Katy Kung Hasn’t Talked to Mother in 20 Years

Promoted to leading roles in recent years, Katy Kung’s (龔嘉欣) acting in Unchained Medley <靈戲逼人> receiving a lot of praise. Earlier, tabloids exposed that Katy’s mother has remarried and has a son. They also shared that she has a manufacturing site, car, and home in China but is still taking advantage of Hong Kong benefits. Estranged from her parents since their divorce, Katy said she was unaware of their latest developments.

Responding to the rumors, Katy shared her parents ran a plastic manufacturing business in Shenzhen and had divorced when she was very young. “I had very little contact with them since I was young. Everyone knows I was raised by my paternal grandfather and grandmother. It’s been almost 20 years since I last talked to my parents. I only vaguely know their new lives are happy so I won’t bother them. I don’t know much–I only learned of all this through the media.”

Due to her childhood, Katy grew up to be very independent and became a model when she was 14 years old. Her parents’ divorce did not cause Katy to lose faith in love. Instead, it motivated her to desire marriage because she wanted to find someone to rely on. When she was younger, she was physically abused by her ex-boyfriend but quickly forgave him because she was afraid of being lonely. Afterward, Katy learned she should rely on herself rather than men. Now, she no longer views marriage and having a family as the top priority in life.

In recent years, Katy experienced greater career success and was finally able to buy a home. She is also an entrepreneur and opened a bakery with her boyfriend, Japanese patisserie chef Tetsuya Matsuoka, in February this year.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Katy Kung and Boyfriend Open Bakery Together

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