Elaine Yiu Blasted for Calling Kayi Cheung a “Pork Chop”

The love triangle between Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), and Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) continues to make headlines. Last December, it was reported that Patrick had cheated on Katy with Tiger Cubs < 飛虎> costar, Kayi. Katy’s good friend, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), stepped forth and called Kayi a “pork chop,” or unattractive woman, at a recent media appearance.

When Katy found out that Patrick and Kayi were involved, Katy reportedly complained to her good friends, Elaine Yiu and Sarah Song (宋熙年) about the duo’s affair. Although unwilling to let go initially, Katy finally severed her 2-year relationship with Patrick. In January, Patrick and Kayi were spotted on a movie date, although they denied being in a romantic relationship.

Katy apparently was still recovering from the breakup. In close contact with Katy, Elaine said, “I hope she will be able to find new happiness soon.”

As to whether Kayi is indeed dating Patrick, Elaine believed that to be the case. “I also have a lot of male friends, but I will not be going out with them so frequently. I don’t know if they are indeed involved, nor did I ask.”

Asked if Patrick would also be interested in her, Elaine laughed, “He (Patrick) doesn’t like to eat spare ribs; he prefers pork chops more lately!” Alluding to Kayi’s nickname as “Pork Chop Miss Hong Kong” after she won the crown in 2007, Elaine’s comment was circulated widely on social networks.

Lee San San Blasts Elaine Yiu

Although 1996 Miss Hong Kong winner, Lee San San (李珊珊), does not personally know Kayi Cheung, she felt the unflattering use of “pork chop” to describe her over the years was unfair. Without specifically naming names in her Weibo post, Lee San San hinted that Elaine set a poor example as a public figure, as her words were unwarranted and bordered on bullying.

“I think every person has a conscience. When I see others being dubbed as ‘[pork] chop’ for a long time, I find such words to be ‘cold-blooded’ and sigh,” San San wrote. “Even an industry insider has come to use the same reference; I feel that it has become a verbal assault and bullying.”

Sources: On.cc, On.cc

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  1. the fact that Kayi was a third person in the relationship, she should have expected hatre from others especially friends of Katy’s. Truth is, she was def. not one of the prettiest miss HK winners.

    1. High 5 with u on this!!
      If u know someone is already taken, respect their relationship, don’t be the reason they end up being single. relationship is only made for two! For those bXXcXX that do not know how to count, I wish u a nasty karma! Muahahahas

    2. But even so, calling Kayi a pork chop isn’t setting Elaine any good, even if she was out to defend Katy as her friend.As an artist, openly naming, insulting or judging someone so publicly like that would definitely call for backfires in all directions. Since Kayi seems to be deemed as the third person in the relationship in the media’s eyes, Elaine didn’t have to make such a comment, things would’ve just unfolded across the media..Elaine basically just scratched her own image.

    3. she’s not the 3rd person. for a fact. katy & patrick broke first before kayi was in the picture.

  2. Good for Lee to call out Elaine. I personaly am not a fan of Elaine, and I don’t think she’s anyone to judge someone on their appearence. It would appear that she prides herself refering to herself as spare ribs (skinny).

    1. Elaine is ugly, she has no right to call the other girl pork chop. Her acting suck in Bottled Passion. Kayi is much prettier than Elaine.

      Is Katy fault for falling for a player. I don’t know why girls fall for Patrick. So ugly and a pervert.

      1. You calling Elaine ugly is no difference to her calling Kayi a pork chop. I’m not saying Elaine is right to publicly insult Kayi and I do deem her behaviour inappropriate for a celebrity. However, I do praise her for standing up for her friend.
        And just because you think Patrick is ugly, doesn’t mean every person thinks the same way. Guys can be a charmer when they’re trying to pursue you haha

      2. Elaine doesn’t even look half as decent as Kayi even with work done to her face. I am just being honest here. If she can call someone a porkchop, so can all of us.

      3. Really? I personally find Elaine pretty, better then Kayi.
        Falling for someone doesn’t have logic, it could have been the simple thing that make them attracted to each other.

      4. you should google elaine to see what she looked like before the plastic surgeries. look, i am not saying it is wrong to do plastic surgery. what i am saying is that it is wrong to call people names. esp when you aren’t that attractive to begin with in that first place. no one is making a big issue out of this except elaine and she is not even directly involved. none of us even know if kayi was really the third party. so why is everyone condemning her?

      5. I fail to see how one’s own attractiveness is a requirement before calling someone names. Are you suggesting that it’s okay for a supermodel to call someone ugly simply because the supermodel is beautiful?

      6. Jen.. So u think u r pretty enough to warrant yourself to call Elaine ugly / pork chop? Since that’s the prerequisite to express one’s opinion if that ‘s what u meant

      7. Patrick must have something in him to attract so many pretty girls.

  3. I indeed think Elaine’s comments were uncalled for. I understand that she was trying to seek justice for her good friend Katy but resorting to calling names is not advised when she is a public figure.

    1. public figures have evolved a lot over the years. they don’t have to play that innocent role, see the downfall of gillian and her naive, angel, fake presentation to the public.

      elaine is not an ambassador, just an artist with loyalty to her friends. you have to love her for sticking up to her friend that’s severely hurt by this two timing bast8rd and bia that won’t keep her hands off of other ppl’s man.

      1. I agree with you that Elaine is being loyal to her friend and I find that hardly considered bullying since it was more implied than addressed at a particular person. I believe that Elaine did it out of protection for her friend than to hurt anyone regardless of whether Patrick and Kayi have a thing.

      2. how do you know that he is two timing? couldnt be he already ended up with katy before he date kayi?, agree that elaine has guts and loyal to her friend,but she also risk for damaging her own image.

      3. patrick was caught dating with kayi right after breaking up with katy. doesn’t that tell you something? other people such as myo took at least 6 months to start a new relationship again but patrick got with kayi right on and got caught on camera multiple times!

      4. it tell me that he is the one that have broke up? on the surface he is the guilty one but how much do we really know about their relationship? may he also have friends of other gender? and if he’s a free men at least he didnt cheat on her.

  4. props to Elaine … i love a girl with guts like that. She was charming in her comment and 100% truth to it.

    <3 elaine for that comment.

  5. whatever your intentions are calling someone else a bad name is never a good thing. she prides herself for being a skeleton skinny beauty but others might see it as differently. Never a fan of that average looking guy Patrick or that much younger ex g/f, but there are diff ways to defend your friend, certainly never a good thing to blast it to the public.

    1. Remember to tell urself this when ur bf got snatched by another gal!
      We will never truly understand HURTS until the heart tearing moments actually happens to us!
      It’s already kind of Elaine to call her a pork chop, if it’s me I will say, FEI PO!!!

      1. A person cannot get snatched from another person unless you kidnap him/her. If he’s willing to go, then most likely he didn’t feel content with Katy. Patrick would still cheat on Katy with another woman regardless of Kayi’s existence, unless he liked Kayi before Katy.

    2. elaine is just being a loyal and supportive best friend to katy here. why should she pretend to be all polite when kayi and patrick hurt katy her best friend? i like elaine more now after seeing her frank and unfake personality.

  6. I was a little taken aback by the “pork chop” name calling. Certainly Elaine’s comment already implied that Katy is hurting, Patrick and Kayi are dating, and if we were to connect the dots, perhaps Kayi is the third party.

    1. IIRC, Katy came forward to clarify that there was no third party involved in their breakup.

      1. it can be staged by tvb to save kayi and patrick and the poor katy has to obey and only has her friends to share the truth.

  7. If my girlfriend got cheated on, I don’t care what I am.. no spotlight celebrity, tiny spotlight celebrity, big celebrity, I’ll call you out as is. That’s just me though…

    1. Yeahhh!!!
      Won’t be so nice just to name these shameless bXxcXX as pork chop!!

  8. Not like Elaine is that much more gorgeous. In fact, her face is only average.

    Sparerib calling out on pork chop. What a pig feast.

  9. Elaine should look in the mirror first before calling another person pork chop. She is so ugly and can’t act. Why hating on the other girl, yet you should be hating on Patrick for cheating. Patrick is player, Katy should know she will be played on.

    Elaine you can’t even get a man…

    1. Katy shouldve known better honestly. Patrick is a player she shouldve understood that he’s not as great as she thinks. He dated Selena Li for 8 years and yet he got over her so fast and moved on with her.. Wouldn’t she think that’s strange?

      I thought Kayi would’ve known better. Katy and Patrick dating has been known publicly. Yet she went for him anyways.

      Can’t blame Katy or Kayi though… They are just victims of love.

      I don’t really blame Elaine… She was standing up for her friend. She should’ve used another way to get back at them though instead if saying those words though.

      1. katy is young in love she must’ve been blinded by patrick’s sweet talks. couldn’t be his face because he’s ugly. never fond of patrick’s looks, acting, singing and now personality.

    2. Lovely. You play the moral police and scold her for alleged hypocrisy in calling the other girl ugly, yet you resort to “insulting” her because she is single. Like insulting women for being unattached is any better behaviour. At least Elaine did it to defend a good friend. Who is Kayi to you?

    3. Yep high five to u Mlove! Elaine can’t act and I cant stand her either!!! never once have I liked her..as for Patrick geez lets just call him an arse.. kinda reminds me of Eric Li having that underground relationship with ..cant remember her name..

  10. Never knew Elaine was such a bully.
    Props to Lee San San for saying something about it.

    1. What about Patrick and Kayi bullying Katy Kung first by cheating behind her? Who bully who first? Elaine is admirable for sticking up to her friend who’s hurt by the cheater and third party.

      1. Cheating (if they really did in the first place), while despicable, is not a form of bullying. And while sticking up for friends is admirable, implying that someone is a ‘pork chop’ is just uncalled for, especially if they’re a public figure.

  11. The fact that everyone assumes she is talking about Kayi only proves she is really a pork chop.

  12. I can understand why KAYI Cheung would be called Pork Chop. When participating in the MISS HK PAGEANT, her core was really bad… but aside from that ASIA’S STANDARDS on beauty is ridiculous. Anyways. . the funny thing is that all the girls involved in this conversation including LEE SAN SAN aren’t girls I would consider beautiful……. LOL

  13. meow! wait don’t elaine squinty eyes and pork chop kayi work for tvb? aren’t they scared they gonna bump into each other? meow!

  14. Elaine responded in a joking manner. People just read too much into it. In any case, Kayi is well known to be a pork chop – so Elaine was simply referring to Patrick’s taste in women using the pun.

    1. True. I don’t endorse Elaine’s behaviour and I definitely think both her and Katy’s anger should be directed at blasting Patrick, not the other girl because frankly, it was Patrick who was in a relationship with her. However, I don’t think Elaine’s remark was that outrageous. Especially considering how often, women resort to sl*t shaming which I think is worse.

  15. Who’s Elaine for calling Kayi a pork chop…she’s not even pretty herself. Besides, the thing is between Kayi, Patrick and Katy..she shouldn’t even say again.

  16. Well done, Lee San San! No one deserves to be called pork chops and spare ribs. It is just plain rude. Some of us were born like that. And plus, Kayi Cheung looks healthy which is most important.

  17. i support elaine sticking up to katy. cheaters such as douchebag patrick and third party such as kayi are cheap human beings.

  18. A little off topic, but where has Lee San San been all this time? I faintly recall her dating Chin Ka Lok back in the days and her roles in Burning Flame and Detective Investigation Files IV. What is she up to nowadays?

    1. i know, i have always wonder WTH ever happened to her as well… we dont see her in any series or anything, wondering what she does now. last we heard she was on the super trio show n still chin ka lok’s g/f…now its like she disappeared from the face of the earth.

  19. Why does ppl think Elaine is prettier than Kayi?? Cuz she pale like the wall. White ppl always get tans cuz they don’t wanna look hella white. I think Kayi is prettier cuz she has a tan and not a typitcal HK girl.

    Patrick is the one to blame. It take two to tangle. If Patrick was faithful to Katy then this wouldn’ve happened. Maybe Patrick is sick of dating young girl.

  20. Elaine Yiu was obviously joking and I don’t think it’s a big deal. A lot of Chinese people will joke like this and then brush it off as if nothing happened. It’s just a small matter but Lee San San and the press just had to made Elaine Yiu the bad person. Now I even think less of Lee San San.

    1. Elaine is the one who made the backhanded remark and yet u think less of LSS instead?

      Obviously Elaine meant to insult Kayi to get “revenge” for Katy. But since elaine is a celebrity, she should know better than say such things publicly. It just shows her low EQ.

  21. Maybe don’t say pork chop, just say she is not pretty. But then mistresses or the other woman is not always pretty.

  22. elaine was just poking fun at herself, saying she is too skinny. everybody here is too serious.

    1. I think Elaine was making fun of herself, being skinny like spareribs. Perhaps she did not really mean to be nasty to Kayi Cheung saying she was pork chop.

  23. Poor Elaine. Got bashed for insensitive word used.

    And poor Katy. Hopefully she recovers fast & find her Mr. Right.

    And dear Kayi, being a 3rd party is not sth respectable but if she is indeed in love with Patrick & provided Patrick is serious in this r’ship, they deserve blessing from the rest.

  24. Funny! Elaine is more of a pork chop than Kayi. You guys should google pics of her years ago, before she did various plastic surgeries! So mean of her to refer kayi to pork chop. I honestly don’t think she’s that ugly.

    1. There was a scene in Missing You where she had minimal to no make up on and she pretty much looks the same as before. She may have done some plastic surgery but I think her beauty comes from make-up. Also, who are you to judge. You’re no better than her for saying that.

  25. Elaine might not be prettier than Kayi but she has more personality than the ‘pork chop’ 😀 Way to go Elaine!

    1. Elaine is not very pretty, but she acts very well as a support actress.

  26. It’s a nasty habit of HKer’s who give unkind nicknames to beauty contestants. Wasn’t one unfortunate woman dubbed ‘the ugliest Miss HK”, and other uncomplimentary labels?

    1. oh come on, she’s not pork chop. do u know what pork chops really look like?

  27. I read the article in its original Chinese and it stated that Elaine was asked about Kayi’s “pork chop MHK” nickname. She responded by saying that (Patrick) doesn’t like spare ribs, he prefers steak. So before everyone gets worked up, Elaine didn’t call Kayi a “pork chop”. Somewhere, somehow the translation got lost in this article.

    1. For those who understand Chinese. Read this and tell me in what way was it a reference by Elaine that Kayi is a “pork chop”?

      1. Do you remember when Eric Tsang called her a porkchop in front of her AND the tv? I don’t see anyone blasting him.

      2. Whoops replied to the wrong comment…but yeah it looks like some of the translation is wrong :/

      3. @Primrose –

        I also read the article and questioned it myself. The pork chop message was implied but the severity of her comment has lessen knowing she just jokingly said, “slicking chop” instead of directly calling her a pork chop.

        Of course to the one being called, pork chop and slicing chop means the same.

    2. Primrose,
      “鋸扒” is usually referred to as “slicing steak”, but it can also mean “slicing chop”. It was not specified as steak 牛扒 or pork chop 豬扒 in this case.

      Given that Kayi Cheung has been known as a “pork chop miss hong kong” (豬扒港姐), both the media and Lee San San interpreted Elaine’s words as “pork chop” which is why this article is written the way it was.

      1. 【on.cc 東方互動 專訊】 身為香港小姐大師姐的李珊珊,眼見同門師妹張嘉兒日前被踩,即連發3篇微博力撐,力斥姚子羚指張嘉兒「豬扒」是語言暴力,絕對是欺凌,雖然不認識張嘉兒,但仍會為她發聲.

      2. Yes, which is why I am pointing out to your readers that Elaine did not specifically refer to Kayi as a pork chop, and certainly not in response to whether Patrick would be interested in her which was what was written in the article.

      3. 姚子羚與龔嘉欣老友鬼鬼,眼見對方為情消瘦,子羚當然心痛,前晚她出席活動時透露有介紹男仔給嘉欣認識,寄望對方能早日展開新生活,談到有指張嘉兒成為嘉欣與鄧健泓(Patrick)分手的導火線,子羚即暗寸對方花心:「Patrick係靚仔,識佢咁耐都好幫朋友。(咁係咪一個好男友?)我冇同佢拍過拖唔知,係好細心,但佢呢排唔鍾意食排骨,鍾意鋸扒!

        This was what I found on another website. Elaine’s response was to the question if Patrick is a good boyfriend.

  28. Patrick and Kayi deserve each other, they are both ugly. And Lee San San is a has been.

  29. patrick tang is not that good looking.. he can’t complain and be choosy about his girlfriends, so kayi must be acceptable

  30. I am not any of those people’s fans. But I found that Kayi has a good EQ…she has been receiving so many negative comment about her look after she won Miss HK title…but she still very calm to face media…and she lost some weight and look better than years ago…(of course…i am not saying she is pretty)…but she does has high EQ…not sure about the who dating who part because i don’t know for sure whether they broken up before the next relationship or just like what the news said…so no comments…

      1. pork chop, you seem like a kayi hater.

        other than sucking it up, there are many things celebrities can do to get attention. ie. cry for the pity card or get plastic surgeries to satisfy the hongers’ ridiculous standards.

        but honestly speaking, if u knew kayi in reality, she is a very decent looking girl. maybe not pretty enough for the miss hk title, but she is not a pork chop.

        and yes, it has been so many years, kayi dealt with bad media really well. she’s definitely not a drama queen.

      2. look majority of girls in pageants are no innocent people. but to have an ugly girl as a pageant winner takes the mic

      3. I agree with AL and random G! I actually don’t really understand the hate from the media about her Miss HK title. I actually think Kayi is quite pretty, a lot prettier than many past Miss HKs. I like how she has meat on her body, not just bone (very unattractive) like most of them.

    1. No matter Kayi Cheung is pork chop or not, she is one of the very few Miss Hong Kong who won awards in Miss World.

      As per Wikipedia:

      “Cheung competed in Sanya, China for the Miss World 2007 pageant in December 2007. In the pageant she made history by becoming the first Miss Hong Kong to win the Beauty With A Purpose award, based on her charity work for the “Wai Yin Association”, a charitable organisation set up by a group of former Miss Hong Kong winners/participants since 1982. Cheung tied with Miss Ecuador, Valeska Saab, for the award so both advanced to the semifinals automatically. She is the first Miss Hong Kong to make the semi-finals since Pauline Yeung did in 1987. The Miss World 2007 title went to Zhang Zilin of the People’s Republic of China.[2]

      In January 2008, Cheung went on to compete in the Miss Chinese International 2008 pageant[3] where she was not considered to have much chance to do well even as the host delegate. Again she broke all odds and became 1st runner up, the first Miss Hong Kong to place in the top 3 since Mandy Cho in 2004.”

  31. Why is everyone getting all the big hoohah about pork chop?? I think it is the general public who are the one bias, yes, you people who think Elaine is rude for saying pork chop, and that including Lee San San too. Who label ‘pork chop’ as being ugly? The public, everyone. Frankly, spare ribs and pork chop are both my favourite food. I have no bias between those two. Are you more rude for calling someone spare rib or more rude for calling someone pork chop?
    Why can people call me spare ribs and skinny chicken (sau mang kai) and it suppose to be a compliment? Am I suppose to be proud? In fact, it is not, I am offended too. I don’t go around calling people pork chop or fat chicken.
    Human being are weird.

    1. There are more spare-ribbed supermodels than pork chops. Women in general strive for skinniness, not fat, which explains the countless of diet pills/regimens in the market. Society in developed countries has already determined that skinny is beautiful.

  32. I really don’t like patrick and now he made me hate him. such a player.
    Katy you will find a better man.

  33. Kayi looks really good and she does not look like a “pork chop”. That is verbal abuse and bullying. Even though she didn’t directly call her “pork chop” she meant it. I’m happy that Lee San San stood up for Kayi. They are both Miss HK so it’s nice for her to stand up for Kayi.

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