Lee San San Using Acupuncture to Control Illness

After keeping a low profile for many years, the former TVB actress is now sharing more updates about her life online.

Leaving the entertainment scene for seven years, former Miss Hong Kong Lee San San (李珊珊) finally made an appearance in February this year at a charity event. The 41-year old often shares moments of her life and feelings on social media, and on June 14, she posted a black-and-white photo of herself undergoing acupuncture. She has been receiving traditional Chinese therapy over the past week to treat some fever-related maladies. However, the doctor had said that it was hard for different bodily issues to be treated at once, and advised her to be patient.

Reappearing in the Spotlight

After attending a Shanghai event in 2011, San San disappeared from the public spotlight. There were rumors that she had contracted brain cancer and depression, but San San chose not to say more on the topic.

With her condition having stabilized, she reappeared in public at the start of the year. The actress still needs to go for follow-up appointments once every two months.

San San explained that she is currently receiving a medley of Western and Chinese medical treatments, but unluckily contracted a fever which did not get better despite the medicine she was taking. Evoking more bodily complications, she had to stop her ongoing treatment to curb the fever first. She also shared her feelings of dejection that her treatment now needed a longer time. Her doctor encouraged her to remain patient.

Spreads Positive Message Online

Although she did not reveal the exact illness she was suffering from, San San had shared her experience at the event she attended in early 2019. “As a patient, I experience many emotions. I often feel that I need to depend on myself, instead of receiving pity or sympathy from others. On the road to treatment, there would definitely be ups and downs. Although no one can go through it with you, surely you need the support of others along the way. So, let’s not be selfish. Do make use of our time to help others often and do our best to persevere; that would be enough.”

San San also shares her feelings through videos in question-and-answer segments, with updates about daily activities including exercising and going to the salon. These have received much attention from her followers.

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This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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