Katy Kung and Boyfriend Open Bakery Together

Actress Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) has remained single these years while watching good friends Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) surpass her in marriage and parenthood milestones. Revitalized by a new romance, the Treasures of Destiny <新四十二章> actress recently hinted at finally leaving singlehood behind!

Can’t Wait to Answer Maternal Longings
While she remains tight-lipped about her new boyfriend’s identity, likely to protect the budding romance, the 33-year-old went as far as saying that she hopes to have a baby in the year of the rabbit, which naturally evoked much speculation from the public!

Working on her career for the past fourteen years, Katy’s acting abilities have been acknowledged in productions such as Death By Zero <殺手> and Brutally Young 2.0 <十八年後的終極告白2.0>. Despite gaining greater recognition in the current fadan drought at TVB, Katy missed an opportunity to earn a TV Queen nomination for her meaty role in Treasures of Destiny last year, when the drama was switched out at the last minute.

Things might be looking better in the romance department for the actress, as recent Chinese New Year gathering video shared by good friend Grace Chan saw Katy standing close to an unidentified man in a red shirt. The two did not shy away from posing together in the reunion photo taken at the same meetup. All smiles, Katy held on to Grace’s newborn while her companion stood closely behind, flashing a huge grin with a victory sign.

Helped Finance Boyfriend’s New Patisserie Outlet
With netizens hot on his heels, the man’s identity was quickly nailed down as Japanese patisserie chef Tetsuya Matsuoka (松岡哲也), a former model-turned-chef who grew up in Nagasaki, with prior modelling experience in Tokyo. Tetsuya eventually stayed on in Hong Kong after a modelling gig in 2013, when he got to know fellow Japanese who were keen to start a cake business locally by coincidence. Doing well, his cake business now has a presence of two branches in Causeway Bay and Tsim Tsha Tsui, with a collaboration with departmental chain store Sogo.

According to insider sources, Katy had not only forked out money for a new bakery outlet with Tetsuya, but would also head down to the shop personally to help with desserts-making! The sweet girlfriend would also brew nutritious soups for Tetsuya, who spends up to 12 to 15 hours daily in the kitchen as patisserie chef. Grace was said to have introduced the two, while it is rumored that the tall and suave Tetsuya has previously dated actress Angel Chiang (蔣家旻) before Katy.

Source: Eastweek

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