Katy Kung Prepares to Open Bakery Shops

With her new side hustles as a bakery investor while also picking up the ropes as an F&B management trainee, actress Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) shared about her aspirations to open 10 new patisserie outlets next year, while continuing with her first love of filming dramas.

Learning the Ropes of Management

Recently busy with the filming of upcoming TVB drama Big Biz Duel <企業強人>, Katy is also diving headlong into the business world in real life! Besides co-investing in a pastry business, she is now a management trainee picking up the ropes from the boss lady herself.

While her move into the unfamiliar world of business was “unplanned”, the 33-year-old, who started her acting career at 19, is relishing the challenge of going back to books, while juggling the demands of both her acting and business commitments.

“I started acting when I was 19, I’m a total newbie in the food business and there’s plenty…which I don’t know about,” admitted the candid actress, who said that her biggest challenge is “accounting, as I’m poor at math, and have to self-learn online”.

Asked if she thinks it is risky for her to invest at a time when the economy is still in the throes of recovery, Katy agreed but is nevertheless full of gusto, “Although I don’t know if it will succeed, I will try my best, definitely I can break even,” Besides involving herself in management, the ambitious Sagittarius already hopes to expand her cake empire by 10 new outlets in 2024!

Not Giving Up on Acting, Her First Love

Denying that she is making fallback career plans given the uncertainties of acting, Katy shared that her business partners knew from the start that she was an actress. Emphasizing that “acting is still my favourite job”, Katy is adamant that she will put in her best whether in acting or in her new business goals, and added that “a lot of things can be done on the phone now”.

Describing herself as someone who does not have detailed plans for the future, she believes that things will work themselves out, though she will surely be grateful for the chances she gets, and promises to “do my best whenever I have an opportunity”, to avoid disappointing those who trust in her. Asked if missing out on the coveted TV Queen award previously was a factor in motivating her new career moves, Katy said, “I haven’t thought about it, but was rather surprised that so many viewers loved Unchained Melody <靈戲逼人>”.

As rumored chef boyfriend Tetsuya Matsuoka (松岡哲也) is also doubling up as one of her business partners, is she worried about falling out over conflicts at work? Turning down the suggestion, Katy said, “No, everyone is very rational, and we all just want the best outcome (for the business)”. Asked about marriage plans, the actress, who previously shared that marriage can wait till she is 40, is even more adamant now about treasuring the chance she has, which are hard to come by, though she will “definitely share any good news publicly”, after first getting her partner’s approval.

Source: HK.On.CC

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