Lee Min Ki Seeks to Escape His Dull Life in “My Liberation Notes”

Starring Lee Min KiKim Ji WonLee El and Son Seok Gu, upcoming South Korean drama My Liberation Notes follows three siblings and a stranger who desire more out of their stifling life.

Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won and Lee El play three siblings who are worn out from their mundane village life and are eager to be “liberated” to something better.  Highlighting their frustration, the three siblings appear on the teaser poster with a bleak and hopeless expression while being crammed on a train. The caption reads, “Bored of the ordinary, will someone come to save me?”

Son Seok Gu plays a mysterious outsider who unexpectedly moves into the village. In the poster, the actor walks on the platform towards the direction of a warm light. It appears that Son Seok Gu’s character may have an important role in changing the lives of the siblings.

The drama is directed by Kim Seok Yoon who previously helmed melodrama The Light in Your Eyes and Law School, and is written by Park Hae Young whose works include the critically acclaimed drama My Mister.

Revealing details of the drama, the production team shared, “The work incorporates emotion that everyone has felt at least one. It is a story that is realistic, and funny yet it would also bring forth sympathy and comfort. I hope that My Liberation Notes can ‘liberate’ viewers from their daily lives.”

My Liberation Notes will premiere in April on South Korean network JTBC.

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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