive and HH as well and so merging them will probably give it a feel of Chicago Hope or the likes.

  13. The story should be as follows:

    Lawrence Ng reprises his role as Ching Chi Mei and the new neurosurgical partner Fan Chi Ngok in private practice. At the start Yat Kin joins his father-in-law in his new practice and encounters opposition from Chi Mei …. leading Yat Kin to return to the hospital to take up a new role as the new attending of the neurosurgery department.

    1. Heck no, that sounds like character assasination of CCM just to promote Kenneth!

      First, Paul doesn’t care about money so why would he go into private practice? He is only interested in saving lives, medical research, and sharing his knowledge so he belongs at a teaching hospital.

      Secondly, why would he oppose Kenneth’s arrival? Dr. Ching is the most gentlemanly and dedicated doctor ever seen in a tvb series. He would never feel threatened or jealous of another colleague. That is not at all his nature.

      1. @ Josie: Not opposition in a mean way: even the best of colleagues have differences in work styles and plenty of medical debate. Of course, they get over the little issue and move on, but that’s for TVB producers to decide how, where and why.

  14. Good to see Lawrence is back with TVB. He is one of my all time fav actor. Hope TVB come with some awesome storyline and not ruin any HH /THC fans.

    1. Yes yes would love that too.
      Healing hands was one of my all time favourite!!!
      The female lead better be good!!!
      Wonder would they include Bowie’s character, he’s fun!

      1. HH is a TVB classic that up to now still a league of its own.
        I mean part 1 as i don’t really like sequel 2 n 3.

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